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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sir Geoffrey de Tilliol

 11820704. Sir Geoffrey de Tilliol

4/1230, Geoffrey born in England, s/o 23641408. Peter de Tilliol & 23641409. Mary de Lucy.

1246, Geoffrey’s father Peter de Tilliol died, At the time of the inquest Geoffrey was laying ill at Cambridge with a broken bone. Geoffrey was put in the wardship of Robert de Acre.

12/5/1246, Extent made concerning the lands of the late Peter de Tillolf in Cumberland. … Total £14 11d. 31 … Total £14 8s 9.5d. The son and heir of the said Peter de Tillof, Geoffry by name, was 16 years of age in the first week of Lent. (S) Cal. of Doc’s Relating to Scotland, P313.

8/30/1247, Robert Dacre has made fine with the king by 250m. for having the custody of the land and heirs [Geoffrey] of Peter de Tilliol in the counties of Lancaster and Cumberland until the lawful age of the heirs, together with their marriage. (S) FRsH.III.

1256, Geoffrey de Tilliol paid a fine that he might have respite for 3 years from making himself a knight. (S) CPRs, 40H.III, P472.

1261, Geoffrey and his brother Robert arraigned in an assize of novel disseisin for common pasture in Scaleby by William son of Robert.

1/15/1263, By the fine of 5 m. which Geoffrey de Tilliol has made with him, the king has granted him respite from making himself a knight. (S) FRsH.III.

1266, Geoffrey and his brother Robert given safe conduct to the King. (S) CPRs, 50H.III, P554.

6/29/1271, A charter is witnessed by Geoffrey de Tilliol and Robert de Tilliol, seneschal of Gilsland. (S) Prescott, Wetherhal, P307.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

2/5/1278, Geoffrey given respite from becoming a knight. (S) CCRs.

1278, A jury found that Geoffrey held the manor of Scaleby and the barony of Houghton of the king by cornage. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Rel. to Scotland, ii., P37.

1278-79, A complaint that Geoffrey had amerced some freemen in his lord’s court, without their peers and contrary to statute.

By 1282, Geoffrey knighted.

1281-82, IPM of Baldwin de Wake, lord of Liddel, of whom he held the manor of Solport, by cornage … Geoffrey de Tilliol, knight.

1292, Geoffrey’s farm distrained at the assizes of Carlisle [his brother John living in Scotland.]

1292, Geoffrey a lessee of land at Torpenhow.

1293, Geoffrey de Tilliol, plaintiff, v. and John, bishop of Carlisle, deforciant, concerning the advowson of Scaleby, Geoffrey, in consideration of the payment to himself of 25 marks of silver, quitclaimed the advowson to the bishop and priory of Carlisle, forever.

1295, Geoffrey died.

4/7/1295, Writ for IPM of Geoffrey de Tiloyl alias ‘de Tilliol’ at Carlisle. Cumberland: Scaleby. The capital messuage … Solperd. The manor … Rycardeby. The manor … Robert his son, aged 30 and more, is his next heir. (S) CIsPM.

(S) The Ancestor, 1903, P96ff. (S) Pipe Rolls, 1847, P19. (S) Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, Collingwood, 1921.

Child of Geoffrey and ?:

i. Robert de Tilliol (5910352), born 1265 in Cumberland, England.

5/18/1295, Order to the escheator beyond Trent to deliver to Robert de Tyliol, son and heir of Geoffrey de Tyliol of Westmoreland, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said father, he having done homage. (S) CFRs.

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