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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jean Francois Lemelin dit Tourangeau & Marie Marguerite Brassard

2042. Jean Francois Lemelin dit Tourangeau & 2043. Marie Marguerite Brassard

1632–1636, Jean born in Chartres, Beauce, Eure et Loir, France, s/o §Noel Lemelin & §Francoise Melaine. [Chartres one of the oldest communities in France.]

1/23/1646, Marguerite baptized in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; d/o 4086. Antoine Brassard & 4087. Francoise Mery; 3651. Marguerite Martin her godmother.

As a child Marguerite studied with the Ursulines.

Jean traveled to Quebec in New France.

3/4/1658 in Quebec, Jean married Marguerite, age 12 and a resident of De Ce Pays. All parents named. Attending: Etienne Lessart, Louis Fontaine [brother-in-law of Marguerite], Jacques Hedouin [brother-in-law of Marguerite].

7/28/1659, Jean, master cabinet maker, “to acquire a homestead located in the enclosure of Quebec … consisting of about One arpent …”, near the road from Mont-Carmel, from Nicolas Gaudry for 370 livres. Jean and Marguerite lived in the upper part of the old town near the convent of the Ursulines and his father-in-law. [From a document in 1667 it is known that Jean added a house and garden.]

1660-61, Jean worked on the altar piece for the chapel of the Confreie of Sainte-Anne because had submitted “the best composition”. Jean received 400 livres for the work. [Jean and Jean Latour worked on multiple churches built in the 17th century in Quebec.]

Autum, 1662, Jean returned to France. In La Rochelle, Jean bought a cask of wine, a cloth cloak, and some pairs of stockings from Francois Roy. He also bought shoes from Abel Pothier.

5/10/1663, Jean left La Rochelle on the 300-ton ship Taureau for Canada.

7/24/1663, Jean arrived back in Quebec.

10/19/1663, Jean received 6 arpents from his father-in-law.

10/31/1663, Jean owed Sieur Jean Gitton 60 livres for his passage back to France.

1666 census of Quebec, Jean 34, a master carpenter, Marguerite 19, children: Marie 5, Louis 3, Jean 1.

11/23/1667, Jean, appearing before the West Indies Company, identified the 6 aprents of land received from his father-in-law, which he worked, but lived in Quebec where he was a woodworker.

6/25/1668, Jean acquired a concession of 4 arpents frontage from Charles Jobin.

9/20/1668, Antoine & Francoise Brassard divided part of their land “located at the place called grand allee” among their 3 sons-in-law, Louis Fontaine, Jacques Hedouin, and Jean Lemelin. [Jean was the only one of the sons-in-law to sign the document.] Jean received a plot of land of about 6 arpents, “ready to be plowed”.

8/4/1669, Jean and Marguerite sold the land gifted to them in 1668 to Thierry Delestre for 250 livres tournois.

10/27/1669, Jean sold 2 of the 4 arpents frontage acquired in 1668 to Olivier Birot for 60 livres.

11/9/1671, Jean signed a proxy allowing Marguerite to manage his property during an absence.

Jean returned to France.

10/31/1672, Marguerite borrowed 400 livres from Jesuit brother Joseph Boursier, “for her to have the means to go to France with her children to find her said husband and to support her urgent & necessity affairs.” Marguerite was to repay the full amount in Paris within 6 months. [It is not known whether or not Marguerite actually traveled to France.]

12/24/1673, daughter Jeanne was born in Quebec. [Either Jean returned to Canada, or daughter Jeanne was conceived in France.]

2/25/1675, Jean were in Canada. Jean attended the wedding of Emmanuel Lopes dit Madere to Jeanne Lerouge.

2/26/1680, Jean bought the homestead of Madame Meunier [Marguerite Housseau], with outbuildings, for 300 livres. Neighbors were Charles Pouloit and Mathurin Chabot.

1681 census of Quebec, Jean 50, a carpenter and habitant, Marguerite 34, children: Louis 17, Jean Francois 16, Marie 14, Jean 10, Jeanne 8, Pierre 3; 2 cows, 15 arpents under cultivation.

2/14/1682, Jean and “Marg.te Brassard” borrowed 300 livres from Charles Aubert, Sieur de la Chesnaye; for “loan & sale and delivery of merchandise.”

1685, Jean received a letter from his son-in-law Andre Dechaume, living in Paris, informing Jean that there was little work to be had in the city.

6/1685, Jean leased Andre Dechaume’s house [he was in Paris] to Marie Charpentier for 35 livres.

9/10/1685, Jean leased his house in Quebec for 60 livres, but kept the work shop.

10/5/1685, at the marriage conract of daughter Angelique, Jean and Marguerite promised half of their homestead as collateral for her dower, valued at 200 livres.

10/20/1698, Jean and Marguerite residents of St Laurent. (S) Daughter Marguerite’s wedding.

10/9/1703, Daughter Angelique and her husband gave Jean and Marguerite a receipt for the full 200 livres they had been promised.

7/25/1709, Marguerite buried in St Laurent, I.O.; Jean surviving.

3/28/1710, the inventory of Marguerite’s family’s possessions was completed. Mostly tools of a carpenter; but also a “fine glass lantern”.

3/11/1717, Jean, given age 80, died in St Laurent, I.O., buried the next day, a Wednesday.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXVIII.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

i. Louise Marie Lemelin, born 12/15/1661 in Quebec, Canada.
11/16/1676 in Quebec, Louise married Andre Dechaume, a Parisian.
1685, they move back to Paris, France.

ii. Louis Lemelin, born 3/21/1664 in Quebec, Canada.
9/23/1691 in St Laurent, I.O., Louis married Marie Anne, d/o Claude Delaunay & Denise Leclerc.
1/26/1741, Louise, age 77, died in St Laurent, I.O.

iii. Jean Francois Lemelin, born 10/14/1665 in Quebec, Canada.
12/26/1689 in Quebec, Jean married Marguerite, d/o Jean Lauze & Marie Jallais.
1693, Jean was in France.

iv. Marguerite Angelique Lemelin, born 5/23/1688 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
10/16/1685 in St Laurent, I.O., Angelique married Nicolas Godbout, s/o Nicolas.
4/9/1742, Angelique, age 74, died in St Laurent, I.O.

v. Jean Lemelin, born 2/12/1671 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
11/6/1703, Jean, age 32, died in Riviere Quelle.

vi. Jeanne Lemelin, born 12/24/1673 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
4/6/1690 in Quebec, Jeanne married Thomas Moore, born in England, a famous navigator.
3/26/1732, Jeanne, age 59, died in St Laurent, I.O.

vii. Pierre Lemelin, born 1/18/1678 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.

viii. Marie Marguerite Lemelin (1021), born 12/26/1681 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.

ix. Guillaume Lemelin, born 10/16/1683 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
7/29/1715 in St Laurent, I.O., Guillaume married Genevieve Voyer.
6/29/1720 in Quebec, Guillaume married Louise Catherine, d/o Pierre Coutance & Marie Anne Cochart.

x. Marie Madeleine Lemelin, born 6/26/1686 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
11/6/1703 in St Laurent, I.O., Madeleine married Robert Crepeau, s/o Maurice.

xi. Francois Lemelin, born 12/18/1689 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.