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Monday, July 5, 2010

William Feamster & Margaret Black

342. William Feamster & 343. Margaret Black

1740, William born in VA; d/o 684. Thomas Feamster & 685. Elizabeth Graham.

1743, Margaret born in Augusta Co., VA. [Margaret’s set of potential parents are well known, but there is no specific information that would allow her specific parents to be identified. Likely the d/o Samuel; there are multiple Samuels with daughters Margaret.]

6/22/1763 in Augusta Co., VA, William married Margaret.

1773, They moved to Muddy Creek in Greenbrier Co., [now WV]. William bought 1000 acres of land.

William served as a private in the Rev. War. (S) DAR.

1782, William appointed to oversee road contruction from Alderson’s to Stuart’s.

1784, William appointed to survey a wagon road from Keeny’s Mill to John Stuarts.

1784, Margaret died in Greenbrier Co., VA.

William married Susanna Bratton [she died in 1786 without children.]

9/9/1786, William obtained the deed for his land and all improvements.

3/1/1787, William married 2nd Mary Fulton. [Mary said to have been recaptured from the Indians and that she was not sure of her true name.]

1798, William was involved with his siblings in a lawsuit against his widowed mother.

By 1799, William had acquired 11,730 acres in Greenbrier Co. [William’s father had been one of the richest men in the area.]

8/24/1799 in Greenbrier Co., VA; William surveyed the land of his widowed daughter Jane’s husband, Thomas Bradshaw.

1/29/1800, “William Feemster Gent. was duly qualified to his office of a magistrate and took the usual oath according to law.”

11/8/1801, William died in Augusta Co., VA.

11/25/1801, William’s son Thomas and his widow Mary were named administrators of his estate. The bond required was 8000 pounds.

(S) William Feemster Bible.

Children of William and Margaret:

i. Jane Feamster, born 8/24/1764.
Jane married Thomas Bradshaw.
4/23/1814, “Jane Bradshaw” named in the will of her aunt Martha [Feamster] McCrary.
1826, Jane died in Bath Co., KY.

ii. Thomas Feamster, born 8/11/1766.
12/23/1767, Thomas died.

iii. Margaret Feamster (171), born 10/23/1767 in Augusta Co., VA.

iv. Thomas Feamster II, born 12/11/1771.
6/7/1796, Thomas married Mary McClung.
7/7/1830, Thomas died in Greenbrier Co., VA.

v. Martha Ann Feamster, born 4/1/1773.
9/6/1791 in Augusta Co., VA, Martha married Kenneth Anderson Newton.
4/23/1814, “Martha Newton” named in the will of her aunt Martha [Feamster] McCrary.
Bef. 2/1849, Martha died in Randolph Co., VA.

vi. Rachel Feamster, born 8/3/1776.
Rachel married William Morgan.
4/23/1814, “Rachel Morgan” named in the will of her aunt Martha [Feamster] McCrary.

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