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Monday, July 19, 2010

M: 1226

1226. Simon Hadley Jr & 1227. Ruth Miller

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~1675, Simon born in Moate, West Meath Co., Ireland; s/o 2452. Simon Hadley & 2453. Katherine ?.

1677, Ruth born in Ireland.

Ruth 1st married ? Keron.

1697, Simon married Ruth, “whom another man had liberty to speak to her before him.” The marriage was outside the Friends and conducted by a Priest. [Her maiden name is know from earlier Friends records.]

10/15/1697, “ … Simon Hadly the younger hath been guilty of letting his mind out in attempting to fulfil his lust with a younger woman to the difference of truth and friends …”

4/8/1698, “Simon Hadley the younger having been guilty of committing several transgressions greatly to the dishonour of truth and several friends having been very tender in dealing with him from time to time …”

3/25/1704, Simon Hadley Jr. was again condemned by the Moate Meeting who noted "there are very bad reports abroad of ill things done by young Simon Hadley." [Simon’s brother John was so condemned in 1706.]

Bef. 6/1711, Simon immigrated to America. [Not mentioned in estate papers of his father.]

6/4/1716, “Simon Hadley & his wife Ruth from the Moate Meeting, Co. Westmeath, received in Pennsylvania.” They settled in New Castle county, near the New Garden line. [A house which he erected in 1717 was still standing in 1881.]

8/19/1732, Simon and Ruth signed the wedding document of their daughter Katherine.

12/18/1751, Ruth died in Chester Co., PA.

Simon married 2nd Phoebe Grubb.

11/17/1756, Simon died in Southwood, DE. [Family lore says he was murdered in his barn by a servant for the gold he was carrying.]

(S) Moate MM Minutes. (S) Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, Cook, 1969.

Children of Simon and Ruth:

i. Joseph Hadley, born 8/25/1698 in Ireland.
8/25/1721 in New Castle Co., Joseph married Amy Gregg.

ii. Deborah Hadley, born 2/25/1701 in Ireland.
4/20/1721 in New Garden MM, Deborah married Benjamin Fred of Ireland.
10/4/1753, Deborah married 2nd Jacob Howel.

iii. Joshua Hadley, born 3/6/1703 in Ireland.
7/2/1725, Joshua married Mary Rowland.
1735, Joshua married Patience Brown, d/o Jermiah & Mary Royal.
10/21/1772, Joshua died in Orange Co., NC.

iv. Simon Hadley, born 12/23/1704 in Ireland.
11/4/1739, Simon died in New Castle Co.

v. Hannah Hadley, born 11/16/1709 in Ireland.
8/25/1727, Hannah married Thomas Dixon.
8/13/142, Hannah married John Stanfield. [Founding members of Cane Creek MM.]
5/31/1783, Hannah died in Orange Co., NC; buried in Cane Creek Cem.

vi. Ruth Hadley (613), born 2/6/1711 in West Meath, Ireland.

vii. Katherine Hadley, born 2/25/1715 in New Castle Co., PA.
8/19/1732, Katherine, “daughter of Simon Hadly of Newcastle County on Delaware”, married Robert Johnson. (S) Marriage Certificate, Hist. Soc. of PA.

viii. Anna Hadley, born 12/7/1717 in New Castle Co., PA.
4/12/1735 in New Garden MM, Anna married Richard Gregg.
12/18/1750, Anna died.

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