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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bond 610 Clarke-Gwaltney

610. John Clarke & 611. Katherine Gwaltney [VA]

~1635, John born in VA, s/o 1220. John Clarke & 1221. Hannah Wyatt.
~1630, Katherine born in England, d/o 1222. Thomas Gwaltney.
John lived in Surrey Co., VA.
10/9/1650, An indenture of service between one Clarke [no first name given] and Richard Bland, Merchant, for 6 years [usually to learn a trade]. Clarke stated that before signing, that he had promised Mr. John Bland of London, that he would serve six years and would be good to his word. This indenture was afterward assigned to Mr. Edward Bland. The original document was lost. The court ruled that Clarke serve only the time accustomed in the county as those having no indenture. (S) Surry Co. VA, 1652-1672, P3.
Aft. 1656, John married Katherine.
1659, “I the said Comer for my heirs, etc, doth sett and to farm lett all housing and land formerly …, and confirmed in open court in Surry County, ... , do sett and lett to the said Clarke during the full time and term until Christmas day next ensuing .... Clarke to keep and maintain all houses now on said land, to repair with fences mended. Signed: Henry /HC/ Comer, John /C/ Clarke. Wittness: John Jennings, Richard Clarke. Recorded 11/10/1660. (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P160.
12/2/1663, “This indenture … Dorothy Meadows of the aforesaid place and county of ye other plic, wittnesseth … hath for som goos ... monis ..., sett, sell, lease and lett to farme to ye said Clarke and his heirs, Exors … in ye aforesaid county of Surry, to ... a hundred acres and ye half of the said land ... and leately to ye said John Clarke ye halfe of her land that is cleared and ye halfe ... ..., her house is excepted as being to her sold and the house she now dwells in for and during ye full term of years of her life to ye Dorothy Meddows for ye rent ... 50 lbs of good tobacco yearly ...” (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P278.
5/7/1666, John Clarke and Kathrine his wife have for ..... sold unto Edward Browne ... 200 acres of land lying in Able Swamp, beginning at Marble’s great .... in ye third Swamp of the Pleas: … , by patent granted unto him for 400 a bearing the date May 4, 1665 and also being 1/2 of ye patent. Signed: John /x/ Clarke, Katherine /KC/ Clarke. Witness: Thomas Gaultney, Elizabeth Browne, George Boatkin. (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P271.
6/30/1666, Catherine Clarke, age 36 or therabouts, sworn and examined and saith that on ye Sundat morning Ann Simpson was delivered. Good ..... Gualtney came unto this despon't before she was up and abouts her that Goodly Bartlett daughter was brought to bed and asked … after Goodman Bartlet went out and came in again and said to ave John Simpson …. Signed: Katherine /KC/ Clarke. (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P273.
9/4/1666, John Clarke aged 30 odd years sworn and examined saith yet about the letter and of July ye deponent being at ye house of Tho. Gaultney two days before his death, and … ye T. Gaultney to make a will and sett all things in order and ye T. Gualtney ? this deponent, and give to my son William Gaultney ye horse, colt and bed I now lie upon. And for my land I know nobody can take it from him. All ye rest of my goods I give to my wife and loan it to her, it at her dispose and further sayeth not. John /X/ Clarke. (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P277.
1668, Surrey Co. tithables on Lawnes creek: John Clarke 2, William Clarke 1, Henry Clark 1.
1670, “I Edward Oliver do acknowledge ..... Jno. Clarke 250 acres of land and 1 cow and do engage to take in ye Clarke, his bond and Benjamin Harrison stands bound.” (S) Surry Co., D&WB1, P375.
Katherine died.
1/6/1679, “Judgment is granted Henry King, who married Katherine ye daughter of John Clarke, against Sheriff for so much as he shall made, appeared due at next court. Ye said Clarke having failed to appear to answer the said King's action. ... so of costs ut n. at.” (S) Surrey Co. OB 1671–91, P294.
5/2/1679, “Attachment is granted to the Sheriff against John Clarke for so much as Henry King shall recover against the Sheriff at the next court for the said Clarke’s nonappearance to answer said King’s action, so ye costs ut n. at. Judgement is granted Henry King against the Sheriff for the nonappearance of John Clarke, two steers 3 years old each at last Christmas.” (S) Surrey Co. OB 1671–91, P295.
11/1/1684, John’s will written in Surrey Co., VA. (S) Family notes.

Family notes:
• Will of John Clarke: “Know all men by these presents that I John Clarke of Surrey Co., Planter, doeth give unto Henry King my Son in Law, carpenter, in ye Isle of Wight Co. and to his wife Katherine King, daughter, One hundred acres of land situated and being in said county, during both their natural lives, not to be sold or changed, mortgaged or leased for above seven years at the farthest & after the death of said King and his wife, then the said hundred acres of land to be equally divided between Wm. King and Hen. King both my Grandchildren to them and their heirs forever lawfully begotten, and neither of children to sell charge mortgage or let if for above seaven years. If either of the children Wm. King and Henry shall die without issue then the whole hundred acres of land to return to the survivor the said land bounded as follows,… but I John Clarke to have timber for any part of the said one hundred acres of land for the use of my plantation without let or molestation but the said Henry king to have all privilidge whatsoever making no waste of anything as my hand and seal the first of N. 1684.” (S) Surry Co., VA Wills.
• There were other John Clarke’s [at least 2] in VA at this time, but not in Surry Co.: 5/4/1665, John Clarke patented 400 acres in Isle of Wight Co. for the transportation of 8 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, P457. 10/20/1648, John Clarke patented 250 acres in Lower Norfolk Co. on the north side of Little Cr. for the transportation of 5 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, P179. One of these married Mary Flake. He died in 1717 naming his wife Mary and 3 children.

Children of John and Katherine:

i. Katherine Clark ( 305), born ~1662 in Surrey Co., VA.
[See 1/6/1679.]