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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Samuel Walker Campbell & Mildra Eliza Sessions

62. Samuel Walker Campbell & 63. Mildra Eliza Sessions

3/17/1844, Samuel born in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN; s/o 124. David Lockhart Campbell II & 125. Jane Pettison Smith.

11/16/1850, David Campbell ... wife Jane ... children: ..., Saml 6, ...; all born in TN. ... They live in Bradley Co., TN. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

5/8/1857, Mildred born in Wayne Co., IL; d/o 126. Richard N Sessions & 127. Sidney J Suthera.

7/5/1860, David Campbell ... wife Jane ... children: ... Saml 16, ... all 3 born in TN. They live in Prairie Point, Wise Co., TX. ... (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

8/11/1860, Richard Sessions ... wife Sidney J ... children ..., Eliza age 3 ... live in Johnsonville, Wayne Co., IL. (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

7/3/1865, Eliza lives with her family in Brush Creek, Wayne Co., IL. Family: 2m’s<10 (Levi & Frances), 1m 10-19 (William), 1m 30-39 (Richard); 2f’s<10 (Sarah & ?), 1f 10-19 (Eliza), 1f 20-29 (Sidney). (S) IL State Census.

Samuel served in the Civil War. (S) Samuel’s Obituary.

1/29/1868, Samuel W Campbell, born in TN, named on the Parker Co., TX, registry of residence. (S) TX Voter Reg. Lists.

4/21/1870, Sam Campbell, age 23, born in TN, is a blacksmith in Parker Co., TX, with a personal estate of $250. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

7/16/1870, Richard Sessions ... wife Sidney J ... children ... Eliza age 13 ... All children born in IL. They live in Brush Creek, Wayne Co., IL. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

1873, Samuel married Mildra. (S) U.S. 1900 Census.

By 2/2/1874, Samuel and family live in Agnes, TX. (S) Birth of daughter Mildra.

6/5/1880, S. W. Campbell age 25 and a farmer born in TN (as were his parents), wife Mildra E. age 23 born in IL, daughter Mildred J age 5, son William T age 4, daughter Elley R age 11 months, live in Wise Co., TX. All children born in TX..

6/7/1880, Samuel W Campbell in the agriculture census of Wise Co., TX. Samuel has 12 acres of tilled land, 2 acres of meadow, 120 acres of woodland. The farm land and buildings is worth $200(?), farming implements and machinery $90, livestock $738(?), with production in 1879 valued at $130. (S) 1880 Productions of Agriculture Census.

7/2/1880, Eliza and family live in Brush Creek Township, Wayne Co., IL. Richard Sessions age 53, wife Sidney age 50. Children all born in IL. Eliza 23, Frances M 19, Sarah 15, Mary E 13, Isaac 4, Ida 4. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

6/26/1900, Samuel W Campbell, a farmer age 56 born 3/1844 in TN, lives in the Chickasaw Nation Indian Terr., with wife Mildre E Campbell age 43 born 5/1857 in IL. Children: Louisa 16 born 2/1884, Lee E 14 born 3/1886, Robert 12 born 2/1888, Annie E 11 born 5/1889, Burney M 6 born 8/1893, and Lillie A 3 born 10/1896. Samuel and Mildre have been married 27 years. Mildre has had 11 children, 9 surviving. All children born in TX. Samuel and Mildra’s parents born in IL. Everyone but the 2 youngest children can read, and all but the 4 youngest can write. Samuel rents his farm. (S) U.S. 1900 Census.

11/18/1904, Samuel died in Erick, Beckham Co., OK; buried at Texola Cem.

Obituary: “S. W. Campbell, age 60, who lived on his claim five miles north of Town, accicentially shot his left arm off with a double barrel shot gun, Thursday of last week. Mr. Campbell was passing through a gate and lowered the gun when the hammer struck a slat and went off. Being loaded with No. 4 shot it tore out about two inches of the bone of his arm. Drs. Hatcher, Dawson and Wells called on him Friday evening and amputated his arm, taking it off near his shoulder. Dr. Hatcher says he seemed to be in good shape for recovery when the left him Friday evening. But the shock was too great for the old man and he died next morning at 2 o’clock. His remains were interred in the Texola cemetery last Sunday afternoon. Mr. Campbell’s funeral was preached by James Short, one of his old chums in the late war. It seems that people will never grow old enough to learn to be careful in handling a loaded gun. The old and young fare alike when they handle guns without notice as to where they are pointing.” (S) Newspaper article:   Echols, R. C. & Townsend, G. B. The Mangum Star. (Mangum, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 17, No. 22, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 1, 1904.

1905, Mildred married 2nd Andrew W. Hastings. (S) 1910 Census.

4/20/1910, Mildre E Hastings age 51 born in IL (parents born in IL), and husband Andrew W Hastings age 64, have been married 5 years. She has had 11 children, 9 surviving. They live in Buffalo Twnshp., Beckham Co., OK. (S) U.S. 1910 Census.

1/9/1920, Mildred E Hastings age 63 born in IL, husband Andrew W Hastings age 73 born in IO, live in Mena City, Polk Co., Ar. They own their home free of mortgage. Both can read and write. Her parents born in IL.

6/24/1924, Mildred E Hastings married William B. Willis in OK. (S) Oklahoma County Marriage Records 1889-1951, Bk 48, P592.

William died in OK City, OK.

4/13/1930, Widow Eliza J Campbell lives alone at 438 S.E. 28th St. in OK City, OK. She owns her home valued at $3500. She is 72. (S) U.S. 1930 Census.

Mildred moved to live with daughter Rosetta in Healdton, OK.

2/10/1936, Mildre died in Wilson, Carter Co., OK; buried in an unmarked grave next to her daughter Avis. [Info from Avis’ granddaughter La Beth Meyers.]

Children of S & Mildra:

i. Mildra J Campbell (31), born 2/2/1874 in Agnes, TX.

ii. William Thomas Campbell, born 10/18/1875 in TX.

William married Alice ?.

2/18/1934, William, a farmer, died in Bridgeport, TX; buried in Boonesville, TX. (S) Death Cert. [Parents names and birth places on death cert.]

iii. Elley Rosetta Campbell, born 7/1879 in TX.

1962, Rosie died.

iv. Louisa Campbell, born 2/1884 in TX.

Louisa married Charley Ferguson.

1956, Louise died.

v. Lee E Campbell, born 3/1886 in TX.

1935, Lee died.

vi. Robert Willis Campbell, born 2/1888 in TX.

1975, Robert died.

vii. Annie Elizabeth Campbell, born 5/1889 in TX.

1969, Annie died.

viii. Bernie McNight Campbell (m), born 8/1893 in TX.

1980, Bernie died.

ix. Lillie Avis Campbell, born 10/1896 in TX.

1935, Lillie died.

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