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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sir John St. Aubyn & Joan Chudleigh

 3802612. Sir John St. Aubyn & 3802613. Joan Chudleigh

~1350, John de Sancto Albino born in Devon, England, s/o §§Thomas de Seyntaubyn, knight.

~1359, Joan born in England, d/o 7605226. Sir James Chudleigh & 7605227. Joan Pomeroy.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

1/1381, John given protection to go overseas with Edward de Courtenay, earl of Devon. (S) CCRs. [Declaration of John de Seyntaubyn knight, son and heir of Thomas de Seyntaubyn knight, through a a charter in fee simple granted his manors to enfeoffes multiple individuals upon his going over seas, and upon his return the said feoffees shall thereof again enfeoff the grantor and Joan his wife, his heirs and assigns.]

4/1382 at Combe Raleigh, John of Seyntaubyn knt., lord of Combe Ralegh, Devon. Lease for life to John Caryl. (S) CCRs.

5/1382 at Comberalegh, John de Seyntaubyn knight to John de Blake of Loddeforde … Charter with warranty of the manor and advowson of Alvyston and all other his lands etc. in Somerset, with rents, reversions, wards, marriages etc. Witnesses: James de Chuddelegh (7605226), John de Poulet knights, … Thomas de Affeton (311884), … (S) CCRs.

9/1382 at Combe Raleigh, John de Seyntaubyn knight, son and heir of Thomas de Seyntaubyn knight, to …, John Hulle of Exeter, …, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of the manors of Combe Ralegh, Beaudeport and Streete and all other his lands etc. in Honeton, Hauellesheghes and Woolvyston co. Devon, and the advowson of Combe Ralegh church. Witnesses: John de la Pomeray, James de Chuddelegh knights, Nicholas de la Pomeray, … (S) CCRs.

8/29/1383, John Seyntaubyn died.             

5/17/1384, Writ for IPM of John Seint Aubyn, knight. Somerset: … He died on Friday the feast of the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 7 Richard II. Guy Seint Aubyn, aged 7 years and more, is his son and heir. (S) CIsPM.


12/6/1385, Thomas Fychet and Philip Bryan, knights, to be paid £21 12s. for 54 days at parliament representing Somerset. (S) CCRs

[––Joan & Philip––]

1386, Joanna, widow of Sir John St. Aubyn, married Philip de Bryene, knight.

9/1386, Writ for IPM of John Seint Aubyn, knight. Cornwall: … Argalles. The manor, … Trehuthale. A messuage … Trewynyan. A hamlet … Broungolowe. 2 messuages, … Penlen. A hamlet, …  Joan late the wife of the deceased, now the wife of Philip Bryan, has received the issues of the other premises since his death. (S) CIsPM.

2/3/1387, Philip de Bryene died.

10/13/1387, Writ to the escheator to enquire whether the said Joan is still living. [The said Joan is still living.] (S) CIsPM.

2/14/1388, Writ, melius sciri, of Philip Bryen, enquiring who are the other heirs. It was stated in the inquisition  that Philippa, one of the daughters and heirs of Guy Bryen junior, brother of Philip, was one heir of Philip, aged 9 years and more, but who were the other heirs was not known. (S) CIPM XVI, no. 352. IPM Somerset  [of 1/17/1400], Elizabeth, wife of Robert son of John Lovell, and Philippa, wife of Henry Skrop, knight, daughters of Guy de Bryen junior, brother of Philip, are his neices and heirs. Elizabeth is aged 16 years and more. There are no other heirs.

[––Joan & Thomas––]

1388, Sir Thomas de la Pomery married Joan Chudleigh, late the wife of Philip Bryene, knight, without the King’s licence. [Pardoned 10/1389 for the marriage.]

1391, Thomas and Joan de la Pomeray obtained licence to her mass on their estates.

11/4/1402, John Arundell, knight of Cornwall, under pain of £100, Philip Courtenay knight, under pain of £1000, that they shall do no harm …, to Thomas de la Pomeray, his wife [Joan], their men or servants. [They alleged that Thomas and Joan had seized manors in Exeter, Cornwall and Devon.]

6/14/1416, John Cole & his cousin Joanna Chudleigh (3802613) co-heirs of Sir John Pomeroy.

3/12/1417, IPM of John Pomeray, knight. Cornwall: He held the manor of Tregony … On 27 May 1387 he granted it to Thomas Pomeray, esquire, now knight …  he gave these to Edward Pomeray, Margaret his wife and his heirs male by a fine … He died on 14 June 1416. Joan wife of Thomas Pomeray, knight, and John Cole , esquire, are his next heirs, Joan being the daughter of Joan, one sister, and John Cole, the son of Margaret his other sister, aged 50 years and more and 40 years and more. Devon: He held the manor of Berry Pomeroy … The others gave the manor to John Pomeray, Joan his wife, … annual value £40 … (S) CIsPM.

5/1/1417, Order to the escheator in the county of Devon … John Pomeray, 'chivaler,' [same as 4/8], are the kinsfolk and next heirs of the said John Pomeray, … to take the fealty of the said Thomas, make a partition of the premises into 2 equal parts, and cause John Cole, and Thomas and Joan, to have full seisin of their respective pourparties, as the king for 2 marks paid … has respited the homage and fealty of John Cole … saving to Joan late the wife of John Pomeray her reasonable dower of the premises. (S) CFRs.

1420, Joan’s son John died, his daughters becoming the heirs.

5/30/1420, Joan [not related] who was wife of John de la Pomeray (her uncle) son and heir of Henry de la Pomeray (7604470), by deed made a surrender and grant of her estate in the said manor to the said Thomas, Joan and John Cole, being the right heirs of John Pomeray, and to their heirs, Joan being daughter of Joan sister and one of his sisters and heirs, and John Cole being son of Margaret the other sister and heir.

7/20/1422, To the escheator in Devon. Order to take the fealties of Thomas de la Pomeray and John Cole, and to give the said Thomas, Joan his wife and John Cole livery of the manor of Byry Pomeray, and the issues thereof taken since 20 November last. … John de la Pomeray, son and heir of Henry de la Pomeray … feoffees gave the manor to the said John Pomeray and Joan then his wife … he died thereof jointly seised without issue by the said Joan …

11/18/1422, To the escheator in Devon. Order to give John Cole esquire, Thomas Pomeray knight and Joan (3802615) his wife seisin of the dower of Joan [not related] who was wife of John Pomeray knight …  Joan wife of Thomas, being daughter of Joan (7605227) one of his sisters, and John Cole, being son of Margaret  his other sister, are his cousins and next heirs, and of full age …

12/8/1423, Joanna Chudleigh died, Thomas surviving.


1428, Thomas Pomery died, his heirs were Joan wife of Otes Dobrugan and Margaret, wife of Reynold Tretherfe, daughters of John St Aubyn, son of Joan, wife of Thomas by her first husband St Aubyn.

10/25/1428 at Tretherf, Devon, IPM of Joan wife of Thomas Pomeray, knight. She died on 8 December 1423. Joan wife of Otes Bodrugan is her kin [granddaughters] and one of her next heirs as one of the daughters of John Seyntaubyn her son, and aged 17 and more. Margaret wife of Reynold Tretherf is her kin and other next heir as the other daughter of John Seyntaubyn , and aged 13 and more. (S) E-CIPM, 23-246.

(S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

Children of John and Joan:

i. Guy St. Aubyn, born 1377 in Devon, England.

Guy married to Alice (1901413), d/o Sir Richard Sergeaux.

5/23/1400, Writ for proof of age [15] of Alice wife of Guy de St. Aubyn, one of the daughters of Philippa, wife of Richard Sergeaux, knight, in ward of John Cornewaill. (S) CIsPM.

By 1407, Guy died; his brother John his heir.

ii. John St. Aubyn (1901306), born 1379 in Devon, England.

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