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G22: 2954282

2954282. Henry de Atherton & 2954283. Emma de Aintree

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~1285, Henry born in England, s/o 5908564. Hugh de Atherton & 5908565. Joan ?.

~1297, Emma born in England, d/o 5908566. Henry de Aintree & 5908567. Agnes de Molyneux.

1301, Emma, a minor, was defendant in various suits, and was represented by her grandfather William de Aintree: Alice, widow of Henry de Aintree [2nd wife], claimed dower in certain lands held by Emma; Richard de Molyneux, her grandfather, Simon de Balderston, and Emma widow of William de Aintree being joined as defendants; it was alleged that William de Aintree held the parcel in dispute for life, by grant of Henry.

2/4/1305, “Debtor: Henry de Atherton [of Lancs]. Creditor: Thomas, the son of Adam de Anderton [of Lancs]. Amount: £100.” (S) UKNA.

1322, Henry de Atherton of Atherton holds of the said William [Le Boteler] 10 parts of a knight’s fee in Atherton, which William de Atherton formerly held. (S) Annals of the Lords of Warrington, Beaumont, 1872, P147.

1323, Henry, son of Hugh de Atherton, and Emma his wife complained that William de Molyneux of Sefton and others had disseised them of part of their tenement in Aintree.

1324, Farm of the manor of Hagh let … for £20. 9s. yearly to Henry de Atherton and Adam de Bradeshagh. (S) Lancashire Inquests, Extenst and Fuedal Aids, Farrer, 1907, P215.

1325, Henry proceeded against William the Demand of Netherton and others, for cutting his turf.

7/18/1325, Henry gave a deposition at an inquest at Wygan, Lancaster, of Simon de Holand.

9/5/1328, Grant of land in Speke by John son of Richard de Holand to Emma daughter of William de Molyneux of Sefton … Witnesses … Henry de Atherton of Ayntr’ … (S) Special Collections & Archives, University of Liverpool.

1332, Henry contributed to the subsidy requested.

5/15/1341, Exemption of Henry de Atherton from knighthood, because it has been testified before the king that he is very infirm. (S) CPRs.

Henry died.

11/10/1343, John, son of William de Cowdrey, Otes de Halsall, and Alan, son of Alan de Cowdrey, were accused of taking Emma, widow of Henry de Atherton of Aintree, from Sefton church.

(S) Aintree, A History of the County of Lancaster: V3, 1907.

Family notes:
• There are multiple Henry de Atherton persons at this time in various counties and in Lancaster.

Child of Henry and Emma:

i. Joan de Atherton (1477141), born ~1315 in England. [Heir]

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