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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

David Anthony Fulkerson & Sarah Elizabeth Dunlap

24. David Anthony Fulkerson & 25. Sarah Elizabeth Dunlap

5/24/1863, David born in Penola Springs, Benton Co., AR, s/o 48. James Frederick Faulkerson & 49. Julia Ann Pate. (S) 1900 Census & (S) Death Certificate & (S) 1880 Census. [David’s brother Thomas his twin.]

11/7/1869, Sallie born in Van Buren, AR, d/o 50. Sebron Dunlap & 51. Eliza Jane McCord. (S) 1900 Census & (S) TX Death Cert.

8/9/1870, The Fulkerson family lives near Springfield P.O., Union Township, Conway Co., AR. ... Thomas and David 7, ... born in AR. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

6/1/1880, The Dunlap family lives in Washington Township, Sharp Co., AR. Children: ... Sarah E age 9, ...  all children born in AR. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

6/4/1880, The Fulkerson family lives in Walker Township, Franklin Co., TN. ... Thomas and David W both age 17, ... (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

10/9/1884, D A Fulkerson, age 21, married Sallie Dunlap, age 15, both of Walker, Faulkner, AR. (S) 1900 Census & (S) Arkansas County Marriages Index & (S) 1930 Census. [Lisc. obtained 10/7/1884]

6/7/1900, David age 37, Sallie age 27, Author age 11, Oscar age 9, Clinton age (7) 5, and Archie age 1, live in Erath Co., TX. David and Sallie both born in AR. David’s father born in AR and his mother in TN. Sallie’s parents born in AR. David is a farmer. Author and Oscar are attending school. David, Sallie, Author and Oscar can read and write. They rent their farm. (S) U.S. 1900 Census.

4/22/1910, David age 47, Sallie age 41, Oscar W. age 19, James C. age 14, and Archie T. age 10, Cecil age 8, Walter age 5, and Noble age 2 (all sons) live in Erath Co., TX. Sallie has had 9 children, 7 living. David is a General Farmer. Sons Oscar, James, Archie and Cecil are “home farmers.” All 4 of these sons did not work for 16 weeks in 1909 (likely in school.) All four can read and write. David owns his farm which is mortgaged. (S) U.S. 1910 Census.

4/5/1930, The family lives in Motley Co., Matador Twnshp., TX. They live at 106 Main Avenue. David A Fulkerson, age 66 owns his home valued at $1200. Wife Sallie is age 61. When they were married David was age 21 and Sallie age 15. Children: Noland age 19, Carney age 16, and a nephew James Willis age 19. All can read and write. David is the proprietor of a café which he owns. (S) U.S. 1930 Census.

4/1/1935, David and Sallie live in Motley Co., TX [in the home where both died] (S) 1940 Census.

4/12/1938, Sallie had a breast removed. (S) Death Cert.

9/3/1938, Sallie “Mrs. D. A. Fulerson” died in Matador, TX. Her husband Dave Fulkerson. Her birth date Nov. 7, 1869. She was a housewife, born in AR. Her father’s name was Sebron Dunlap, born in AR. Her husband was the informant for the Death Certificate. She died of breast cancer complicated by pneumonia. (S) TX Death Cert. [Buried with David in East Mound Cem.]

4/3/1940, Dave Fulkerson, a widower age 76, lives in Motley Co., TX. He had completed 6th  grade, and was born in AR. David rents his farm for $5 a month. David indicates he has some other source of income. David lives next to his eldest son Arthur. (S) U.S. 1940 Census.

11/12/1948, David died in Motley Co., Matador Twnshp., TX; buried in East Mound Cem.

Children of David & Sallie:

i. Arthur Bruce Fulkerson, born 2/9/1889 in TX.

4/3/1940, Arthur age 51, wife Alpha age 47, daughter Evelyn age 8 and son Thurman age 9, live next to Arthur’s father. Arthur is a sewing machine salesman. All the family members were born in TX. (S) 1940 Census.

9/22/1963, Arthur died, buried at East Mound Cem., Matador, TX. (S) TX Death Cert.

ii. Oscar William Fulkerson, born 3/1891 in TX.

1939, William died.

iii. James Clinton Fulkerson (12), born 9/17/1895 in TX.

iv. Archie Tone Fulkersonm born 5/17/1899 in TX.

3/16/1971, Archie died; buried in Llano Cem., Amarillo, TX.

v. Cecil Wade Fulkerson, born 1901 in TX.

1981, Cecil died.

vi. Walter Fulkerson, born 1906 in TX.

1918, Walter died.

vii. Novle Fulkerson, born 1909 in TX.

1910, Novle died.

viii. Nolan Fulkerson, born 1910 in TX.

1999, Nolan died.

ix. Carney Fulkerson, born 6/26/1913 in TX.

3/22/1989, Carney died, buried in Merced Cem., Merced Co., CA.

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