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Friday, October 2, 2020

Sir John de Wylington & Maud ?

 7605238. Sir John de Wylington & 7605239. Maud ?

1343, John de Welyngton born in England, s/o 1247654. Sir Henry de Willington & 1247655. Isabel de Whalesborough.

~1345, Maud born in England.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

5/23/1349, John’s father died.

6/20/1350, IPM of Eleanor, late the wife of Ralph de Wylyngton, Berks: Stalput. The manor held for her life of the gift of Walter de Langeleye ..., who enfeoffed the said Ralph and Eleanor thereof jointly, to hold to them and the heirs of Ralph, with remainder to Henry de Wylyngton and his heirs. ... John son of Henry de Wylyngton, aged 7 years and more, is her heir. (S) CIsPM.

3/12/1361, Order to cause John de Wilyngton, son and heir of Henry de Wilyngton tenant in chief, to have seisin of the lands whereof his father at his death was seised … as John has proved his age before the escheator, and the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CCRs.

4/25/1371, To John de Wilyngton. Writ discharging him of the king's late commission appointing him with John Daumarle and other his lieges to collect and levy in Devon. (S) CCRs.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, son of the Black Prince, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

1378, Sir John died.


9/8/1378, Writ for IPM of John de Wilyngton, knight; in the counties of Wilts ; Devon and Cornwall ; Berks ; Gloucester. (S) CFRs.

12/5/1378, To in Cornwall and Devon. Order to take of Maud who was wife of John de Wylyngton knight an oath that she shall not marry without the king's licence, and in presence of the next friends of Ralph son and heir of her husband to assign her dower of his lands. (S) CCRs.

12/8/1378, Commitment to Maud late the wife of John de Wyllyngton, knight, of the keeping of 2/3rds of the manors of Honyshaue, co. Devon, and Frompton Cotell, co. Gloucester, and 2/3rds of a parcel of land in Trevylias, co. Cornwall, to hold the same from the day of the death of the said John until the lawful age of Ralph, his son and heir, rendering £24 yearly. [Maud would have got a third in dower, so this gives her the whole of the properties.]

8/22/1382, Maud died.

9/24/1382, Writ for IPM of Maud, late the wife of John de Wellington, knight. Devon: … She was dowered of the under-mentioned third part of the manors of Womberlegh etc. … She died on 22 August, 6 Richard II. (S) CIsPM.

[––Post Mortem––]

12/16/1396, Notification to the escheator in the county of Berks that the king, with the assent of William Beaumont, who has taken to wife Isabel one of the sisters and heirs of the undermentioned John brother of Ralph, who is of full age, and of the next friends of John Wroth, son of Margaret the other sister of John brother of Ralph, and kinsman and other heir of John brother of Ralph, who is a minor in the king's ward,—has assigned the followmg manors and lands to the said William and Isabel as Isabel's pourparty of all the manors and lands late of John de Welyngton, 'chivaler’ … [13 manors in Berks, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, and Gloucester worth over £210 yearly.] (S) CFRs.

Children of John and Maud:

i. Ralph de Wilington, born ~1365 in England.

Ralph married to Joan ?.

Ralph heir of his uncle Reynold.

1382, Ralph died a minor, his brother John his heir.

Joan married 2nd Sir Thomas West.

1405, Joan died, her dower lands held of Ralph to sister Isabel, and Margaret’s son John. (S) CIsPM.

ii. Isabel Willington (3802619), born 1366 in England.

iii. Margaret de Willington, born ? in England.

Margaret married John Wroth.

Son: John Wroth (b.1286). 1405, John a minor in the king’s ward. 1412, John died leaving Isabel as the sole heiress.

iv. John de Wyllington, born 1373 in England.

5/7/1383, John, brother and heir of Ralph de Wylynton, son of John de Wilynton, who died. (S) CFRs.

10/3/1392, John, an ‘idiot’, died without issue, his sister Isabel his heir.

10/13/1392, IPM of John, an idiot, brother of Ralph, son of John de Welyngton, knight. Berks: … John brother of Ralph died on 3 October last without heir of his body. Isabel wife of William Beamound, aged 26 years and more, his sister, and John Wroth the younger, son of Margaret, his other sister, aged 5 years, are his heirs. (S) CIsPM.

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