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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell 3692 & 3693

3692. Richard Hudson & 3693. ? Tilghman

11/5/1608, Richard christened at Tamworth, England, s/o 7384. William Hudson & 7385. Alice Turner.
Richard a mariner and coastal trader, farmer, and miller.
Richard sued a Mrs. Savage for payment of some services that were rendered. The court ordered her to pay Richard 600 lbs of tobacco and five barrels of corn.
~1631, Richard married a Miss Tilghman.
1632–1640, Richard Hudson and John Vaugh are listed as owing John Holloway a half barrel of corn each.
~1634, Richard’s wife died [likely in the birth of their 2nd child.]
1635, Richard shipped aboard the Safety and settled in Northampton Co, VA. He had apparently been working for Thomas and Hannah Savage in the tobacco trade between Virginia and England.
Richard’s 2 children were placed in the home of James Bruce.
~1638, Richard married Mary Hayes, widow of John Hayes. Her daughter Ruth Hayes was placed with John Johnson. He also acquired “debts three times greater than the value of her estate”.
Goodwife Robbins was brought into court for slandering Richard's wife Mary. Goodwife Robins’ wife Alice received twenty lashes for this offense.
1642, Richard is mentioned as a mariner, Captain of his own ship and his Mate was Thomas Streete. His holdings of land, crops, a mill and warehouse, and livestock indicate his activities were likely local. His livestock mark was a “fleur de leis,” a device associated with the Hudson coat of arms of Henry the Alderman. The fleur de leis was also the livestock mark of both Richard’s sons, Henry and Nicholas, of Somerset Co., MD.
Court records show the transfer of a minor orphan from the household of Richard and Mary to his sister in law Ruth Hayes.
1649, They settled on Hungers Creek in Accomack Co., one of the oldest settlements on the Eastern Shore.
3/1651, Richard signed a document on the Eastern Shore.
By 1652 Mary was deceased.
Richard married Barbara Jacobs.
9/12/1659, Richard died in Accomack Co., leaving a spoken will.

Children of Richard and ?: [10 children by 3 marriages]

i. Henry Hudson ( 1846), born 1632 in England.

ii. Nicholas Hudson, born ?.
Nicholas married Elizabeth Freeman, a Quaker.
They lived in Somerset Co., the same county as his brother Henry.

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