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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hezekiah Hiser & Elizabeth Cartwright Larew

 106. Hezekiah Hiser & 107. Elizabeth Cartwright Larew

7/6/1804, Hezekiah born in Augusta Co., VA. (S) 1860 Census.

1/12/1809, Eliza born in Augusta Co., VA. (S) 1860 Census.

11/21/1827, Hezekiah married Elizabeth in Augusta Co., VA.

1830, Hezekiah Hizer lives in the Southern Distr. of Augusta Co., VA. Family: 1m<5 Joseph), 1m 20-29 (Hezekiah); 1f 20-29 (Elizabeth); 1f 50-59 (one of their mothers); 1f slave<10. (S) U.S. 1830 Census.

1840, Hezekiah Hizer lives in Augusta Co., VA. Family: 2m(s)<5 (unknown), 1m 5-9 (Joseph), 1m 30-39 (Hezekiah); 1f<5 (unknown), 1f 5-9 (Elizabeth), 1f 30-39 (Elizabeth). The own 1f slave age 10-23. (S) U.S. 1840 Census.

9/1843, Hezekiah and family live in Augusta Co., VA. (S) 1900 Census of daughter Margaret.

10/1/1850, The Hiser family lives in Augusta Co., VA. Hezekiah age 46 is a farmer; wife Eliza age 41, son Joseph age 21 a farmer, daughter Elizabeth age 19, son William age 16 a farmer, son Benjamin age 14, daughter Nancy J age 12, daughter Margaret A age 6, son Edward N age 4, daughter Mary age 2. Hezekiah has real estate valued at $640. All born in VA. William, Benjamin, Nancy and Margaret have attended school. (S) U. S. 1850 Census.

6/27/1860, The Hiser family lives in Rockbridge Co., VA. Hezekiah Hiser a farmer age 56 with real estate valued at $2400 and a personal estate of $900. Wife Eliza C age 51. Children: Benjamine F age 22, Margaret A age 17, Edward N age 14, and Robert S age 9. All born in VA. The 3 youngest children had attended school within the year. (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

7/26/1862, Eliza died in Rockbridge Co., VA.

3/12/1867, “Heze Heizer” married Lucy J. Goolsby (b.4/6/1830, d.7/12/1892) in Rockbridge Co., VA.

8/30/1870, Hegh Heiger age 66 a farmer in Natural Bridge (Lexington P.O.), Rockbridge Co., VA. He has a personal estate valued at $100 and real estate valued at $1600. Wife Lucy J age 40. Son Robert S age 18. All born in VA. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

5/20/1879, Hezekian died in Rockbridge Co., VA; buried in Fairfield Cem.

Children of Hezekiah & Eliza:

i. John Joseph Hiser, born 3/29/1829 in VA.

3/7/1884, Joseph died in Stephenville, TX.

ii. Elizabeth Agnes Hiser, born 6/30/1830 in VA.

8/3/1874, Elizabeth died in Augusta Co., VA.

iii. William James Hiser, born 10/23/1832 in VA.

William died in OH.

iv. Benjamine Franklin Hiser, born 1/14/1838 in VA.

11/9/1862, Benjamin died in Rockbridge Co., VA.

v. Nancy Jane Hiser, born 10/9/1839 in Rockbridge Co., VA.

Nancy Jane married ? Snapp.

1883, They moved to Erath Co., TX.

3/6/1912, Nancy, a widow, died in Lingleville, Earth Co., TX.

(S) TX Death Cert. of Nancy. [Parents Hezikiah Heizer & Eliza La Rue.]

vi. Margaret Ann Heizer (53), born 9/17/1843 in Augusta Co., VA.

vii. Edward Newton Hiser, born 1/1/1846 in Augusta Co., VA.

6/28/1865, Edward died in Charlottesville City, VA.

viii. Robert Samuel Hiser, born 11/11/1851 in VA.

8/20/1936, Robert died in Roscoe, Nolan Co., TX.

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