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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Sebron Cleburn Dunlap & Eliza Jane McCord

50. Sebron Cleburn Dunlap & 51. Eliza Jane McCord

2/1845, Sebron born in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR, s/o 100. G W Dunlap & 101. Matilda Jones. (S) 1900 Census.

11/2/1847, Eliza born in TN, d/o 102. Joseph Mulkey McCord & 103. Nancy Elizabeth Hooton. (S) 1900 Census. [Son John’s death cert. gives her last name as “Cord”.]

10/16/1850, G W Dunlap a farmer born in NC, 36; wife Matilda born in AL, 36; Children: ... Seaborn 5 born in AR; ... They live in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR. (S) 1850 Census.

11/25/1850, Eliza’s family lives in Marshall Co., TN. Joseph age 27, Nancy age 24, Jas. T age 7, Mary D age 5, Eliza age 3, Susan A age 1. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

1858, Sebron’s father died in Washington Co., AR. (S) 1860 Census.

8/31/1860, Eliza lives with her family in Lawrence Co., AR. (S) 1860 Census.

8/31/1860, The family lives in White River, Washington Co., AR. Matilda Dunlap age 44, Seaborn age 14, ... (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

6/27/1866, Sebron married Eliza in Lawrence Co., AR. (S) AR Marriage Index.

6/1/1880, The Dunlap family lives in Washington Township, Sharp Co., AR. Sebron Dunlap age 35, born in AR, is a farmer; his parents born in MS. His wife Eliza J. is age 32, born in TN; her father born in AR, her mother in TN. Children: George W age 11, Sarah E age 9, John N age 7, Joseph age 2, Susan B age 1; all born in AR. George works on the farm with is father. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

6/11/1900, The family lives in Fannin Co., TX. Sebron age 55, Eliza age 52, Amanda age 17, Charles age 15, Maggie L age 12, Franse (m) age 10. Eliza has had 12 children, 10 living. Sebron’s parents born in MS, Eliza’s parents born in TN. Sebron is a farmer. Years of schooling: Amanda 1, Charles 5, Maggie 5, Franse 5. Everyone but Sebron can read and write. Sebron rents his farm. (S) U.S. 1900 Census.

9/11/1900, Eliza died.

5/19/1901, Seaborn married Cornelia A Fields in Fannin Co., TX.

6/1912, Seaborn died in Durant, Bryan Co., OK.

Children of Sebron & Jane:

i. George Washington Dunlap, born 1868 in AR.

ii. Sarah Elizabeth Dunlap (25), born 11/7/1869 in AR.

iii. John Newton Dunlap, born 4/18/1873 in AR.

5/5/1942, John, a retired widower, died in Fannin Co., TX. (S) TX Death Cert.

iv. Joseph Samuel Dunlap, born 1878 in AR.

1952, Joseph died.

v. Susan B Dunlap, born 11/1878 in AR.

1910/1920, Susan died.

vi. Amanda Caroline Dunlap, born 11/13/1183 in AR.

8/30/1927, Amanda died in Ivanhoe, Fannin Co., TX.

vii. Charles D Dulap, born 2/1885 in AR.

viii. Maggie Lee Dunlap, born 11/18/1887 in AR.

2/26/1985, Maggie died in Hartshorne, Pittsburg Co., OK.

ix. Franse “Frank” Dunlap, born 4/1890 in AR.

2/19/1982, Franse died in Jefferson Co., TX.

x. Herbert Dunlap, born 4/18/1892 in AR.

3/1983, Herbert died in Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co., TX.

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