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Friday, October 2, 2020

Sir Hugh Waterton

 7605230. Sir Hugh Waterton

~1350, Hugh Waterton born in England.

7/10/1375, IPM of Thomas son of Michael de Ponyngges, knight. … Long before his death he divested himself of … in favour of Arnold Savage and William de Elyngton, knights, John Newmarche, William Tauke, Roger Dalyngregg, Hugh Waterton and John Baker, chaplain, to hold for their lives and the life of Blanche his wife. (S) CIsPM. [Hugh an executor of Thomas’ will.]

Bef. 1377, Hugh Waterton the chamberlain of Henry Bolingbroke, Earl of Derby [future Henry IV.]

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, son of the Black Prince, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

6/16/1388, Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with a yearly rent of 10 marks to be taken of the manors of Chiltyngge and Walderne and of a tenement [in Beding]ham, delivering to Hugh Waterton any issues … by inquisition, … Richard Ponynges knight at his death held … of others than the king, and long before his death granted that rent to the said Hugh for life without obtaining the king's licence; and for a fine paid in the hanaper the king has pardoned that trespass. (S) CCRs.

3/1/1390, Hugh Waterton of the county of Hereford a mainpernor for William Bagod, ‘chivaler’. (S) CFRs.

1393, Hugh a retainer of Henry Bolingbroke, earl of Derby.

1394, Hugh married 2nd Catherine ?.

1394-1405, Hugh’s wife the governess of King Henry IV’s daughter Philippa.

5/4/1396, Debtor: Richard Talbot, of Archenfeld … Creditor: Hugh Waterton, knight, Thomas Oldcastle, and Thomas Walewayn, of … [Herefords]. Amount: 2000m. (S) UKNA.

[1398-99, Hugh as a retainer of Henry Bolingbroke would have participated in these events.]

1398, Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, and Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, to undergo a duel of honor. Richard II stopped the duel, and banished both men. He also disinherited Henry.

7/4/1399, Henry Bolingbroke [1st cousin of Richard II] landed at Ravenspur; then proceeded through the Lancastrian lands in the north and took York. [Henry IV invaded while Richard II was in Ireland.]

9/29/1399, Richard II, a prisoner in the Tower, abdicated his crown to Henry.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England. [Richard II died a prisoner in the Tower.]

11/4/1399, Commitment to Hugh Waterton, 'chivaler,' and Katherine his wife, … of the keeping of the manor of Michelhampton with all its appurtenances, co. Gloucester … (S) CFRs.

11/17/1399, Commitment to Henry earl of Northumberland, Henry de Percy, his son, Thomas Erpyngham, 'chivaler,' Thomas Gray, 'chivaler,' and Hugh de Waterton, ‘chivaler’ of the keeping [lands of Robert de Mortuo Mare, late earl of March] … (S) CFRs.

7/25/1400, Henry IV invaded Scotland. [No major battles, the last invastion of Scotland led by an English King, however the Scots continued to invade northern England.]

10/1/1401, Sir Thomas Erpyngham, Sir Hugh Waterton, Henry bp. of Bath and Wells, and 7 others, are appointed guardians of the K.'s son Thomas de Lancaster, his lieutenant in Ireland. (S) Rymer’s Foedera, V8.

1/9/1403, Commitment to Hugh Waterton of the keeping of all the lands late of Roger Mortemer of the king's lordship of Breken, … to hold … until the full age of John, Roger's son and heir, together with the marriage of the said heir. (S) CFRs.

7/21/1403, Battle of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. The first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil. The Percys had about 14,000 men, King Henry is believed to have had more. Henry “Hotspur” Percy and his brother Thomas were killed. [7000 horse were said to be looted after the battle.]

9/3/1403, IPM of Reynold Cobeham, senior, knight. Gloucester: … Minchinhampton, 1 toft, 1 dovecote, 1 carucate, 12 a. meadow and 100s. rent, of Hugh Waterton, knight, and Katherine his wife of their manor of Minchinhampton by the service of 43s.3 1/2d., suit of court every three weeks and other customs. (S) CIsPM.

10/20/1404, Commitment to the king's knight, Hugh de Waterton, of the keeping of the lordships and manors of Cranbum, Pympern and Mershewodvale, of the inheritance of the earl of March. (S) CFRs.

3/7/1405, To Hugh Waterton constable of Wyndesore castle … (S) CCRs.

7/9/1406, John Osbarne, in the presence of John Wodecok, mayor [of London], John Preston, recorder, Hugh Waterton, knight, … (S) Cal. of Plea Rolls of the City of London, V3, 1932, Roll A 39.

2/18/1407, Battle of Braham Moor, Yorkshire, in which Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, rebelled against forces of King Henry IV. A royalist victory, the Earl died in the battle.

5/31/1407, Hugh Waterton, knight, and executor of John, Duke of Acquitaine and Lancaster, deceased. (S) UKNA.

5/4/1408, Hugh, of Eaton Tregoes, Herefordshire, died.

7/12/1409, Writ for IPM of Hugh de Waterton, 'chivaler', in the counties of Hereford and the adjacent march of Wales ; Gloucester and the adjacent march of Wales. (S) CFRs.


1/2/1411, IPM of Willelma widow of John Roches. Gloucester: She held in her demesne as of fee 1 messuage and 4 bovates in Minchinhampton of Katherine widow of Hugh Waterton, knight, of the manor of Minchinhampton. [The properties granted in 1399.]

Katherine (d.1420) married 2nd John Bromwich, 3rd Roger Leech. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V11, 1976, Minchinhampton.

Family notes:

·         1371, “ … founded an house of Carthusian Monks … In this Charter house were the Monuments of the sayd sir W√¶tar Manny, & Margaret his wife, Marmaduke Lumley, … sir Edward Hederset knight, sir William Manny knight, … John Dorewentwatar knight, … Blanch daughter to Hugh Waterton, Katherine wife to Iohn at Poole, daughter and heyre to Richard de Lacie, … sir Thomas Thwaites knight, Philip Morgan Bishop of Ely, [in] 1434.” (S) Survey of London, 1603, The Suburts without the walls.

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. Blanche Waterton (3802615), born ~1373 in England.

ii. Elizabeth Waterton, born ? in England.

Elizabeth married John ap Harry of Pushton.

Son: Richard ap Harry

11/5/1430, 4 marks paid for trespasses in settling a moiety of the manor of Eton … on Richard de Puston son and heir of Elizabeth … one of the daughters and heirs of Hugh de Waterton, knight, … remainder to Blanche wife of Robert Chalons, knight, the other daughter and heir … (S) CPRs.

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