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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mayor William de Blyton & Mary Engaine

 131914. Mayor William de Blyton & 131915. Mary Engaine

~1355, William born in Lincolnshire, England, s/o 263828. Sir John de Blyton & 263829. Agnes Deyville.

~1360, Mary born in Cambridgeshire, England, coheriess & d/o 263830. Sir John de Engaine & 263831. Margaret de la Haye.

1375, Demise: John de Blyton of Lincoln, chiv. & Wm. his son & heir to Tho. de Thornhagh of Lincoln, "Barker"; 1 croft lying in the parish of St Faith the Virgin in the suburb of Lincoln between the land of John de Bultham of Lincoln "couper" on the east, the King's way on the west & south & upon the croft of Wm. de Thornhagh on the north. To hold for 60 years. (S) UKNA.

1378, William’s father died.

1378, Demise: Wm. de Blyton s. & h. of Sir John de Blyton of Lincoln, knt., dec., to Ric. de Tytheby of Lincoln & w. Joan; tenement in the parish of St. Peter ad archis Lincoln. (S) UKNA.

5/1383, William Blyton holding a tenement in St. Benedict’s parish, Lincoln.

6/1383, John de Engaine held ‘Walewyns’ in Long Stanton for life with remainder to his daughter Mary and her husband, William Blyton of Lincoln.

1383, Demise: Wm. de Blyton s. & h. of John de Blyton of Lincoln, knt., to Thos. de Thornhagh of Lincoln "Barker". (S) UKNA.

1387, The 5 “Lords Appellant” organized to oppose Richard II, who was attempting to make a treaty with the French.

1387-88, The Mayor & Commonalty of the City of Lincoln to Wm. s. of John de Blyton of Lincoln, knt.; a weir(gurgites) in the Wethime. (S) UKNA.

3/1388, William included on the list of people who were to take the general oath in support of the Lords Appellant.

1388, William compensated for the destruction of his tenement (of 5/1383) to make the road leading to the bridge wider.

3/1390, William one of the persons of the city of Lincoln bound to keep the peace on pain of 100 marks. The disputes were juridistictional issues between the city, and the Dean and chapter of Lincoln cathedral.

1393, One of William’s servants murdered at Lincoln.

1394, Mary’s father died. Mary and her sister Joan heiresse of their mother’s property.

1395, Wm. Castellacre, knt., … to Wm. Blyton of Lincoln, …; the manor of Longestanton called Waleweyns in co. Camb. for 11 years; remainder to Wm. s. of John Dengayne, knt., & the heirs of Wm.'s body; remainder, as of one moiety, to Mary now wife of the said Wm. Blyton of Lincoln & the heirs of her body; remainder to Joan, wife of Baldewin de Sancto Georgio, knt., & the heirs of her body; remainder as to the other moiety to the said Joan & the heirs of her body; remainder to the said Mary & the heirs of her body; remainder as to the whole manor to Thos. Dengayne & the heirs of his body; remainder to Katherine late the wife of John Burgh, knt., & the heirs of her body; remainder to the right heirs of John Dengayne of Taversam. (S) Lancs Record Office: DDTO K 22/12.

1396, Recovery: William de Blyton and Mary his wife, and Baldwin Seyntgeorgg’, chivaler, and Joan his wife v. Joan, who was wife of John Dengayne, chivaler, of 16 messuages, 92 acres of land, … in Schepreth and Little Euersdon, and the manor of Shepreth, … which Ralph Crecy, late parson of the church of Thorpe by Asschborn, gave to John de la Hay and Joan his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, remainder to William de la Hay and the heirs of his body; after the death of John and Joan the premises descended to William de la Hay and Margaret his daughter, and ought to descend to Mary and Joan the wife of Baldwin, daughters and heirs of the said Margaret. (S) Lancs Record Office: DDTO/09/14.

1397, William Blyton of Lincolnshire held Wimbish manor, Cambridge. [In right of Mary.]

1398, William attested a deed for the mayor and corporation of Lincoln.

11/19/1399, To the mayor and bailiffs of Lincoln. Writ for £11 16s in favour of Robert de Sutton and William de Blyton, citizens coming to parliament, namely 2s a day each for 59 days. (S) CCRs. [William and Robert presented a petition for the city of Lincoln that, because of pestilence and other burdens, a great part of the ‘farm’ could not be levied and that citizens were leaving the city in order to escape the fee farm rent. They asked the king for relief.]

1/1400, William a commissioner of array in Lincoln.

1401, William Blyton, mayor of Lincoln. (S) The Date Book for Lincoln, Stationer’s Hall.

1401, Willielmus Blyton, and Johannes Balderton, elected members of parliament for the city of Lincoln. (S) The Date Book for Lincoln, Stationer’s Hall.

9/6/1402, William de Blyton, Mayor of Lincoln. (S) UKNA.

11/6/1402, Baldwin Seint George to William de Blyton the elder and William de Lodyngton. Recognisance for £100, to be levied etc. in Cambridgeshire. (S) CCRs.

11/25/1402, To the mayor and bailiffs of Lincoln. Writ for £13 in favour of William Blyton and John Balderton citizens at the previous parliament, namely 2s. a day each for 65 days. (S) CCRs.

10/5/1403, To the sheriff of Lincoln. Writ of supersedeas omnino in respect of causing John Nesse prior of St. Katherine without Lincoln to find security for keeping the peace toward William de Blyton of Lincoln. (S) CCRs.

4/22/1407, William Blyton, esquire, a feoffe of Ralph Longforth of Suthwell, Nottingham, deceased. (S) IPM of Ralph Longforth.

1412, William held lands in the city of Lincoln, and in Lincolnshire worth £32 yearly.

1420, William Blyton gave Shepreth manor in Cambridgeshire to John Wimbish of Norton, Lincolnshire, and his daughter Margery in marriage. (S) Hist. of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V5, 1973, Shepreth.

1422, William the mayor of Lincoln.

1423, William Blyton, mayor of Lincoln. (S) The Date Book for Lincoln, Stationer’s Hall.

1423, Letters of Attorney: Wm. de Blyton of Lincoln, esq., & w. Mary have made … our attorneys to deliver to John Wymbyssh & Margery his wife seisin of the moiety of the manor of Sheppreth with lands in Foxton & Sheppreth. (S) UKNA.

5/6/1425, Hamon Sutton',… querents, and William Blyton', son of John de Blyton' of Lincoln', knight, and Mary, his wife, deforciants. The manor of Bultham called Blyton' Maner. Hamon, John, John, Robert and Simon have given them 300 marks of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Lincolnshire.

By 1429, William died.

9/1429, City of Lincoln. Master Peter Pertrich, … Chancellor of … Church of Blessed Mary of Lincoln …, executors of the will of William Blyton, late of Lincoln, son of John de Blyton, knt., sued Henry Bayldon … for a debt of £11. (S) The Baildons, A History of a Yorkshire Manor, V2, 1924.

(S) Hist. of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V8, 1982, Foxton. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

Family notes:

·         Note a related family resided in the county of Lincoln:

·         2/23/1406, IPM of William de Blyton of Long Leadenham: Lincolnshire. Lincoln: Canwick … Washingborough …Wellingore … Long Leadenham … He died at Southwell on 1 Feb. last. Robert his son and heir is aged 40 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

Child of William and Mary:

i. Margery Blyton (65957), born ~1395 in Lincolnshire, England.

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