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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

738694 Thomas Trivet

738694. Thomas Trivet

~1355, Thomas born in England.

By 1388, Thomas heir to his father.

1391, William Colne and Alice his wife state that they are being persecuted by Thomas Trevet and some of his servants, and that William paid Thomas £10 to cease this, but that despite this two of his servants came to their house called ‘Godelue’ in the second week of Lent last, attacked them and their servants, cutting off William's ears and killing a servant, and carried off their goods. They have now had to abandon their house for fear of Thomas. They ask that these wrongs might be put right so that they can live in their house, as otherwise they will have to leave England. (S) UKNA.

Thomas Trevet, esq. of Devon and Somerset.

Family notes:
• The Trivet family of Devon and Somerset included multiple Thomas’s, some knights and admirals. The family had been established for a long time and there is no clear indication as to the parentage of this Thomas.

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. ? Trevet (369347), born ~1385 in England.