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G22: 2954288

2954288. Edmund de Dacre

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~1292, Edmund born in England, s/o 5908576. Sir William de Dacre & 5908577. Joan Garnet.

3/4/1309, Edmund, “Dacre requests that he be granted warren in Heysham [Northwest coast of England], and a market and fair at Rotherham.” (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

10/16/1313, Pardon to Edmund de Dacre, adherent of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, … whether on account of the capture, detention, or death of Peter de Gavaston, … (S) CPRs. [Edmund’s father and brother Randolph also pardoned.]

1314,Edmund de Dacre, plaintiff, John son of John de Tateham, deforciant, touching a moiety of the manor of Sedbergh, co. York. (S) CPRs.

1320, John de Tatham alienated Tatham to Edmund.

1322, Edmund held the manors of Tatham and Heysham, which Lady Joan held at the date of the inquest taken after the death of Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, in 1297. (S) Lancashire Fines: 1-5 Edward III, 1902, P67-81.

1322, the Scottish invasion reduced the value of the rectory of Tatham by half.

8/22/1323, “Assize taken at Preston in Amunderness before William de Herle and Geoffrey le Scrope, Justices assigned to take the assize in the County of Lancaster, … to recognize if Edmund de Dacre unjustly, etc., disseised Nigel, Prior of the church of the Blessed mary of Lancaster, of his free tenement in Heysham, … And Edmund comes and says that he and a certain Robert, son of Thomas de Heysham are lords of the vill of Heysham, and they hold the pasture and wastes of the same vill in common. …, and that the aforesaid Edmund is lord of two parts, etc. And that the same Edmund appropriated the aforesaid moiety of an acre of pasture, ….” (S) Materials for the History of the Church of Lancaster.

1323-4, Lawrence son of Lawrence Travers recovered land in Over Heysham from Juliana daughter of Alice de Heysham and Edmund de Dacre, Juliana giving warranty. (S) The parish of Heysham, A History of the County of Lancaster, V8, 1914.

1324, Edmund de Dacre held Tatham by the old rent of 18s. to the lord of Lancaster.

1326, Edmund granted free warren in Tatham.

3/5/1326, Commission of oyer and terminer … on the complaint of Edmund de Dacre that William de Querneby and others had carried away deer from his park. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1346, Edmund died.

(S) Tatham, A History of the County of Lancaster: V8, 1914.

Family notes:
• 2/20/1405, CPRs: Exemplification, at the request of Thomas de Dacre, kinsman [great grandson] and heir of the under-mentioned Edmund de Dacre, … manor of Sedbergh, co. York … remainder … Edmund son of William de Dacre …

Child of Edmund and ?:

i. Thomas de Dacre (1477144), born ~1320 in England.