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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Silas J Baber & Margaret Ann Heizer

52. Silas J Baber & 53. Margaret Ann Heizer

1/10/1843, Silas born born in Albemarle Co., VA, s/o 104. William Baber & 105. Elizabeth ?. (S) VA Marriage Cert. of 2016.

9/7/1843, Margaret born in Augusta Co., VA, d/o 106. Hezekiah Hiser & 107. Elizabeth Cartwright Larew. (S) 1900 Census. [South River, Rockbridge].

10/1/1850, The Hiser family lives in Augusta Co., VA. Hezekiah age 46 ... wife Eliza age 41, ... daughter Margaret A age 6, ... All born in VA. ... and Margaret have attended school. (S) U. S. 1850 Census.

10/8/1850, The Baber family lives in Albemarle Co., VA. Silas is either incorrectly identified as either “Thomas” or “Mary” or is not listed. (S) 1850 Census. [All the other family details for 1860 and 1870 show that this is Silas’ family. Omissions/errors were not unusual.]

6/27/1860, The Hiser family lives in Rockbridge Co., VA. Hezekiah Hiser ... Wife Eliza J. Children: ... Margaret A age 17, ... The 3 youngest children had attended school within the year. (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

8/24/1860, The Baber family lives in St. Annes Parish, Albemarle Co., VA. William Baber Sr. a farmer age 67, wife Elizabeth age 61, children: ... Silas J age 17, ... (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

6/26/1861, Silas enlisted in as a confederate soldier in Co. G of the 46th VA Infantry, in Wise’s Legion commanded by Brig. Gen. Henry a Wise. (S) Pension Appl.

1/26/1865, Silas Baber age 22, a farmer of Albemarle Co., married “Mary” A. Hizer age 21 of Rockbridge Co. The service was performed by W. R. Stringer in Rockbridge Co. (S) VA Marriage Cert.

Jan-Feb, 1865, Silas on the roll of Co. G, 46th VA Inf. (S) Pension Appl.

4/9/1865, Silas surrendered with General Lee at Appomattox Court House. (S) Pension Appl.

6/23/1868, Silas and family live in VA. (S) Birth of son William.

8/17/1870, Silas and family live in Batesville, Albemarle Co., VA. His father Wm Baber Sr. a farmer age 78, and his mother Elizabeth age 73 lives next to him. Wm. Sr. has real estate vauled at $850 and a personal estate of $177. S J Baber a farmer is 26, wife Margaret is 25, daughter Alice 4, son Wm 3. All born in VA. S J has a personal estate of $120. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

1879, Silas spent $10 building and making repairs on his farm; and $33 on fertilizer. His “farm production” valued at $225. He had 8 acres of grangeland for hay, and 3 horses. (S) 1880 Agr. Census.

6/21/1880, Silas J Baber age 36, wife Margaret A age 35, Alice L age 14, William L age 12, Hezekiah J age 10, Charles age 5 and Nettie age 2, live in the South River Dist., Rockridge Co., VA. Silas is a farmer. All family members born in VA, as well as Silas’ and Margaret’s parents. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

6/21/1880, Silas J Baber included in an agricultural census survy. He has 30 acres of tilled land. 32 acres of meadow, 30 acres of woodland/forest valued at $600. His farm machinery valued at $40, live stock at $150. (S) 1880 Agr. Census.

11/7/1882, Silas moved his family to Dublin, TX by train from Lexington, VA. (S) Pension Appl. & (S) Find A Grave. [Dublin being 6 miles west of Stephenville.]

6/5/1900, They live in TX in Erath Co., outside of Stephenville lying N W of Rio G R R. All the family can read and write. Silas J Baber, age 57, born 1/1843 in VA. His father born in NC, his mother in VA. Silas is a farmer and owns his farm. Wife Margaret A, age 56 born 9/1843 in VA, both her parents born in VA. They have been married 35 years. Margaret has had 6 children, 5 still living. Son Charles H, age 28, born 8/1875 in VA is a farmer. Daughter Nettie S, age 19, born 8/1880 in VA. (S) U.S. 1900 Census.

5/5/1910, Silas J Baber, a farmer age 67; wife Margaret A, age 67; married 46 years, and daughter Nettie S, age 27 and single, live in Erath Co., TX. All born in VA. All can read and write. Silas owns his farm. (S) U.S. 1910 Census.

1/22/1913, Margaret died, buried in Lower Greens Creek Cem., Stephenville. (S) Find A Grave.

8/19/1913 in Erath Co., TX, S J Baber, born in Ablemarle Co. VA, age 70 and unable to work, applied for a Confederate pension. (S) Pension Appl.

9/1/1913, Silas’ pension approved.

12/26/1914, Silas died in Greens Creek, Erath Co., TX.

Children of Silas & Margaret:

i. Alice L Baber, born 1866 in VA.

Alice married L. Berry Scott (b.1846, d.1823).

1947, Alice died; buried in the same cem. as her mother.

ii. William Luther Baber (26), born 6/23/1868 in Rockbridge Co., VA.

iii. Hezekiah J Baber, born 10/5/1870 in “WV” (did not exist at the time).

Hezehiah married Ida Mae Singleton (b.1881, d.1966).

3/13/1966, Hezekiah died in Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX; buried in the Hillcrest Burial Park Cem.

iv. Charles Howard Baber, born 3/28/1875 in VA.

Charles married Marry Abbrella McNeill (b.1881, d.1962).

Charles lived in the Greens Creek community (Dublin/Stephenville).

4/18/1965, Charles died; buried in the same cemetery as his mother. (S) Charles’ Death Cert.

Children: Rex, Otis, Opal (source of information), Sterling, Irene.

v. Nettie S. Baber, born 8/20/1880 in VA.

1/25/1913, Nettie died unmarried 3 days after her mother; buried in the cem. with her mother.

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