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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jean Baptiste Mailloux & Marie Louise Vallee

448. Jean Baptiste Mailloux & 449. Marie Louise Vallee

11/15/1719, Jean born in Beauport, Acadia, s/o 896. Pierre Mailloux Desruisseaux & 897. Marie Louise Vachon Laminee.

7/8/1727, Marie born in Beauport, Acadia; d/o 898. Michel Vallee & 899. Genevieve Baugis.

8/22/1746 at Beauport, Jean married Marie. Neither was able to sign. Noel Maillou, Jean’s grandfather, was present, as were both fathers. Others present were: Germain Maillou, Noel Maillou – Jean’s uncle, Michel & Charles & Louis & Joseph Vallee – Louise’s brothers,

4/25/1750, Jean listed as a “charpentier” and resident of Quebec on the baptism certificate of his son Louis. Present at the baptism were Louis Beaulieu and Marie Josephe Chevalier.

11/9/1762 at Beauport, Louise was the godmother to Louis, s/o Jean Baugy & Marie Anne Barbeau.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

4/1/1764 at Beauport, Louise was the godmother to Marie Louise, d/o Jean Manubi & Marie Louise Morand.

4/9/1789 in L’Acadie, Jean and present at the baptism of his grandson Pierre Mailloux, s/o Pierre.

12/6/1789, Louise died in St-Constant; buried 2 days later.

1/10/1807, Jean died in L’Acadie; buried 2 days later.

(S) PRDH #244255, Family #25096.

Children of Jean and Marie:

i. Marie Louise Mailloux, born 11/12/1747 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.
2/7/1774, Louise married Thomas Touchette.

ii. Jean Louis Mailloux, born 4/2/1749 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

iii. Louis Joseph Mailloux (224), born 3/25/1750 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

iv. Jean Pierre Mailloux, born 7/21/1751 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.
10/15/1787 at L’Acadie, Pierre married Genevieve Landry, d/o 450. Amand Landry & 451. Marie Madeleine Landry.

v. Louis Mailloux, born 5/27/1753 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

vi. Francoise Mailloux, born 10/23/1757 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.
10/23/1786 in L’Acadie, Francois married Marie Landry.
10/15/1787 at L’Acadie, Francois attended the wedding of his brother Pierre.
3/3/1794, Francois married Constance Tremblay.

vii. Jean Baptiste Mailloux, born 2/21/1759 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.
6/2/1783 at Laprairie, Jean married Marie Charlotte Longtin Jerome. (S) Mariages de Laprairie 1670-1968. [Parents were listed on record.]
10/15/1787 at L’Acadie, Jean attended the wedding of his brother Pierre.

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