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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thomas Feamster & Elizabeth Graham

684. Thomas Feamster & 685. Elizabeth Graham

1715, Thomas born in Scotland.

~1720, Elizabeth born in VA; d/o 1370. Christopher Graham & 1371. Margaret Risk.

Thomas immigrated to America as a single, young man, arriving initially in PA.

Thomas became acquainted with Christopher Graham, also from Scotland.

The Graham family settled in Monterey, VA; Thomas’ family settling 15 miles south.

2/15/1748, Thomas was an appraiser of the estate of his father-in-law.

1752, Thomas described as a “Wheelwright” in a land deed.

Thomas erected a “fort” for his homestead before George Washington created a line of forts in the area.

1763, Thomas appointed a road surveyor.

1765, Thomas provided provisions to the militia.

5/18/1768 in Augusta Co., VA, Thomas and John Carllile appraised the estate of Robert Graham.

During the Rev. War Thomas lived in Augusta Co., VA.

7/4/1788 in VA, Thomas “Feemster” made bond for the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth.

1778-88, Thomas was listed as an appraiser of multiple estates.

1797, Thomas died in Bath Co., VA; Elizabeth surviving. His estate had 7 slaves, 17 horses, 48 cattle, 23 sheep, 22 hogs, 1 gun, 1 smooth-bore gun, 1 pistol, 7 books, a Bible, 5 beadsteads, 3 other beds, 48 pounds, 3 shillings in gold; 2 pense, 97 dollars in silver; no debts owed.

1798, Elizabeth, widow, was sued by her children. [The suit would not be settled until after Elizabeth died.]

8/8/1808, Elizabeth living.

Bef. 3/5/1810, Elizabeth died.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. William Feamster (342), born 1740 in VA.

ii. John Feamster, born ? in Va.
1808, John died in Fayette Co., KY.

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