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Friday, September 11, 2020

Lord William de Lea & Clemence Banastre

 23639710. Lord William de Lea & 23639711. Clemence Banastre

~1255, William born in England, s/o §§Sir Henry de Lea.

~1260, Clemence born in England, d/o §§Robert Banastre & Alice Woodcock.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England. [While returning from crusading.]

[––William & Clemence––]

By 1278, William married Clemence, acquiring the manor of Mollington Banastre near Chester. [See 8/4/1284.]

6/24/1278, Grant by Robert Banastre to William de Lee and Clementia, his wife. (S) UKNA.

8/4/1284, Powers of attorney from Robert Banastre to William de Heskayt to deliver seisin to William de Lee. (S) UKNA. [Robert also granted 40s in Golborne. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V4, 1911, Golborne.]

9/15/1284, The granted Sir Henry de Lea and to his heirs [William] a market on Fridays at this manor of Chernock, with a fair every year in June, and free warren in all his demesnes.

1288, William’s father died.

4/28/1288, Order to take into the king's hand the lands late of Henry de Le, deceased, tenant by knight service of the heir of Willlam de Ferrarus. (S) CFRs. [1288, William’s father died holding the manor of Charnock with the park and 1½ oxgangs of land of William de Ferrers, and an oxgang in service, rendering yearly 5s.]

11/8/1289, Order to deliver to William de Lee, son and heir of Henry de Lee, tenant by knight service of the heir of William de Ferrariis, the lands late of his said father, he having done fealty. (S) CFRs.

1289-90, The grants of 1284 confirmed by William de Lea, son and heir of Henry.

By 1290, Clemence died.


2/8/1290, Order to escheator in the county of Chester to replevy to William du Lee until the next Parliament the manor of Molinton, co. Chester, which Robert Banastre held in chief and granted without licence to the said William in frank marriage with Clemence, Robert's daughter, deceased, by reason whereof the said escheator took the same into the king's hand; and to summon the said Robert to be before the king in the said Parliament to answer herein. (S) CFRs.

5/18/1290, Order to escheator in the county of Chester to replevy to William de Lee the manor of Molynton with the receipts thereof from the time of the taking of the same into the king's hand, to hold until further order. (S) CFRs.

1292, William de Lea and Henry de Charnock lords of Charnock.

1292, Margery widow of Adam de Fairhurst made claims for dower against William de Lea.

2/10/1295, Order to escheator of the county of Chester to take into the king's hand the lands late of William du Lee, deceased, tenant in chief. Vacated because he is surviving. (S) CFRs.

1296, William served in Scotland. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Charnock Richard, (fn.6).

3/30/1296, King Edward invading Scotland with a force of 25,000, captured Berwick-upon-Tweed, an important Scottish port of northeast England, sacked the town and massacred thousands of its inhabitants.

1298, William gave to Jordan son of Richard de Charnock and others land called Aldfield.

William died.

(S) Hist. of Lancaster, V7, 1912, Lea, Ashton, Ingol and Cottam. (S) Final Concords for Lancashire, Pt1, 1899, (fn.24). (S) Hist. of Co. Palatine and Duchy of Lanc., V4, 1891, PP242,246. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Charnock Richard.

Family notes:

·         Alice d/o §§Gilbert Woodcock.

·         Robert Banastre, lord of Walton and Makersfield, s/o §§Robert de Banastre & Clemence Orreby.

Children of William and Clemence:

i. Sibyll de Lea (11819855), born ~1285 in England.

ii. Henry de Lea, born ? in England.

1315, Henry participated in the rebellion of Adam Banastre (5909930).

1315, Henry died [executed], his heir his sister Sibyll.

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