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Monday, September 7, 2020

Sir Hugh de Vivona & Mabel Malet

 33773570. Sir Hugh de Vivona & 33773571. Mabel Malet

~1195, Hugh born in France. [Hugh may have arrived in England from France as part of a force of men under the command of Savaric de Mauleon called by King John.]

~1200, Mabel born in England, coheir & d/o 67547142. William Malet.

1215, Hugh’s family impacted because 2 clauses in the Magna Carta demanded the removal from England of Poitevin officials and all foreign knights and mercenaries.

5/5/1215, Revolting Barons formally renounced their allegiance to King John and invited the King of France to invade England. [The barons in revolt together held more castles and knights fees than John did as King.]

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

1216, Hugh in Charge of Bristol castle when Savaric de Mauleon was called to King John’s funeral.

1216, William Malet son of Gilbert being found in arms against the king, all his lands were seized, and Compton granted to Hugh de Vivonne. (S) Two Cartularies of the Benedictine Abbeys of Muchelney and Athelney, 1899, P144.

1216-17, Mabel coheir of her father, inherited a third of the barony of Curry-Mallet.


Mabel 1st married Nicholas Avenel. [No children.]

1217, Rex Hugoni de Vivona slautem. Sciatis quod Willemus de Marisco … (S) CPRs.

1218, De eodem. Rex Hugoni de Vivona, salutem. Mandamus vobis, firmiter precipientes, … (S) CPRs.

1219, Nicholas died.

3/1219, Hugh de Vivon' to Henry III and his council: the earl of Gloucester has failed to carry out the terms of their agreement about Bristol castle; nevertheless Hugh is being threatened with distress for not carrying out his part. (S) UKNA.

[––Hugh & Mabel––]

Bef. 7/6/1219, Hugh married Mabel.

7/6/1219, Hugh de Vivon’ granted a market at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1220, In a letter to King Henry III, Hugh explained his reasons for not returning Bristol castle to Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, including the fact that his loyalty to Henry himself and to his father John had cost him his own “rich and fertile lands” at home across the seas.

10/1220, Hubert de Burgh, justiciar, appointed Hugh de Vivona as the new seneschal in Gascony on the death of d’Ulecot.

1220-1, Hugh de Vivon' to Hubert de Burgh, justiciar: he wishes to prolong his stay in England; requests that H. Chacepore, his nephew, should have the daughter of Thomas Basset who is the widow of William Malet. (s) UKNA.

12/1220, Hubert de Burgh, the earl of Chester, Geoffrey de Neville, Philip de Albini, William de Cantilupe, Brian de Lisle, Hugh de Vivonne, and others wrote a letter to the Pope warning against returning to England a person whom he had earlier excused for “immense malice”.

Bef. 4/11/1221, Mabel’s share of Currey-Malet increased to half on the death of her sister.

1/1221, Hugh Seneschal of Gascony.

10/1221, Hugh replaced by Savary de Mauleon, a Poitevin.

7/13/1223, Hugo de Vivona  quamdiu fuerit etc. … (S) CPRs.

11/18/1223, Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite, …, the demand they make from Hugh de Vivonne at the Exchequer for the debt that William Malet, father of the wife of Vivon’, owed the king, and for other debts which Hugh owes the king. (S) FRsHIII.

1224, Hugh granted a weekly market on Wednesdays at his manor of Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

9/21/1224 in France, Hugh de Vivona to King Henry of the military successes of the French King, noting that St. Emilion and La Reole have refused to let French soldiers enter their towns.

4/19/1225, Order to the sheriff of Somerset to place in respite the demand he makes from Hugh de Vivonne for £37 10s. of the farm of Bath, for £20 that he received from the bishop of Bath, and for £11 14s. 8d. of the scutage of Bytham. (S) FRsHIII.

5/14/1226, Order to the sheriff of Somerset to place in respite the demand he makes by summons of the Exchequer from Hugh de Vivonne, who is in Gascony in the service of the king. (S) FRsHIII.

1228, Hugh granted the manor of Wisset, Suffolk by the King.

6/6/1229, The king has given respite to Hugh de Vivonne, until the octaves of St. John in the thirteenth year, from the 20m that are exacted from him by summons of the Exchequer. (S) FRsHIII.

9/30/1230, Hugh appointed seneshal of Gascony, replacing Trubleville. [Hugh revoked Trubleville’s pledges and modified his policies.]

1/1231, The king sent orders to Bordeaux, Bayonne, and Dax to turn over collected monies to Hugh.

9/30/1232, De senescallo Wasconie. Rex commisit Hugoni de Vivona terram Wasconie, custodiendam quandiu regi placuerit; …

1/11/1233, Mandate to the mayor … Bordeaux to deliver to Hugh de Vivona, seneschal of Gascony, … (S) CPRs.

1233, Hugh and Mabel, with her sister Hawise Malet & Sir Robert de Muscegros sued Edmund de Tuddenham.

3/9/1234, Hugh de Vivona, seneschal of Gascony, to whom the king has committed custody of the lands and castles of Ralph de Malo Leone, son and heir of Savary de Malo Leone, during his minority. (S) CPRs.

5/1234, Hugh was replaced as seneschal by Trublevill, but stayed in France.

4/10/1235, The has committed during pleasure to Hugh de Vivona the honor of Bruges Walteri, … (S) CPRs.

9/6/1235, Confirmation … Witnesses :– William de Ferrariis, earl of Derby, William his son, Hugh de Vivona, … Amaury de Sancto Amando, … (S) CPRs.

10/1235, The king ordered the commune of Bordeaux to surrender the castle of St. Macaire to Hugh de Vivona.

8/27/1236, Hugh granted custody of the king’s “barton” and ale of Bristol and the custody of the castle. (S) CPRs.

6/14/1237, Notification … the king has caused William de Ferariis, Emery de Sancto Amando, the steward, Hugh de Vivona, … to swear on his soul the he will cause the prorogation of the truce with L. prince of Abberfraw and lord of Snawdon, for one year … (S) CPRs.

9/25/1237 at York, By treaty, Alexander II of Scotland asserted to King Henry of England that he was owed Northumberland as dowry of Joanna. King Henry acknowledge a grant of Tynedale in Northumberland, as well as the Earldom of Chester. … witness … Hugh de Vivonne … (S) POMS.

9/6/1238, Signification to the archbishop of Bordeaux that the king is well pleased that Hugh de Vivona should lease to him the custody, during the minority of the heir, of the land and heir of Bernard de Bevill, … (S) CPRs.

1/22/1241, Grant to Hugh de Vivona … custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the land and heirs of Robert de Guuiz, with the marriage of the heirs. (S) CPRs.

2/14/1241, Grant during pleasure, to Hugh de Vivona, of the counties of Somerset and Dorset, … the castles of Corfe and Sireburn, … (S) CPRs.

6/19/1242, Hugh with King Henry III at the battle of Taillebourg, France. Henry was supported by his brother Richard of Cornwall, Hugh X of Lusignan and Raymond of Toulouse; arrayed against the forces of King Louis IX of France and his brother Alphonse. The English forces had to flee under a massive assault of French knights.

7/22/1242 at Saintes, the 2 armies met with the superior sized French force winning.

8/17/1242 in Camp on the Gironde, Bond to the mayor and citizens of Bayonne in 10,000 shillings of Bordeaux … for the stipends of mariners and serjeants put by in galleys going to sea on the king’s service by his command. By Hugh de Vivona. (S) CPRs. [Hugh the seneschal of Gascony and Poitou. For his service in Gascony, Hugh’s debt of 2000 marks owed to the crown and inherited from his father-in-law was forgiven.]

10/14/1242 at Bordeaux, Licence for all merchants of the coast of Brittany … By Hugh de Vivona. (S) CPRs. [Hugh in 15 CPR records at Bordeaux in 1242.]

1/15/1243 at Bordeaux, To all who shall come to hold colloquy with Hugh de Vivona and Peter Chaceporc ; let them know that the king will confirm whatever the said Hugh and Peter, whom he has sent to treat with them, shall provide on his behalf. (S) CPRs. [Peter Chaceporc in other records identifies Hugh as his uncle.]

2/15/1243, Charter granting to Hugh de Vivona, for his homage and service, the whole land which Roger de Clare held de ballio nostro in Northtom of the lands late of the count of Boulogne, to hold until the lands of England and Normandy are one … (S) CPRs. [Hugh in 16 CPR records at Bordeaux in 1243.]

1/1/1244, Grant to Hugh de Vivona of a marriage of the value of £200 for the marrying of one of his daughters. (S) CPRs.

3/24/1245, The king has committed to Hugh de Vivonne those houses next to Lambeth formerly of B., sometime earl of Devon, so that he might live in the same for as long as it pleases the king. (S) FRsHIII.

12/14/1245, The king has pardoned to his beloved and faithful Hugh de Vivonne 100 m. of the debts which he owes to Aaron of York, Ivo son of Abraham and Poitevin of Bedford, Jews. (S) FRsHIII.

1246, Hugh given the manor of Corston Denham, previously owned by the Saint Hilaire family.

4/28/1248, Licence for William de Fortibus, son of Hugh de Vivona, to go to his own parts of Poitou and there acquire as best he can the lands belonging to him by inheritance through the death of Emery de Vivona, uncle of the said William, and hold these lands with the lands of England falling to him by inheritiance. (S) CPRs.

5/4/1248, Royal Grant to Peter de Monte Forti to close his wood of Remeham, within the king's new forest of Windleshour, and to make a park there. Witn. … Hugh de Vivona, … Bertram de Cryoll, Richard de Grey, … (S) UKNA.

Bef. 10/16/1249, Hugh, knt. of Chewton, Somerset, seigner of Vivonne in Poitou, died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P550. (S) English Rule in Gascony, Marsh, 1912.

Children of Hugh and Mabel: [2 sons, 2 daughters]

i. William de Fortibus (243376322), born ~1220 in Somerset, England.

4/28/1248, Licence for William de Fortibus, son of Hugh de Vivona, to go to his own parts of Poitou and there acquire as best he can the lands belonging to him by inheritance through the death of Emery de Vivona, uncle of the said William, and hold those lands with the lands in England falling to him by inheritance. (S) CPRs.

ii. Hugh de Vivona, born ? in England.

1/9/1248, Grant to Hugh de Vivona, son of Hugh de Vivona, who has taken to wife the daughter [Petronilla] of William de Putot that if the said William cede the manor of Selling … he and his heirs shall hold the manor of the king by the service … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 9/7/1259, Hugh died. (S) CPRs. [Undated] IPM of Hugh. Wilts: West Kyngton manor (extent given), whereof one third is assigned to Petronilla, late the wife of the said Hugh, in dower, … (S) CIsPM.

iii. Hawise de Vivonne (16886785), born ~1230 in England.

iv. Sybil de Vivonne, born ? in Engalnd.

Sybil married Anselm de Gourney.

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