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Thursday, May 27, 2010

950704 Norreys-Merbroke

950704. John Norreys & 950705. Alice Merbroke

~1400, John born in Bray, England, s/o §William Norreys.

~1420, Alice born in England, d/o §Richard Merbroke.

By 1429, John an usher of the chamber.

11/6/1429, Henry VI crowned king of England.

9/1437, John, Duke of Bedford, granted an inn and four shops in the suburbs of London to John Norreys at the yearly rent of 6 marks for 7 years. (S) CPRs.

5/15/1437, Grant, during pleasure, to John Norreys, esquire, of the office of the tronage and pesage in the port of London. (S) CPRs.

Aft. 12/22/1438, John appointed usher of the chamber, succeeding Gilber Par.

1439, John 1st summoned to parliament.

11/14/1439, Grant, for life, to John Norreys, usher of the chamber, … of the office of tronage and pesage in the port of London. (S) CPRs.

12/18/1439, Grant to Ralph Boteller, John Beauchamp, … knights, John Norreys, … shall have the keeping of all the castles, lordships, manors, … in England, Wales and the Welsh march which on te death of Isabel, countess of Warwick, late the wife of Richard, late earl of Warwick, … until such heir or heirs obtain livery. (S) CPRs.

8/15/1440, Grant, for life, to the king’s esquire, John Norreys, usher of the chamber, of a tun of wine yearly in the city of London. (S) CPRs.

1441, John, in possession of Yattendon manor, purchased the overlordship of Edward Langford.

5/1/1446, Grant to the king’s servant, John Noreys, esquire for the body, and his heirs of a tenement sometime called ‘John of Brayesplace’. (S) CPRs.

1446-48, John obtained a charter from the king for his manor of Yattendon.

1446, John appointed treasurer of the Queen’s chamber.

1447, John, usher to the chamber, squire to the body and master of the wardrobe to King Henry VI.

1442, John Sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire.

6/13/1446, Grant, for life, to John Norreys, esquire for the body, of the office of the Receipt and Exchequer. (S) CPRs.

6/14/1446, Grant to the king’s esquire for the body John Norreys that he be chief steward of all manors, lordships and lands pertaining to the lordship of Spensers, … except the stewardship of the honour of Gloucestre in Bristol. (S) CPRs.

10/26/1446, Grant … to the king’s knight, Thomas Tudenham, of the office of keeping the great wardrobe, to hold … as Robert Rolleston, John Norrys, esquire for the body, or any other, has had; in lieu of a like grant thereof to John … (S) CPRs.

1448, John crenellated under licence his principle residence of Yattendon near Reading.

5/4/1448, Pardon to the king’s esquire for the body, John Norrys alias Norreys alias Noreys, of all felonies, trespasses, conspiracies, offences, … before 16 April last … (S) CPRs.

1/10/1449, Grant to the king’s serjeants, John Norreys, esquire for the body, … office of one of the collectors of the subsidy of tonnage and poundage in the port of London, to hold … until they have in survivorship an office to the value of 40£. (S) CPRs.

8/12/1449, Licence … for John, cardinal and archbishop of York, … to grant to Edmund Hungerford, knight, John Norrys, esquire, William Norrys, Roger Norrys, and Thomas Babham and the heirs of John Norrys the manor of Sunnynghill, in the counties of Berks and Surrey, held in chief. (S) CPRs.

Alice died.

John married 2nd Eleanor Clitherow of Kent.

1453, John summoned to parliament.

1457, John, Sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire.

9/1459, John married 3rd Margaret Chedworth.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned king of England.

John, squire to the body of King Edward IV, and master of the wardrobe.

4/1465, John wrote his will.

9/1466, John died; buried at Bray.

(S) A History of the County of Berkshire, V4, 1924. (S) Greater Medieval Houses of England and Wales, Emery, 2006, P124.

Family notes:
• John is sometimes listed as s/o John Norreys, of co. Chester, who died without a male heir: 2/20/1403, “… lordship of Glomargan in Wales, late of John Norreys, ‘chivaler,’ tenant in chief of Thomas, late lord de Despenser … by the death of the said John Norreys and by reason of the minority of William Coker his kinsman …” (S) CPRs.
• William Norreys heir of Sir Henry Noreys & Alice Ereneis.

Child of John and Alice: [4 sons.]

i. William Norreys (475352), born 1438 in England.