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Friday, January 1, 2010

160 John Loftis

160. John Loftis Jr & 161. Ann ? 

~1705, John born.
~1710, Ann born.
~1725, John married Ann in Ireland.
2/27/1739, John Loftis Sr and his wife Ann were granted land warrants in Murderkill Hundred, DE.
1769, Ann deeded land to sons Job and Solomon.
Family notes:
·         Spellings: Loftis, Loftes, Loftus, Loftos, Lofftis.

·         There are multiple records attributed to multiple persons named “John Loftis” – same name living in the same county, during the same time period.]

Family notes:
• Spellings: Loftis, Loftes, Loftus, Loftos, Lofftis.
• Barbara Bostwick could have been the wife of any of the 3 John Loftis’. However, this is the most likely placement due to the will’s of John (320) & Sarah (321) and the names of the heirs in her will.

Children of John and Ann:

ii. Solomon Loftis, born 1727 in DE.
1748, Solomon assessed taxes in Murderkill Hundred, Kent Co., DE. (S) Archives of Dover DE.
1769, Job and his brother Solomon deeded land from their mother.
(S) 1790 Census, SC, Newberry Co.
1790, Solomon died in Spartanburg, Greenville Co., SC.
Solomon Loftis Jr, born ~1763 in DE.
8/28/1793, John “Lofftis” and Solomon Loftis assessed taxes in Murderkill 100, Kent Co., DE.
Bef. 1840, he died – not in 1840 census.

iii. Job Loftis ( 80), born ~1739 in DE.