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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bond 237658

237658. Sir John Caleway {Bond}

~1485, John born in England, s/o 475316. Sir William Caleway.

John married 1st Anne, d/o Henry Strangeways.

1507, John inherited Rockborne, cottages at Gorlegh, a tenement in Winchester, the manors of Combysett and Ferneham, a tenement in le Devyses, and messuages in Wentworth and Exeter.

1511, John 1st nominated as Sheriff of Hampshire.

~1530, John knighted.

1533, 1535, John appointed Royal Commissioner for Wastes, Sewers, Walls and Bridges for the New Forest and Hampshire.

11/5/1541, John an appointee of John Stone at Sutton Bingham.

1547, John died; William “Kelway” his son and heir given license to enter all lands in England, Wales, Calais and the Marches. (S) UKNA, Kelway, John, knight, Hants.

Family notes:
• By records in UKNA there are multiple John “Kelway, Kalway, Keilway, Kellaway, Kayleway” alive at this time in Hants, Devon, Dorset, … at least one knighted.

Children of John and Anne:

i. William Caleway, born ? in England.

ii. Dorathey Caleway, born ? in England.
Dorathey married John Buller of Somerset.

Children of John and ?:

i. Elizabeth Kilway (118829), born ~1510 in England.

ii. Giles Keilway, born ? in England.
Giles captain of “The George of Ditsam” captured a Spanish barque in 1545.

iii. John Caleway, born ? in England.
John settled at Godshill on the Isle of Wight.

iv. Henry Caleway, born ? in England.

v. George Caleway, born ? in England.

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