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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Ralph Trenewyth Esq. & Jane Basset

 3802610. Ralph Trenewyth Esq. & 3802610. Jane Basset

~1370, Rauf born in England, s/o §§John Trenewith & Joan Treage, coheir & d/o §§Stephen Treage & Joan Cheynduyt.

~1370, Jane born in England, d/o §§Sir William Basset. (S) Gen. & Her. Hist. of the Commoners, V4, Burke, P692.

1383, Jane’s father died leaving £100 to each of his 5 daughters for their marriages.

Bef. 12/1393, Ralph’s grandfather and namesake died.

By 1396, Ralph succeeded his father John. [Who may have died before the grandfather.]

10/1397, Ralph on a commission of inquiry in Devon and Cornwall.

1398, Ralph a surety of the appearance of his paternal uncle, William Bodrugan.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England. [Richard II died a prisoner in the Tower.]

8/1403, Ralph on a commission of array in Cornwall.

7/1404, Ralph on a commission of concealments.

1405, Ralph and Jane obtained a licence for an oratory in their manor of Trenowth, and in the chapels of the Holy Trinity and of the Blessed Virgin within their demesnes in St. Probus.

7/1412, Ralph on a commission of a breach of the truce with Brittany.

3/1413, Release by Ralph Ady of Lavardrogh to John Tretherf (married to Ralph’s sister), of his right in a messuage, the third part of a garden, an acre of land and a meadow adjoined, called 'Buthen en Hesk' in the town of Lavardrogh [Cornwall] … Witnesses:— Ralph Trenewyth, … (S) Des. Cat. Anc. Deeds, V4, 1902.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

9/29/1413, Debtor: Ralph Trenowth of Trenowth next to Knightenford [St Columb Major, Pyder Hundred, Cornwall]. Creditor: John Tretherf [of Cornwall] Amount: 200m. (S) UKNA.

11/1414 at Lostwithiel, Ralph attended the shire elections for parliament.

3/1416 at Lostwithiel, Ralph attended the shire elections for parliament.

7/8/1416, Ralph’s uncle William’s lands seized by the king’s escheator after his death. “William Bodrugan son of Ralph Trenewyth; Cornwall.”

1417-19, Ralph served some of the time in France in the service of the king.

1417, King Henry returned to France. He first captured the city of Caen after a 2-week siege.

1417, King Henry captured Argentan.

1417-18, In a winter siege, King Henry captured Falaise.

1418, King Henry began the long siege of Rouen.

1/19/1419, The capture of Rouen, France. A major event in the Hundred Year's War, where English forces captured the capital of Normandy.

5/1419, The king granted Ralph, for his past and future good service, the property of 2 French rebels, in the bailliage of Caen, valued at 50 francs a year, in return for which he was to provide a man-at-arms and 3 archers whenever required.

9/1419 at Grauntpound, Cornwall, Indenture being a feoffment by John Tretherf, esquire, to John Thomy of Lavardrogh, of a toft, 1a. land and the third part of a garden, with a parcel of meadow called 'Buthen en hesk,' in Lavardrogh, …. Witnesses:— William Bodrugan, knight, Ralph Trenewth, esquire, and others (named). (S) Des. Cat. Anc. Deeds, V4, 1902.

Jane died.


Ralph married 2nd Margaret Tregorrick.

1420, Ralph attended parliamentary elections in Cornwall.

4/1/1422, Indenture being a feoffment by John Nanskelly … Bodmyn, Grauntpont [Cornwall] … Witnesses:—John Tretherf and Ralph Trenewith, esquires, … (S) Des. Cat. Anc. Deeds, V4, 1902.

1423, Ralph attended parliamentary elections in Cornwall.

8/15/1427, Ralph Trenewyth, Esq., died.

(S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993, Trenewith, Ralph II.

[––Post Mortem––]

6/24/1428, Order to the escheator in the county of Cornwall … John Cheynduyt (d.1426) on the day of his death held … [others] … gave the manor of Bodanan … to William Cheynduyt and Elizabeth his wife … William and Elizabeth had issue Thomas, Joan and Alice, and died … Thomas … entered the said manor … had issue John his son and next heir … entered the manor … died without heir … the manor descended to Ralph Trenewyth and Thomas Rescarrek, esquires, as the kinsmen and heirs of the said John Cheynduyt, to wit, to Ralph as the son of Joan the daughter of the said Joan one of the sisters of the said Thomas son of William, and to Thomas Rescarrek as the son of Thomas the son of the said Alice the other sister of the said Thomas son of William … [properties] … and that John Trenewyth son of the said Ralph is his next heir and of full age … (S) CFRs.

Family notes:

·         12/12/1376, To Richard Serjeaux steward of all the lands and lordships in Cornwall and Devon which were of Edward prince of Wales duke of Cornwall and earl of Cestre, and to Ralph Trenewyth receiver there specially appointed by the king.

Children of Ralph and Jane:

i. Joan Trenewith (1901305), born ~1390 in England.

ii. John Trenewith, born 1403 in England.

6/22/1428, To the escheator in Cornwall. Order to take of Joan who was wife of John Cheynduyt an oath etc., and in presence of John son of Ralph Trenewyth and Thomas Rescarreke cousins and heirs of John Cheynduyt, to assign her dower. (S) CCRs.

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