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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Joseph Ladner dit Nicholas & Rosalie Fayard

122. Joseph Ladner dit Nicholas & 123. Rosalie Fayard [AL, MS]

~1780 Joseph born on Cat Island, MS, s/o 86. Nicholas Christian Ladner and 87. Marie Magdelaine Paquet.
9/20/1780 Rosalie born in MS d/o 246. Jean Baptiste Fayard and 247. Angelique Ladner.
1793, Joseph settled on the Bay of Biloxi. (S) American State Papers, Public Lands, P34, Claim 157.
4/1/1798, Joseph traveled to Deer Island and was the godfather to his neice Helen, d/o his sister Marie Helen.
11/30/1799, Rosalie was the godmother at the baptism of Jean Bosarge Jr44i, whose mother was her 1st cousin. (S) Bouzage Bosarge, P66.
4/27/1801 on Cat Island, Joseph asked dispensation to marry his 1st cousin, once removed, Rosalie. “Dispensation asked by Jose Ladner to marry Rosalie Fayard of Cat Island. Because of the lack of priests and because of their poverty which prevents them from going to Mobile; Ladner, son of the deceased Nicolas Ladner and Mariana Paquet has lived for two and one half years with his cousin Rosalie and they have a daughter. Being on a visitation, Father Vaugeois found out that Nicolas Ladner is the son of Christian Ladner, and Rosalie is the daughter of Angelica Ladner, daughter of Maturino Ladner, son of Christian Ladner. /s/ Jose Morin. /s/ Francois Sechere.” (S) Bourquard, P47. (S) Creole Mobile, P41.
5/5/1801, Joseph married Rosalie: “On May 5, 1801, I, Don Francisco Vaugeois, priest of the parish church of Our Lady of the Conception of Mobile, being on a visit to the coast of Biloxi at an Oratory established there, in virtue of dispensations of consanguinity in the third degree and of the three admonitions from Bishop Luis de Penalver y Cardenas, honored bishop of this diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, given on 29 April last, and with no other canonical impediment, preceded by the mutual consent of the couple, veil and give the nuptial blessing at Mass to Joseph Ladner, legitimate son of minor age of the deceased Nicholas Ladner and of Mariana Paquet on one part, and of Rosalia Fayard, legitimate daughter of minor age of Juan Bautista Fayard and Angelica Ladner on the other part, both natives of this parish. They recognize their daughter, Maria Josefa, born on January 13 past, with consent of the mother of the groom by her words on Cat Island on April 23 past, in the presence of the bride and Santayago Ladner and Pedro Luis Fayard, witnesses, who declare this as truthful. Because of this I sign my name at Mobile on May 24, 1801.” /s/ Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, MB1, P92a.
6/2/1803, “On June 2, 1803, I, Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, priest of the parish church of Our Lady of the Conception of Mobile, solemny baptized on the coast of Biloxi, and gave the Holy Oils to a girl, born December 18 of the previous year, legitimate daughter of Joseph Ladner and Rosalie Fayard, natives of this parish, who has given the name Rose Galixta. Paternal grandparents are Nicholas and Marianna Paquet; maternal grandparents, John Baptiste and Angelique Ladner. Godparents are John Baptiste Ladner and Margaret Fayard, who were reminded of their spiritual parentage. For this I sign.” /s/ Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, BB2, P96a.
3/31/1808 Joseph of Biloxi appeared before Lt. Pellerin to give testimony about property losses of 11 hogs and 2 cattle on Cat Island to American gunboat crews. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P23.
12/18/1819, “Rosa Ladner” witnessed the wedding of her brother Augustin. (S) No. 246 Family notes.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. n: “Jose N”. Rosalie: f:26-45.
~1822 he bought the Biloxi land of his 1st cousin once removed, Jacques Ladner40iii. (S) L.O., P521.
2/17/1824, Joseph gave his consent for his 19-year old daughter Caroline to marry. “I, Joseph Ladnier, the father of the above named Caroline Ladnier, do consent to the marriage of my daughter with the above named Joseph Guillote, consent given before me 17th day of Feb. 1824. Greetings, the 22nd day of Feb. 1824, married the above Joseph Garlotte and Carline Ladnier. Sealed the 22nd day of February 1824.” /s/ E Lewis. (S) MobCourthouse Records by JOP E Lewis, recorded 2/22/1824. [E Lewis was JOP for Bayou La Batre area in 1824.].
(S) 1825 MS Census, JaxCo
11/24/1826, Joseph and Rosalie sold some land in Biloxi to their daughter Adele. The deed was written in French by Rosalie’s borther-in-law L A Caillavet. (S) L.O., P527.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. n: “Sr”. Rosalie: f:40-50. See CD Census Record 122-1830.
1835, Jospeh sold 7 arpents in Biloxi on the back bay; but Rosalie did not sign these deeds. She sold her dower rights in 1851. See Mathurin40 map.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, JaxCo. Rosalie: f:40-50. See CD Census Record 122-1840.
(S) 1841 MS Census, JaxCo
10/15/1842 Rosalie and Joseph signed “/x/” a land agreement with her brothers and sisters about her father’s property as allocated in 1816. (S) L.O., P525.
1/28/1844, Joseph and Rosalie made out a joint will. “Know all men by these presents that we, Joseph Ladnier and Rosalie, his wife, taking into consideration the uncertainty of human life, and being mutually desirous that the property we now possess or may hereafter acquire shall be for the benefit and maintenance of the one that shall survive the other of us, and that at the decease of both of us, the property which may be left and remaining after paying our just debts and funeral, we do here¬by declare shall be equally divided as near as may be amongst, our children that are now living, share and share alike, and to the children of our deceased children “to wit” Caroline and Ce1estan each an equal share. And we the said Joseph Ladnier and Rosalie, his wife as aforesaid, do mutually agree and consent that at the demise of us, we do authorize, constitute and appoint and by these presents do authorize, constitute and appoint Augustine Fayar and Joseph Rosseau to make division of our said property as hereinabove described, and in event of disagreement between the aforesaid Augus¬tine Fayar and Joseph Rosseau, we do constitute and appoint Arne Bernard as umpire in said division. And we the parties to these pre¬sents do mutually agree that whatever effects we or either of us may leave at our death shall be distributed in the manner as above sta¬ted by our said friends, Augustan Fayar and Joseph Rosseau and Arne Bernard if his action should become necessary in the premises, with¬out any interference of the Probate Court of this State, and also without their giving security, depending wholly upon their honor and integrity. In testimony of which we have hereto, set our hands and seals this 28th day of January, A.D., 1844.” /x/ Joseph Ladnier, /x/ Rosalie Ladnier, /s/ L A Caillavet. (S) JaxCo., MS Record. Note: Caroline was not deceased, but was a widow living in Bayou La Batre, AL.
(S) 1845 MS Census, JaxCo
1845, Joseph died in Biloxi, MS.
3/2/1846, Rosalie lives in Biloxi. (S) Deposition of John Delauney, 1st husband of Adele122vi, L.O., P561.
11/12/1846, Rosalie gave land on the Back Bay of Biloxi to the heirs of her son Celestin. (S) HarrCo DB3, P298.
1/3/1851, Rosalie sold her dower rights to the land sold by Joseph in 1835 for $500. (S) HarrCo DB5, P445.
6/4/1853, Rosalie named the ‘true and lawful attorney” for her children. “Know all men by these presents the we, Mary Joseph Ryan wife of Pierre Ryan and her said husband Pierre Ryan, Calise Bosarge, Eugene Bosarge her husband, Caroline Moran and her husband Joseph Moran, Adele Bernard and Arne Bernard her husband, Joseph Ladner of the county of Harrison in the State of Mississippi have nominated and appointed … Rosalie Ladner of the same place their true and lawful attorney in fact for them in their names, places, steads to sell and convey all their right and title in and to any property that they may inherit from Joseph Ladnier, Sr., deceased, the husband of Rosalie Ladner, … In testimony whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals on the 4th day of June 1853.” (S) HarrCo., DB7, PP380-1.
5/25/1854, Rosalie, one of the heirs of her sister Mannette, jointly sold some of her property. (S) HarrCo., DB7, P144.
1855, Rosalie sold land on the Biloxi north shore to Clara Delauney. (S) HarrCo., DB7, P524.
Bef. 1858 Rosalie died. (S) L.O., P556.

Children of Joseph and Rosalie:

i. Marie Josepha Ladnier, born 1/3/1801 in MS. (S) Family note – marriage record of parents.
4/22/1801 Marie baptized. (S) CIC, BB2, P78.
Marie married Pierre Ryan, son Marie Anne Gargare, d/o Marie Paquet174i.
1831, Pierre patented 24-acres in the W/2 of Governmental Lot 4, Section 13, T7S-R9W. (S) JaxCo, DB–A, PP251-2.
6/4/1853, Marie “Ryan” gave her mother Rosalie power-of-attorney. (S) Family notes.
1858, Pierre and Marie sign the sale and division of the estate of her father. (S) HarrCo., DB8, P310.
6/4/1858, Peter and Mary Ryan122i sold land to Eugene Ladner60.
5/8/1861, Pierre and Marie signed a land sale of her deceased aunt Mannette. (S) HarrCo., DB9, PP468-70.
8/1863, an aging Pierre Ryan gave the 24-acres he acquired in 1831 to his son-in-law Ramon Cannette.
1878 Pierre died.
Martha Ryan, born 1822. (S) CIC, BB2, P184a.
~1838 she married Juan Antonio Rodriques, born ~1812 in Spain.
Edward Ryan, born 1823 in MS.
Aft. 9/1850 he married his 1st cousin Adele Bosarge60xi.
[For census info and children see Adele.]
St Cyr Ryan, born 1826.
~1854 he married Rosalie Ladner, d/o Jacques, s/o Nicholas86i.
Rene Ryan, 1828.
9/18/1861, he enlisted into Co. A, 3rd MS Regt. (S) Four Centuries … V2 by Cain, P70.
8/7/1850 he married Louise Felicity Westbrook. (S) HarrCo., MB2, P7.
Caroline Ryan, born 1833. (or 8/14/1824 according to her obituary).
4/1/1848 she married Alfred Ladner, s/o Jean86x.
5/10/1915 she died in Biloxi. (S) The Daily Herald Obituary.
Marie Eulalie Ryan, born 12/22/1834. (S) SLC, BB14, P318, A1171.
~1850 she married Ramon Cannette, born 8/22/1822, in Mahon, Menorca, Spain.
John Eugene Ryan, born 3/4/1837. (S) SLC, BB15, P316, A843.
~1859 he married Marie Eudoxie Delauney, born 1843, sister to Martin’s wife, died 1885.
9/18/1861, he enlisted into Co. A, 3rd MS Regt. (S) Four Centuries … V2 by Cain, P70.
1907 he died, both buried in Martin Ryan Mem. Cem., St. Martin, MS.
Joseph Ryan, born 8/9/1839. (S) SLC, BB17, P137, A428.
Martin Ryan, born 11/11/1842. (S) NBVM, B1, P8, A35.
9/18/1861, he enlisted into Co. A, 3rd MS Regt. (S) Four Centuries … V2 by Cain, P70.
~1865 he married Permelia Delauney, born 1847, sister to John’s wife; died in 1877.
1913 he died, both buried in Martin Ryan Mem. Cem., St. Martin, MS.
Josephine Ryan, born 10/15/1844. (S) NBVM, B1, P16, A78.
~1865 she married Jean Baptiste Fontaine, born 12/27/1834, died 6/3/1924, s/o Julienne Ladner, d/o Jean86x.
2/4/1921 she died. Both buried in Martin Ryan Mem. Cem., St. Martin, MS.
Children: Josephine Fountain married Pierre Lepre – grandparents of Brother Jerome Lepre, from whom much of this work is derived.

ii. Rose Galixta Ladnier ( 61), born 12/18/1802 in MS. Aka “Calise”. (S) Family notes.

iii. Joseph Ladnier Jr, born 5/27/1804 in Biloxi, MS.
10/29/1806 Joseph baptized with his sister Caroline. (S) SLC, BB5, P11, A115.
No. 122:(S) 1820 Census. m:10-16.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. Married and lives next to his father.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, JaxCo. Married, no children.
(S) 1845 MS Census, JaxCo
9/11/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, JaxCo. He is a widow, no children, hunts for a living. He lives with the family of his deceased sister Marie Artemesa.
6/4/1853 Joseph gave his mother Rosalie power-of-attorney. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 1858 Joseph died. (S) L.O., P556.

iv. Caroline Ladnier, born 12/22/1805 in MS.
10/29/1806 Charlotte baptized with her brother Joseph. (S) SLC, BB5, P12, A116.
No. 122:(S) 1820 Census. f:10-16.
2/17/1824, Caroline married Joseph Gollott48i in a civil ceremony. (S) Family notes this date.
No. 48i:(S) 1830-1840 Census.
2/14/1842, Joseph died in Bayou La Batre, AL.
1/1844 Caroline was still living in MobCo., AL. (S) Dated estate bill.
8/18/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo., Pass Christian. Caroline has a personal estate of $4500, but is listed as “idiotic”.
1850–1853, Caroline married 2nd, widowed Joseph Moran (Morin), s/o Josef42i. No children were born of this marriage.
6/4/1853 Caroline “Moran” gave her mother Rosalie power-of-attorney. (S) Family notes.
1854, Joseph and wife Caroline buy/sell land in Biloxi. (S) L.O., P559.
1858, Joseph and Caroline sign the sale and division of the estate of her father. (S) HarrCo., DB8, P310.
7/20/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo., PD1, Biloxi. Joseph’s real estate is valued at $300, Caroline’s at $200. Joseph also has a personal estate of $100.
5/8/1861, Joseph and Caroline signed a land sale of her deceased aunt Mannette. (S) HarrCo., DB9, PP468-70.
7/23/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, HarrCo., Bt1, Biloxi. Joseph is a laborer with real estate valued at $300. “Catherine” keeps house. His daughter Delphine and 2 grandchildren live with them. His son Joseph Jr lives next to them. Another of his sons, Baptiste, born ~1837, lives next to Joseph Jr.
Bef. 3/30/1875 Caroline died. Her heirs sold some of her land. (S) JaxCo., DB1, PP125-7. Joseph Morin is a widow “keeping house” alone in the 1880 census.
Children (of Joseph Gollott):
Rose Coralie (Rosalie) Gollott, baptized 11/21/1825. (S) CIC, BB2, P169a.
(S) 1850 Census, AL, MobCo.
6/6/1842 she married her 1st cousin Louis Demouy Jr, s/o Irene Gurlotte48ii. (S) MobCo. MB6, P156.
Joseph Gollott Jr, baptized 11/4/1826. (S) CIC, BB2, P174a.
Bef. 3/30/1875 he died.
Maximillian Gollott, baptized 1/26/1829. (S) CIC, BB 1828-1846, P8.
(S) 1860 Census, AL, MobCo. No children; lives next to her mother.
6/17/1851 he married his 1st cousin Polite Demouy, d/o Irene Gurlotte48ii. (S) MobCo. MB11, P158 & MB10, P240.
He 2nd married Louise Quave, born 4/1837, d/o Marie Louise Ladner, d/o Jean, s/o Jean160i, sister to Julius’ wife.
~1863 enlisted in AL, 21st AL Regiment under Col Casey, “United Rangers”. After 12 months discharged for a “rupture”.
8/1898, (S) Conf. Pension Application, JaxCo., MS. Living in Ocean Springs.
(S) 1900 Census, MS, JaxCo., Ocean Springs. 1 son lives with them.
William Gollott, baptized 9/29/1834. (S) CIC, BB 1828-1846, P57.
Josephine Gollott, born ~1837. (S) L.O., P663.
(S) 1880 Census, MS, HarrCo
1/24/1859 she married Peter Perez. (S) HarrCo., MB4, P6.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo., Biloxi. 1 infant son.
2/10/1922 she died; buried in the Old Biloxi Cem. (S) Obituary.
Julius Bartholomy Gollott, born 5/4/1838.
10/17/1838 Julius baptized. (S) CIC, BB 1828-1846, P186.
11/9/1856 he married Zoe Cuevas, d/o Marie Louise Ladner, d/o Jean, s/o Jean160i, sister to Maximillian’s wife.
Benjamin Gollott, born 3/25/1839.
~1860 he married Josephine Basque, born 1841, died 7/22/1881, d/o Henrietta Cuevas, d/o Marie Helen Ladner86ix.
4/15/1879 he died in Ocean Springs, JaxCo., MS.
Victoria Gollott, born 1841.
5/29/1861, she 1st married Jonathan Miller, s/o Marie Bosarge60iii. (S) HarrCo. MB4, P84.
~1865 she married John W Cuevas, s/o Pierre, s/o Marie Ladner86viii, brother of Maximillian and Julius wife’s.
They moved to Abita Springs, St. Tammany Parish, LA.
11/5/1889 she died in LA.

v. Isabel “Eliza” Ladnier, born 4/14/1810 in MS.
2/4/1812 Isabel baptized with sister Adele. (S) SLC, BB7 1811–1815, P6, A28.
8/1839 Isabel married John Delaunay, after his divorce from Adele. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P68.
9/21/1839 John sells land to his wife Eliza and to Peter Giraud. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P73.
3/29/1842 John’s daughter by his 1st marriage, Eliza Delaunay, born 9/16/1816 in Philadelphia, PA, married Peter Giraud of St Fargeol, France. (S) HarrCo., MB1, P?. Peter died ~1849 and she remarried to Victor Desporte. Eliza died 5/29/1897 in Biloxi.
11/16/1843, John and Eliza make an adjustment to the property lines of the land sale of 9/21/1839. John signed /s/ the deed. (S) HarrCo., DB1, PP221-3.

vi. Adele Ladnier, born 1/22/1812 in MS.
2/4/1812 Adele baptized with sister Isabel. (S) SLC, BB7 1811–1815, P5b, A27.
No. 122:(S) 1820 Census. f:10-16.
3/31/1823 “Adeline” was the godfather to her nephew Jean Baptiste Bosage III, and neice Marie Delphine Bosage, both children of her sister Rose.
~1830 Adele married widow John Delaunay, a native of France. He had a daughter Elizabeth by his 1st wife living with him.
11/24/1826, Joseph and Rosalie sold some land in Biloxi to their daughter Adele. (S) L.O., P527.
11/17/1829, “Widow Jean Baptiste Fayard”, grandmother of Adele, sold her some property in Biloxi. (S) L.O., P527.
9/28/1833, Adele competes the mortgage payment for the property bought from her deceased grandmother. (S) L.O., P528.
7/23/1839, Adele “Quit Claims” her existing property to her husband John. One witness was Adolph Caillavet, soon to become her next husband. (S) L.O., P528.
Bef, 9/21/1839 she divorced John Delaunay. (S) Her sister Isabel [Eliza] is married to John.
7/6/1841 Adele married 2nd Adolphe Caillavet. (S) HarrCo., MB1, P1.
1842 Adolphe died. They had no children.
1843 Adele married 3rd Arne Bernard. They had no children.
11/16/1843, there is an adjustment made to previous husband John’s land sale of 9/21/1839 in which Adelle [Delaunay, Caillavet, Bernard] is in dispute with the property lines. The lot to Eliza “bounded … the lot of ground conveyed by the aforesaid John Delaunay and Adelle, his wife, to Adolphe Caillavet, … the said John Delaunay and Adelle, his former wife, now the wife of Arne Bernard, … Adelle Caillevet having purchased from Eliza Ladner … to wit: John Delaunay on the one part and Arne Bernard and Adelle, his wife, on the other part …”. (S) HarrCo., DB1, PP221-3. Arne signed /s/ the deed, Adelle /x/ the deed.
6/4/1853 Adele “Bernard” gave her mother Rosalie power-of-attorney. (S) Family notes.
1858, Arne and Adele sign the sale and division of the estate of her father. (S) HarrCo., DB8, P310.
5/8/1861, Arne and Adele signed a land sale of her deceased aunt Mannette. (S) HarrCo., DB9, PP468-70.
Marie Adelaide Delauney, born 8/29/1830. (S) SLC, BB13, P228, A983.
7/26/1848 she married John L Henly. (S) HarrCo., MB7, P8. John was a member of the MS legislature and a Mayor of Biloxi.
Charles A D Delauney, born 2/9/1832. (S) SLC, BB14, P108, A364.
Elizabeth Adelia Delauney, baptized 1/4/1836. (S) SLC, BB15, P2, A4.
Caroline Delauney, born 5/10/1838. (S) SLC, BB17, P136, A427.

vii. Augustin Celestin Ladnier, born 1815 in D’Iberville, MS.
1/19/1816 Celestin baptized. (S) CIC, BB2, P144.
No. 122:(S) 1820 Census. m<10.
No. 122:(S) 1830 Census. m<15-20.
~1834 Augustin married Clair Morin, d/o Josef, s/o Joseph42i.
No. 122:(S) 1840 Census, MS, JaxCo. A widow, he lives next to his father.
Bef. 1/28/1844 Augustin died. (S) Family notes – will.
Children: (They are next to each other in the 1870 JaxCo., MS census.)
Emile Celestin Ladnier, born 4/13/1835. (S) SLC, BB15, P23, A59.
~1866 he married Antoinette Beaugez, d/o Louise Ladner, d/o Jean86x.
Augustine Ladnier, born 8/11/1836. (S) SLC, BB15, P171.
10/26/1857 he married Elizabeth Miller, d/o Marie Delphine Bosarge60ii. (S) HarrCo., MB3, P124. (S) NBVM, B3, P49, A283.
Clement Ladnier, born 8/16/1838. (S) SLC, BB17, P138, A433.

viii. Marie Artemesa Ladnier, born 4/1/1819 in D’Iberville, MS.
12/20/1819 Marie baptized. (S) SLC, BB9, P94, A441.
No. 122:(S) 1820 Census. f:10-15.
No. 122:(S) 1830 Census. f:10-15.
~1836 Marie married Joseph Rouseau, a native of Canada.
No. 122:(S) 1840 Census. f:15-20. Possibly her husband may be living with them.
Bef. 1850 Marie died. Joseph is a widow in the 1850 census; her brother Joseph Jr lives with the family.
Bef. 7/31/1873 Joseph died.
Joseph Adolph Roussau, born 4/27/1837. (S) SLC, BB15, P312, A832.
Joseph Roussau Jr, born 8/23/1838. (S) SLC, BB17, P136b, A426.
He married Theresa Basque, born 1833, d/o Henrietta Cuevas, d/o Marie Helen Ladner86ix.
He is buried in the Old Moran Cem., D’Iberville, MS. [Birth date wrong].
Sabina “Solomon” Roussau, born 2/4/1841. (S) NBVM, B1, P2, A7.
Daniel Roussau, born 12/11/1842. (S) NBVM, B1, P13, A57.
7/31/1873 he married Mary Taltavull, d/o Marie Louise Morin, d/o Josef and Virginia, s/o Josef42i. (S) NBVM, B3, P50, A289.
Theodore Roussau, born 1846. (S) 1850 JaxCo. census.