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Monday, September 7, 2020

Sir David de Lindsay & Alianor de Limesi

 33773574. Sir David de Lindsay & 33773575. Alianor de Limesi

~1175, David born in Scotland, s/o 67547148. William de Lindsay & 67547149. Alicia de Limesi.

~1180, Alianor born in England, d/o 67547150. Gerard de Limesi & 67547151. Amy de Bidun.

1198-99, William de Lindsay and his son David de Lindsay were witnesses to earl David’s charter for the foundation of the Monastery of Lindores. (S) The American Genealogist, Vs74-75, 1999, P288.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

~1205, David’s father died. (S) POMS.                

1205-14, David of Lindsey has granted and by this his charter established to Newbattle Abbey that piece of his land of Crawford which his father William of Lindsey gave and granted and established by his charter in pure and perpetual alms, by stated bounds, saving the beasts and birds of that land to him and his heirs. (S) POMS.

11/6/1208, David, lord of Luffness and owner of Crawford, Justiciar of Scotland.

1208-12/4/1214, Hugh Brito has received from Earl David, brother of the king of Scotland … sworn to this in the presence of William, king of Scotland, in the hand of David of Lindsey, justiciar of the king of Scots, … (S) POMS.

8/4/1209, King John defeated King William of Scotland at the battle of Norham, Northumberland.

1213, Basile (60849193), wife of Hugh de Oddingseles, obtained possessions of her inheritance with her sister Eleanor, wife of David Lindsey.

By 1214, David de Lindese, of Luffness and Crawford, Scotland, died.

(S) Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, 1807, P169. (S) The Scots Peerage, Paul, 1906, P7.

Family notes:

·         Overhall manor held prior to the Conquest by Ralph de Limesi [died 1093] who married Christina, one of the sisters of Prince Edgar Atheling, son of King Edmund Ironside [Edmund brother of King Edward the Confessor]. Ralph succeeded by his son and heir Ralph who married Halewise; succeeded by his son and heir Alan; and he by his son and heir Gerard. Gerard de Limesi married Amy d/o Halenath of Bidun Limesi, and had issue:

·         Alianore married David de Lindsay a Scot of the Barony of Limesi of which the lordship of this parish became divided between Sir Hugh de Odyngseles and David de Lindsey. Daniel had by Alianore: David their eldest son was lord of a moiety of the manor in the reign of Hen. III. In 1219 the King had the lands of David de Lindsey in his custody. This David and his brothers all dying without issue, his moiety in the lordship passed to Sir Henry de Pinkenny Knt. in consequence of his marriage with Alice sister and heir of David de Lindsey, and their son Sir Henry Pinkenny (16886786) granted the same by deed to Sir William de Odyngselles lord of the other moiety, the grandson of Sir Hugh de Odyngselles who then became possessed of the entire manor. (S) The Manors of Suffolk, 1905.

Children of David and Alianore:

i. David de Linsay, born ~1200 in Scotland.

1220-41, David of Lindsey, son of David of Lindsey, has granted and by this his charter established to Newbattle Abbey all that land in the territory of Crawford … (S) POMS.

1222, King Alexander II paid King Henry III £200 for the wardship and marriage of David (II) and his brothers for their English inheritance. (S) POMS.

1223, David a minor in the custody of the king of Scotland.

1227, David at parliament at Scone.

Bef. 1241, David, justiciar of Scotland, found to be the heir of half the Limesi fee in England.

2/5/1241, Divid de Lindes’ witnessed a confirmation of a charter by Alexander II to the abbey of Paisley.

1241, David died, his brother Gerard his heir.

[This David is contemporary with Sir David de Lindsay, lord of Breneville in Ayrshire, constable of Haddington, who witnessed a charter of this David. (S) Lives of the Lindsays, Lindsay, 1849, P408.]

ii. Gerard de Linsay, born ? in Scotland.

5/14/1241, Gerard did homage for his lands.

1249, Gerard died.

By 7/8/1249, King Alexander II for d monks of Newbattle Abbey; they may hold in free forest all lands granted to abbey by William of Lindsey and David of Lindsey, brother of said Gerard, in territory of Crawford. (S) POMS.

iii. Alice de Lindsey (16886787), born ~1212 in Scotland.

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