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Friday, September 11, 2020

Sir Henry fitz Aucher

 20001280. Sir Henry fitz Aucher

~1175, Henry son of Aucher born in England, s/o §§Thomas son of Aucher.

Aft. 1203, Henry’s father died.

1215, Henry FitzAucher witnesses a charter by King John to Walter de Dunstanville. (S) CChRs.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

1221, ‘Thomas filius Henrici filii Aucheri’ had a messuage and 40 acres of land in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, of William de Hatfeld, and being under age, called his father [Henry FitzAucher] to warranty in a plea. (S) Bracton's Notebook V1, P121.

3/16/1227, Liberate to Henry son of Aucher 20 marks for the works of the castle of Windesor. (S) Cal. of Liberate Rolls.

7/8/1227, Henry Fitz. Aucher appointed Chamberlain of the king.

7/16/1227, Charter of Henry III in which he grants to Richard Bishop of Salisbury … Witnesses: Eustace Bishop of London, … stewards Henry de Aldithel and Henry son of Aucher. (S) Salisbury Cathedral Archive.

10/10/1227, To the sheriff of Essex . Order that, having taken with him Henry son of Aucher and Richard son of William and other trustworthy and law-worthy men of the neighbourhood of Havering, … what lands the king’s men of Havering hold … without warrant. (S) FRsH.III.

3/13/1228, Henry Fitz Aucher and Henry de Waltham received from the King land in Wenden, Essex. (S) CCRs.

3/23/1229, Henry son of Aucher, constable of the Tower of London … (S) FRsH.III.

1231, Henry FitzAucher claims to hold the manor of Peshale in farm for 3 years of Ralf Peshale, who had given it to Roger Bigod and his wife Isabel.

1234, Henry died.

Family notes:

·         1228-31, Many records of Henry in the Close Rolls of Henry III.

·         Losenham, … situated within the township of Newenden, within the hundred of Selbrittenden. The seat of a branch of the family of Aucher, deriving their origin from Ealcher, or Aucher, the first earl of Kent, who had also the title of Duke, from being intrusted with the military power of the county.

·         [fl. 1066] Walter Fitz Auger, was a benefactor to the monks of St. Saviour's, Bermondsey. Walter received High Laver in Essex from the King as his huntsman and forester of  Waltham forest. (S) The township and parish of Newenden, The History and Topographical Survey of the Co. of Kent: V7, 1798, pp. 163-172.

·         Bef. 1087, William Fitz Aucher, his son, received the manor of Bosham, West Sussex, in fee farm from William the Conqueror for £42 silver yearly. (S) Testa Nevill.

·         1094, William witnessed the judgement by King William Rufus between Philip de Braose and the Abbey of F├ęcamp regarding their possessions in Beeding and Steyning in Sussex. (S) Regesta, V2, no.74.

·         1203, Richard fitz Aucher, ‘uncle of Thomas’, died holding land in Gedeleston, Hertfordshire. (S) CCRs.            

Children of Henry and ?:

i. Richard fitz Aucher, born ~1197 in England.

3/5/1234, The king has received the homage of Richard, son of Henry son of Aucher , … which falls to him by inheritance. (S) Fine Rolls, H.III.

12/1235, Abbess of St. Sulpice sues Richard Fitz. Aucher for 2 carucates of land ... in Laughfar, and of Mathilde de St. Leger ... [Essex]. (S) CCRs.

1236, Richard held land in Wiltshire.

1243, The sheriff of Essex to postpone the debts of Richard’s father. (S) FRsHIII.

1253, Richard held land in Hampshire.

ii. Thomas fitz Aucher (10000640), born ~1202 in England.

1253-54, Richard Fitz Aucher vs. Thomas FitzAucher [brothers] regarding customs and services executed from the free tenants in Halafield and Waltham, .... in court, Richard acknowledged the right of Thomas to hold of him by a yearly rent of 1 pair of gilt spurs, or 6 d, for a payment of 40m of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Essex.

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