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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Sir Thomas Grey & Margaret de Pressen

 7605030. Sir Thomas Grey & 7605031. Margaret de Pressen

~1315, Thomas born in Northumberland, England, s/o 15210060. Thomas Grey & 15210061. Agnes de Bayles.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

~1330, Margaret born in England, d/o 15210062. William de Pressen & 15210063. Mary ?.

8/10/1332, Thomas at the battle of Dupplin Moor. Henry de Beaumont with 2000 English soldiers, in support of Edward Balliol’s claim to the crown of Scotland, in the night battle of Dupplin Moor. The English on the high ground devastated the Scots in an “arrow storm”. The crossfire involving archers would later be successful at Crecy. [Weeks later Edward Balliol crowned King of Scotland at Scone.]

~1335, Thomas 1st married Margaret Ughtred.

6/1338, Letters of protection for Thomas going with William Montgue, earl of Salisbury, to Flanders.

7/1338, King Edward, unable to provoke a battle with Philip VI of France by his various invasions of France, decided to attack Flanders, which was economically tied to England through the wool market.

3/1344, Thomas, "in consideration of his good service beyond the seas as well as within", made made warden of the manor of Middlemast Middleton in Coquetdale, Northumberland.

1344, Thomas’ father died.

4/10/1344, Thomas had livery of of the manor of Heaton.

6/22/1344, Thomas de Grey, knight, William Heron and Richard de Cromclif acknowledge that they owe to William Daubeney, knight, £140; to be levied, in default of payment, of their lands and chattels in co. Northumberland. (S) CCRs.

1/8/1345, Thomas appointed constable of Norham castle, Northumberland. [Previously held by his father.]

1345, Thomas de Grey requests a grant of a burgage and vacant place in Newcastle that are in the king's hand by the forfeiture of Richard de Galway. [Request granted 8/4/1345.] (S) UKNA.

10/17/1346, Thomas at the Battle of Neville’s Cross. [For which he and others received a personal letter of thanks from the King.] Just west of Durham, the battle ended with the rout of the Scots and the capture of their king, David II.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

3/29/1349 at Great Heton, Agreement. Between William de Swyneburne kt. lord of Great Heton and Robert son of Robert de Musgrave. … Witnessed by … Thomas Grey. (S) UKNA.

4/1351, Thomas Gray, knight and Margaret his wife, of the diocese of Durham, had a papal indult to choose a confessor who shall give them plenary remission at the hour of death. (S) Cal. of Papal Reg’s, V3, 1897, 411.

1351, Thomas’ 1st wife Margaret died.

[––Thomas & Margaret de Pressen––]

1352, Thomas married Margaret.

8/1355, Thomas and a son captured at the Battle of Nesbit Muir, taken to Edinburgh castle. [While in captivity Thomas began writing the ‘Scalacronica.’]

11/25/1356, Thomas wrote to King Edward asking for payment of his ransom.

By 8/15/1357, Thomas released.

1362, Thomas de Gray, knight, claims against John Salvayn, knight, kinsman and one of the heirs of William Gray, knight, and John de Eure, knight, and Margar' his wife, aunt (amita) and another of the heirs of the aforesaid William Gray that they be present to warrant, together with William de Felton, knight, kinsman and another heir of the aforesaid William Gray, and William Heroun, knight, and Isabella his wife, aunt and another heir of the aforesaid William Gray, the manor of Hundburton juxta Staynfordbrigg with its appurtenances of 3 messuages, 8 bovates and 120 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow and 120 acres of wood with appurtenances in Kexby, Over Catton and Staynfordbrigg and a moiety of the manor of Wilberfoss with appurtenances, which Thomas Ughtred, knight, junior, claims against him in the king's court. (S) CP 40/411 m. 218.

1362, Joan, wife of Richard de Galway, petitioned to have her properties in Newcastle granted to Thomas de Grey restored. (S) UKNA. [Joan’s petition granted 5/11/1363.]

6/10/1366, Writing of William Heroun knight of Northumberland … being a general release of all plaints, trespasses and actions against Joan who was wife of John de Coupeland of the same county, Sir Thomas de Greye, … (S) CCRs.

2/10/1367, Thomas Gray, knight received a licence … to enfeoff … of the manors of Heton, Ancroft, Rosse, Fellynton, and Duddowe, 2 parts of the manor of Kyley, a third part of the manor of Chesewik, and a fourth part of the manor of Westerupsetlyngton, 20 messuages and a 100 acres of land in Norham, 7 messuages in Halieland, the fishery of Horncliffe Pole and half the fishery of Orde in the Tweed. The said Thomas de Kellawe and Robert Gray are to re-enfeoff Thomas Gray and Margaret daughter of William de Pressene, … with remainder to Joan, widow of John de Coupland, for life, … to John Gray, son of Margaret, daughter of William de Pressene …, to Thomas Gray, son of the said Margaret …, to Joan, daughter of the said Margaret … to Elizabeth, daughter of the said Margaret, … to Robert Gray of Neubigging, … to David Gray, … to Thomas, son of William de Esshe, … to Robert son of Robert de Ogle, … to the aforesaid Thomas Gray, knight, and his heirs for ever. (S) Ann. Rep. of the Dep. Keeper, 1871, App.I, 279-80.

10/1367, Thomas appointed warden of the East Marches.

3/7/1368, A papal dispensation given because Thomas Gray was related to Margaret’s intended first husband in the 4th  degree of kindred. Thomas and Margaret had been married for 16 years.

10/1369, Sir Thomas Grey, of Heton, co. Northumberland, died.

10/22/1369, Writ for IPM of Thomas Grey. Thomas his son age 10.

Margaret married 2nd John de Lilburn.

8/15/1403, Margaret died.

Family notes:

·         Thomas the author of the chronicle ‘Scalacronica’, based on his and his father’s experiences as soldiers.

Child of Thomas and Margaret Ughtred:

i. Joan Grey, born ? in Northumberland, England.

Joan married John de Coupland.

Child of Thomas and Margaret de Pressen:

i. Joan Grey, born ? in Northumberland, England.

Joan married Sir John Heron (d.1386).

7/3/1387, Joan married 2nd Sir Ralph de Cromwell (d.1417), s/o 5910026. Lord Ralph de Cromwell & 5910027. Lady Maud de Bernake.

[Joan the direct ancestor of Oliver Cromwell, “Lord Protector of England”.]

ii. Elizabeth Grey (3802515), born ~1355 in Northumberland, England [2nd daughter].

iii. John Grey, born ? in England.

iv. Thomas Grey, born 1359 in Northumberland, England.

Thomas married Joan de Mowbray, d/o 1477540. Lord John de Moubray & 1477541. Elizabeth Seagrave.

12/1400, Thomas died.

v. Agnes Grey, born aft. 2/10/1362 in Northumberland, England.

Agnes married Sir Gerard Salvain (d.8/1/1369). Son: Sir John Salvain (d.10/1366), knight, of North Duffield, Yorkshire.

Agnes married 2nd Sir Thomas Umfraville (d.2/12/1391).

10/25/1420, Agnes died.

vi. Margaret Grey, born ? in England.

Margaret married Sir John de Eure (d.3/21/1366) of Stokesley, Yorkshire.

5/1378, Margaret died.

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