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Friday, September 11, 2020

Tommaso I, Marchese di Saluzzo & Marchioness Aluisia de Ceva

 23639778. Tommaso I, Marchese di Saluzzo & 23639779. Marchioness Aluisia de Ceva

1239, Tommaso born in Saluzzo, Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy, s/o 47279556. Manfred III di Saluzzo & 47279557. Beatrice of Savoy.

10/30/1244, Tommaso I, Marchese di Saluzzo, age 5, succeeded his father and swore allegiance to the Marquis Bonifacio II of Monferrato in the house of Bongiovanni Granetto in Carmagnola.

1245, Alusia [Luisa] born in Piemonte, Italy, d/o §§Giorgio, Marchese di Ceva.

1247, Tommaso’s regent, Marquis of Monferrato, in a dispute with the Marquis of Busca.

[––Tommaso & Alusia––]

1258, Tommaso married to Aulisia.

6/15/1259, Giacomo, lord of Costigliole swore fealty to Tommaso, Marquis of Saluzzo.

3/7/1263, Tommaso invested to Borgogno de Mercenasco what he held in Scarnafigi.

1267, Tommaso made an act of submission to his enemy, Charles of Anjou.

2/1/1276, Enrico del Carretto, Marquis of Savona, grants the fief of Serravalle in Langhe to Tomasso.

1277, Tommaso returned to the anti-Jewish League which had as a final result the decisive Battle of Roccavione, during which Carlo was defeated by the combined forces of the Piedmontese.

1279, Tommaso involved in a dispute with Francesco Tortella of Barge.

1281, Corrado, lord of Costigliole, supported Tommaso in the siege and conquest of Busca. [Busca fell 5/20/1281.]

7/7/1281, Tommaso in a peace treaty with the city of Cuneo.

12/2/1288, Ratifica del Marchese Tommaso di Saluzzo della tregua conchiusa tr ail Re Alfonso de Aragona, a nome del detto Marchese, e Carlo Principe de Palermo. (S) Le Materie Polotiche, Bianchi, 1876, P115. [Ratification of the Marquis Tommaso di Saluzzo of the truce concluded between King Alfonso de Aragona, on behalf of the said Marquis, and Carlo Principe de Palermo.]

1291, Tommaso conquered Cuneo and centered all the marquis power in his hands, excluding the other members of his family. Under his marquisate Saluzzo became free common, with a mayor who ruled in the name of the marquises. Tommaso built many fortifications and began to build the city castle.

8/22/1291, Alulisia died.

1296, Tommaso died.

(S) Tomaso I Marchese de Saluzzo, Monografia Storica, Pinerolo, 1916. (S) Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Mediterranea, Costanzia, Stipite dei Signori de Costigliole.

Child of Tommaso and Aluisia: [15 children.]

i. Alice Saluce (11819889), born ~1268 in Piedmont, Italy.

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