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Thursday, July 29, 2010

M: 2044

2044. Etienne Corriveau & 2045. Catherine Bureau

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1/16/1646, Etienne born in Angoule, Poitou, France; s/o 4088. Francois Corriveau & 4089. Marguerite Bernard.

1651, Catherine born in Paris, France; d/o §Jacques Bureau & §Marguerite Verrier.

Etienne traveled to New France.

Catherine traveled to New France as a “filles du roi”.

10/28/1669 in St Famille, Quebec, Etienne married Catherine. Both origins given. All parents named. Attending: Guillaume Dupont.

1681 Census in La Durantaye: Etienne, Catherien, children: Genevieve, Catherine, Etienne, Jacques; 10 arpents of land.

1693, Etienne, age 47, died in La Durantaye.

1/15/1695 in St Michel, Catherine married 2nd Simon Darme.

8/1/1707, Catherine, age 56, died in St Michel.

Children of Etienne and Catherine:

i. Jacques Corriveau, born 8/5/1671 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
10/19/1693 in St Michel, Jacques married Henriette Francoise, d/o Louis Gaboury & Nicle Souillard.
7/8/1728 in Quebec, Jacques married Anne Madeleine, d/o Jean Larcheveque & Mair Anne Poussin.
10/9/1748, Jacques, age 77, died in St Vallier.

ii. Catherine Corriveau, born 6/13/1673 in St Jean, I.O., Canada.

iii. Etienne Corriveau, born 2/23/1676 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
8/26/1700 in St Michel, Etienne married Louise Francoise, d/o Louis Gaboury & Nicle Souillard.
11/26/1703 in St Famille, Etienne married Jeanne, d/o 2006. Jean Rabouin & 2007. Marguerite Leclerc.
10/20/1761, Jacques, age 85, died in St Vallier.

iv. Pierre Corriveau, born 3/8/1678 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
2/6/1702 in La Durantaye, Pierre married Anne, d/o Louis Gaboury & Nicle Souillard.
7/3/1741 in St Vallier, Pierre married Francoise Ambroise, d/o Nicolas Fournier & Marie Hubert.
6/22/1756, Jacques, age 78, died in St Vallier.

v. Jean Baptiste Corriveau (1022), born 9/5/1683 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.

vi. Guillaume Corriveau, born 1686 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/10/1709 in La Durantaye, Guilllaume married Marie Francoise, d/o Francois Remillard & Anne Gadboury.
3/29/1715, Jacques, age 29, died in St Vallier.

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