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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G21: 1477140

1477140. Baron Robert Nevill & 1477141. Joan de Atherton

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1313, Robert born in England, s/o 2954280. Robert de Nevill & 2954281. Margaret ?.

~1315, Joan born in England, heir & d/o 2954282. Henry de Atherton & 2954283. Emma ?.

Robert’s father died; his father’s older brother Geoffrey the family heir.

1336, Robert, age 22, heir to his uncle Geoffrey, receiving Hornby manor.

~1336, Sir William de la Pole the elder, knight, to Robert son of Sir Robert de Nevill of Horneby, knight, and Margaret his wife, of the manor of farnelay … (S) Havard Medieval Deeds Collection.

1341-43, Joan heir of her father to Atherton, Aintree, Oldham and others.

3/6/1337, Exemlification of a charter [dated 11/13/1229] … a grant to Hubert de Burgo, earl of Kent, and Margaret, his wife, … made at the request of Robert de Nevill, kinsman and heir of Hubert and Margaret, as the charter has been accidentally lost. (S) CPRs.

4/7/1337, Between Edmund de Nevill, chivaler, … manor of Middleton … in default to remain to Robert, son of Robert de Nevill, and his heirs. (S) Lancashire Fines.

10/4/1341, Sir Robert de Nevill held the ‘town of Podryngtyon’ by the service of one knight’s fee, total rental being 13s. 7d. (S) The Publications of the Thoresby Society, 1908, P113.

1343, Baron Robert summoned to parliament. (S) The Dormant and Extince Baronage of England, 1807, P386.

Aft. 1343, Joan heir of her mother.

1/27/1344, “Debtor: Robert de Neville of Hornby, [Hang Wapentake, N.R., Yorks.], knight. Creditor: Sir William de la Pole, the elder, knight [merchant of Kingston-on-Hull, E.R.Yorks] Amount: £2000, on account of a loan.” (S) UKNA.

3/6/1345, Commission of oyer … on complaint of Robert de Nevill of Horneby, ‘chivaler,’ that … broke his park at Farneleye, … (S) CPRs.

1345, Robert de Nevill of Hornby alleged that his ancient market at Arkholme was being damaged by that at Lancaster, Lancashire.

4/1346, Robert son of Robert de Nevill of Horneby, chivaler, and Margaret his wife, quer., Robert de Nevill of Horneby, def., of the manor of Houton Lungevilers, to hold … remainder in succession to Geoffrey, Giles, Thomas, William, John, sons of Robert the elder, … (S) Feet of Fines for Yorkshire.

1346, Robert held one knight’s fee in Melling and Hornby.

1346, Robert claiming various lands as the right of his wife Joan, daughter of Henry, and granddaughter and heir of Hugh de Atherton of Hindley. (S) Aintree, A History of the County of Lancaster: V3, 1907.

8/26/1346, Robert fought at the battle of Crecy, north of Paris. (S) Crecy & Calais, 1898, P35.

Robert returned to England before the siege of Calais.

9/18/1346, Commission of the peace, pursuant to the statutes of Winchester and Nortyhhampton, to Adam de Hoghton, Robert de Nevill, … (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

4/15/1347, Between John, son of Robert de Nevill, of Horneby, knight, and Isabella his wife, plaintiffs, and Robert de Nevill, of Horneby, chivaler, and Joan his wife, deforciants … in Oldum [Oldham], and Glotheyk [Glodwick], and of … the manor of Shevynton. Robert and Joan granted … to John and Isabella; to have and to hold to them and to the heirs issuing of their bodies, of Robert and Joan and the heirs of Joan, … In default of issue of the said John and Isabella, to remain to John’s issue, in default to remain to Giles, brother of the said John, …, in default to remain to Thomas, brother of the said Giles, …, in default to remain to William, brother of the said Thomas, …, in default to remain to Geoffrey, brother of the said William, …, in default to revert to Robert and Joan and to the heirs of Joan. (S) Lancashire Fines: 21-24 Edward III, Final Concords for Lancashire, 1902.

1347, Robert at the siege of Calais, with 7 men in his contingent. (S) English Historical Documents 1327-1485, Myers, 1996, P497.

3/12/1348, Licence, … which William de la Pole the elder will pay … for Robert de Nevill of Horneby to demise … the manor of Appelby, co. Lincoln, … (S) CPRs.

1/7/1348, Grant of Walter de Nevill to Robert de Nevill of Horneby, knight, and Joan his wife, their heirs … in Gayregrave … in the vill of Armelay, … at Farnelay. (S) UKNA.

1349-50, Melling Tatham was disturbed by a private war between Sir Thomas de Dacre and Sir Robert de Nevill. The former went to Arkholme with several companions and assaulted Nevill’s servant, while Sir Robert assembled ‘an immense multitude’ of armed men at Hornby, ‘to the number of about 30’, and for half a year led them to waylay his adversary. Sir William de Dacre, by Sir Thomas’ request, came to Hornby Castle in manner of war, with men-at-arms and bowmen.

1349-50, “Indenture made between (1) Sir Robert de Nevill' de Horneby, knight and (2) Hugh de Brereley and Maud his wife, by which Sir Robert grants the manor of Brierley to Hugh and Maud for the longer of their two lives and 20 years after.” (S) UKNA.

7/1352, Enrollment of indenture testifying that Robert de Nevill of Horneby, knight, has released to Henry duke of Lancaster the manors and castle of Horneby and Mellyng to hold for the duke’s life, rendering a rose yearly at Midsummer to Robert … after the duke’s death Robert may freely enter the castle. (S) CCRs.

10/21/1354, “Debtor: Robert de Neville of Hornby, knight, [of Hang Wapentake, N.R.Yorks] Creditor: John Courtray, citizen and fishmonger [merchant] of London. Amount: 100m.” (S) UKNA.

5/24/1362, Pardon to Robert Nevill of Horneby, ‘chivaler,’ of his outlawries in the county of York for non-appearances before the justices … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1363, Sir Robert the elder released to his son Robert the younger all his right and title in the castle and manor of Hornby and Melling, with the soke, also knights’ fees, advowsons, free courts, parks, &c., and lands in Arkholme, Wray and other places.

1384, Assize between the Abbat and Robert de Neville and Joan his wife as to rents in Cleckheaton and Farnley: Assisa … Rogertus de Neuill de Hornebi miles et Johanna vxor eius iniuste, … Eudo de Lungel’ [Recital of a grant by Eudo Longillers] … Johannis de Longuilers [And of another by John de Longillers] … (S) Miscellanea, V8, Thoresby Society, 1904, P282.

Bef. 4/29/1390, … Robert Nevill of Hornby, knight, deceased … (S) CPRs.

(S) Townships: Hornby, A History of the County of Lancaster: V8, 1914.

Child of Robert and Joan:

i. Robert Nevill (738570), born ~1330 in England.

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