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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

G21: 1901392

1901392. Sir Nicholas Carew & 1901393. Joan Courtenay

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Aft. 1395, Nicholas born in England, heir & s/o 3802784. Thomas Carew & 3802785. Elizabeth Bonville.

1411, Joan born in England, d/o 1901308. Sir Hugh Courtnay & 3802787. Philippe l’Arcedekne.

Joan, by the death of a sister, heiress to the families of Courtenay of Haccombe and Arcedekne.

1425, Joan, age 14, coheir to her mother’s property after the death of her father.

5/14/1426, Grant to Thomas Carewe, knight , of the marriage of Joan, one of the daughters and heirs of High Coutenay, knight , deceased, tenant in chief, a minor in the king’s ward. (S) Calendar of the Patent Rolls.

5/27/1426, Grant to Thomas Carewe, knight ; pursuant to the surrender by him in the Chancery for cancellation of the letters patent of 14 May last, the said letters being invalid since the said Joan is not one of the heirs of the said Hugh but is one of the daughters of the said Hugh and of Philippa his late wife and one of the heirs of the said Philippa, Hugh having held of the king in chief by the courtesy of England after the death of Philippa of the inheritance of the said Joan and of Eleanor, Philippa's other daughter and heir, who is likewise within age ; of the marriage of the said Joan, to hold the same without further payment therefor, as the said hundred marks were paid by him, in the time of the said late treasurer, for the marriage of Joan as ' one of the daughters and heirs of Philippa,' and not ' of Hugh.' (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls.

By 1427, Nicholas married to Joan. “Carewe, Nicholas, esq, who took in marriage Joan, one of the daughters and heiresses of Philippa, who was the wife of Hugh Courtney, kt. Proof of age: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

8/28/1432, “Nicholas Carew, Knight” named in the will of his cousin 1901080. Nicholas de Carew.

1434, … Roger Champernoun, knight, and Philip Cary, knight, knights of the shire for the county of Devon, commissioners to receive the oath of the following; - Philip Courtenay, ‘chivaler.’ John Dynham, ‘chivaler.’ Nicholas Carru, ‘chivaler’ … (S) CPRs.

1/18/1436, Commission of array in the county of Devon, to Thomas, earl of Devon, Philip Courtenay, knight, William Bonvill, knight, Nicholas Carreu, knight, John Dynham, knight, … Roger Chambernon, Thomas Carminowe, … [then Thomas also specified for Cornwall.] (S) CPRs.

1436, Nicolas Carew, of Mouns Otery, knight of Henry VI. (S) The Note-book of Tristram Risdon, P174.

7/26/1440, Commission to Richard Neuton, knight, John Sharp, mayor of Bristol, … complaint of John Martyn, master and merchant of a ship called la Marie of Bilbawe in Spain … relying on the king’s safe conduct … goods for England … ship was broken … put [goods] on le George … came upon king’s subjects in a barge of Nicholas de Carewe, knight, … who took the hulk the hulk … to Chepstowe in Wales, carried away the iron and goods … recusants to be imprisoned until they make restitution. (S) CPRs.

8/26/1443, Sir Thomas Arundel died. IPM: Thomas Arundell, knight, on the day of his death held no lands, rents or services in the county of the king in chief, in demesne or in fee, but held the manors of Estantony, … yearly rent from the manor of Elerky … after the death of Margery late his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Warin Larchedekene knight, of the in heritance of Eleanor wife of Walter Lucy knight (the second of the daughters of the said Warin and the sister and one of the heirs of the said Margery), and Joan wife of Nicholas Carrewe knight (the daughter of Philippa the third of the daughters of Warin and the kinswoman and other heir of Margery). (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls.

5/8/1447, Nichols died. (S) De la Pole’s Devon, P139.

1448-50, Queen Margaret, about age 20, wrote a letter to Dame “Jane” Carew, widow of Sir Nicholas Carew about a suitor [Joan did not marry him.]

10/5/1450, Joan married 2nd Sir Robert Vere. [1 son]

Joan disherinted her eldest son Thomas, dividing her lands among her other children.

1461, Sir Robert died.

Bef. 8/3/1465, Joan died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P170. (S) Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou, Monro, 1863, P96.

Child of Nicholas and Joan: [5 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Thomas Carew (950696), born ~1427 in England.

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