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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sir Nicholas Wadham & Joan Hill

237660. Sir Nicholas Wadham & 237661. Joan Hill    

~1465, Nicholas born in England, s/o 475320. Sir John Wadham & 475321. Elizabeth Stukeley.

~1470, Joan born in England, d/o 475322. Robert Hill & 475323. Alice Sturton.

[––Nicholas & Joan––]

Nicholas married Joan.

2/2/1499, Feoffment in trust with warranty Edmund Carewe Knight …, Thomas Graynfyld, Nicholas Wadham, Roger Holond esqs., … (S) UKNA.

1501, Thomas [Grey] Marquis of Dorset, Edmund Carewe, …, Robert Poyntz, Thomas Graynfeld, knights, …, Nicholas Wadham esquire, …, demandants. Somerset: … the manors of Pytteney and Aluynshay, … in Pytteney and Aluynshey. (S) UKNA.

1501-02, Nicholas Wadham, High Sheriff of Devon.

1502, Gift to John Arundell, knight, and Elizabeth his wife … Thomas Marquis of Dorset, Edmund Carewe, … Robert Poyntz and Thomas Graynfyld, knights, …, Nicholas Wadham esquire … (S) UKNA.

Bef. 7/1/1502, Nicholas’ father died.

2/24/1502, “Gift. Thomas Marquis of Dorset, Edmund Carewe, …, Robert Poyntz …, knights, …, Nicholas Wadham esquire, …”. (S) UKNA.

[––Nicholas & Margaret––]

Nicholas 2nd married Margaret, sister of Sir John Seymour, and aunt of Queen Jane Seymour, buried at Carisbrook, Isle of Wight. [1 son, Nicholas, died 1508.]

1502-04, Nicholas knighted.

3/2/1504, Recognizance by Nicholas Wadham knight, …, to John Compton the elder, … for 300 m., … leviable in Somerset and Wiltshire etc. (S) CCRs.

1504-1515, Defendants: Nicholas Wadham, knight, captain of the Isle of Wight. (S) UKNA.

5/12/1505, Grant by John Bouchier kt., Lord Fitzwaren, Nicholas Wadham kt., and Amis Paulet kt., at instance of Henry Daubeney kt., Lord Daubeney, to John Brette, of manor of Staunton Drewe, …  Somerset, which Giles Daubeney kt. late Lord Daubeney, Edward Carew kt., John Speke kt., …, they recovered in Common Bench, … signatures : Nycolas Wadham, Amise Paulet, Henry Daubeney. (S) UKNA.

1505-6, “Grantor: Richard, Earl of Kent. Grantee: Giles Daubrey, knight, Lord Daubeney, Chamberlain, John Bourghchier, knight, Lord Fitz Warin, Thomas Darcy, knight, Lord Darcy, Henry Daubney, son … of the said Lord Daubeney, Richard Empson, John Husye, Edmund Carewe, Amyas Paulet, Nicholas Wadham, …, knights, … Manors …”. (S) UKNA.

1507-08, Writ and inquisition held at Carisbroke Castle before the abbot of Quarr, Amyas Paulet and Nicholas Wadham, knights, …, commissioners, concerning concealed rents and profits on the Isle of Wight. (S) UKNA.

1/4/1509, Recognizances to the king or to his use by the following for the sums and on the conditions: £500 by Nicholas Wadham knight; to account yearly as lieutenant and high steward of the Isle of Wyght and supervisor of Caresbroke castle. (S) CCRs.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

3/13/1510, Recognisance of Sir Nicholas Wadham, in the place of Sir John Langford, dec., as surety for the safe keeping of Mountorgill castle, in Jersey, by Sir Hugh Vaughan. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

11/28/1514, … Sir Nicholas Wadham, sheriff of Devon, … executors of Sir Francis Cheyne, James Darell. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

1515, Nicholas Wadham, knight, High Sheriff of Devon.

1516, Sir Nicholas Wadham of Merefield, near Ilminster, High Sheriff of Wiltshire.

[––Nicholas & Isabel––]

Bef 6/20/1517, Nicholas married 3rd Isabell Baynam; relict of Sir Giles Bridges.

2/1/1521, Money owing to the king. Obligationes exeuntes. The king of France, £96,055. Nicholas Wadham, 2,000 mks. … The Emperor, £20,333 6s. 8d. …

6/3/1529, Sir Nicholas Wadham, William Hody, …, John Wadham, …. Pardon for having acquired, without licence, of Edward Bampfeld, deceased, the moiety of the manor of Rampsham. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V4, 1875.

[––Nicholas & Joan––]

Aft. 6/24/1519, Nicholas married 4th Joan Lyte, d/o Richard [died by 1557].

6/1520, in France, Sir “Waddam” of Hants attended the “Field of Cloth of Gold.”

1522-23, Nicholas appointed a Vice-Admiral to Lord Surrey.

1524, Nicholas granted a park at Merifield of 200 acres of pasture and 40 acres of woodland.

5/12/1528, Delivery by John Bouchier kt., Lord Fitzwaren, Nicholas Wadham kt., … (see 5/12/1505) … (S) UKNA.

1530, Nicholas appointed a commissioner for the inquisition of the estates of Cardinal Wolsey.

1533-38, Plaintiffs: Henry Horton. Defendants: Nicholas Wadham, knight, son and heir of John Wadham, knight, and … Subject: Demise of tenements in the manor of Silverton, … Devon. (S) UKNA.

5/5/1533, Letter of Sir Nicholas Wadham to Cromwell. Whereas certain trouble has been incurred for the foundation of a certain chapel in Columpton … (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V6, 1882.

1534, Sir Nicholas Wadham of Edge and Branscombe, Devon; and Merryfield and Ilton, Somerset; High Sheriff of Somerset.

1535-38, Plaintiffs: Nicholas Wadham, knight, late sheriff. Defendants: Richard Clansye, his under-sheriff. Subject: Failure to account for complainant in the Exchequer. Somerset. (S) UKNA.

1535, Nicholas was invited to dinner with Thomas Cromwell.

5/24/1538, Subject of decree: Two tenements and lands called Geffrye Land held of the manor of Silverton, [Devon] and its owner Sir Nicholas Wadham. (S) UKNA.

11/25/1539, Sir Nicholas Wadham of Muryfelde, Somerset, Knt., wrote his will. To be buried at Ilminster. If Dame Johana my wife outlive me, she shall have all plate, apparel, etc. which she brought to Meryfield & 100 marks, & the residue of my chaynes, gold ringes, crosses & juells, my Corn and Cattle, & all my wulle in my farm of Frome, Dorset. To my son Giles, my best horse & apparell. My son Andrew my 2nd best horse. My son Nicholas, my 3rd best horse. Roger Fauntleroy, ... my servants £3 6s 8d each beside their wages. I owe £60 to my son in law, Richard Chudleigh. To my son John, my best gown. To my sons Gyles, Andrew, & Nicholas, £100. Exors, Sir Hugh Pawlett, William Portman, Esq., ... (S) Abstracts of Somerset Wills, Crisp, 1887, P49.

Bef. 1/30/1542, Nicholas [of Devon and Somerset] died; buried at the church at Carisbrooke. (S) A Topographical and Hististorical Guide to the Isle of Wight, Sheridan, 1833, P12.


7/22/1557, Dame Jane Wadham, widow, relict of Sir Nicholas Wadham, of Merrifield, Somerset, Knt., wrote her will: To be buried at Ilton, Somerset. My son Christopher Cheverell the elder. Christopher Cheverell the younger. My daughter Elizabeth Cheverell. Philippa Cheverell, my granddaughter. ... My son John Wadham, Esq. To Florence Wadham, six yards of black satin to make her a gown. My cousin George Payne. My cousing Thomas Lyte, £30. My son John Wadham & George Speake, Esq., overseers. (S) Abstracts of Somerset Wills, Crisp, 1887, P49.

Bef. 8/31/1557, Jane died.

(S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893.

Child of Nicholas and Joan Hill:

i. John Wadham (118830), born ~1495 in England.

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