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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

John Dean & Sarah P Hall

 108. John Dean & 109. Sarah P Hall

1811, John born in GA. (S) 1850 Census.

2/28/1818, Sarah born in NC. (S) 1850 Census.

11/5/1835, John Dean married Sarah P. Hall in Lownes Co., AL. (S) AL Marriage Index.

By 1839, They live in AL. (S) Birth of daughter Sarah A C.

9/17/1850, The family lives in Montgomery Co., AL. John Dean age 39 a farmer born in GA, wife Sarah age 31 born in NC. Children: Sarah A C 11, John W 9, Alice 7, Hansford 4, Jasper 3. All born in AL. John’s real estate valued at $150. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

6/5/1860, John Dean of Carlowville, Dallas Co., AL , has 15 acres of improved land, and 65 acres of unimproved land. The land has a cash value of $400, his farm implements $40. He has 2 horses, a mule, 2 milk cows and 20 pigs worth $141. He has 100 bushels of Indian corn. (S) U.S. 1860 Agriculture Census

6/13/1860, The family lives in Carloville, Dallas Co., AL. John Dean is a farmer age 49 born in GA with real estate valued at $400 and a personal estate of $250. Wife Sarah age 41 born in N.C. Children: Sarah 21, John 18, Alice 16, Jasper 12, Albert 8, Daniel 6, Catherine 3, Teresa 1 month old. All children born in AL. (S) U.S. 1860 Census. [Albert and Daniel’s ages swapped between 1860 & 1870 census.]

1867, John Dean on the AL Voter Registration list of Autauga Co., AL. (S) Autauga Voter List.

6/8/1870, The family lives in Deatsville, Autauga Co., AL. John age 59 works in a cotton mill and has a personal estate of $200. Sarah P age 53 keeps house. Neither John or Sarah can read or write. Jasper age 19, Daniel age 15, Albert age 17, Mary C age 13 all work at the cotton mill. Theresa age 11 is at home. All the children born in AL and all can read and write. (S) U.S. 1870 Census. [Jasper’s age not consistent with previous census.]

7/7/1880, John age 70 (father), and Sarah age 62 (mother), live with the son Jasper age 31 and his family in Coppers, Chilton Co., AL. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

3/8/1889, Sarah died, buried in Coosa River Cem., Deatsville, AL.

12/27/1889, John died, buried in Coosa River Cem., Deatsville, AL.

Children of Jno. & Sarah:

i. Sarah A C Dean, born 1839 in AL.

ii. John William Dean (54), born 8/2/1841 in Montgomery Co., AL.

iii. Alice Dean, born 1843 in AL.

iv. Hansford Dean, born 1846 in AL.

v. Jasper W Dean, born 8/5/1847 in AL.

1875, Jasper married Emily Elizabeth Tunnell (b. 1846, d.1911).

7/7/1880, Jasper age 31 is a farmer, wife Emily age 33. They have daughters Alice J age 4 and Sarah Y age 1. Jasper’s parents live with them in Coppers, Chilton Co., AL. (S) U.S. 1880 Census.

3/11/1923, Jasper died in Prattville, Autauga Co., AL, buried in Coosa River Cem., Elmore Co.

vi. Albert Dean, born 1852 in AL.

Albert married Emily Forman.

vii. Daniel Webster Dean, born 5/5/1853 in AL.

1875, Daniel married Julia Ann Norris (b.1853, d.1907).

4/23/1931, Danied died in Chilton Co., AL; buried in New Harmony Baptist Church Cem., Elmore Co.

viii. Mary Catherine Dean, born 10/10/1856 in AL.

Catherine married Henry Upton Brown (b.1852, d.1942)

1/12/1902, Catherine died in AL; buried in Coosa River Cem., Elmore Co.

ix. Teresa Dean, born 5/11/1859 in Dallas Co., AL.

Teresa married Victor Calvin Norris (b.1852, d.1885)

10/23/1908, Terecy died in Mountain Creek, Chilton Co., AL; buried in New Harmony Baptist Church Cem., Elmore Co.

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