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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pierre Mailloux dit Desruisseaux & Marie Louise Vachon dit Laminee

896. Pierre Mailloux dit Desruisseaux & 897. Marie Louise Vachon dit Laminee

1/26/1693, Pierre born in Beauport, Canada; s/o 1792. Noel Mailloux & 1793. Therese Louise Marcoux.

6/11/1696, Louise born in Beauport, Canada; d/o 1794. Vicent Vachon dit Laminee & 1795. Louise Cadieux.

2/5/1719 at Beauport, Pierre married Louise. Neither could sign. Pierre’s father Noel, a “procureur fiscal” was present. Others present: Jean Rainville, Louis Vachon dit Laminee [later married Pierre’s sister Marie Louise], Jean Lefebvre.

8/22/1746 at Beauport, Pierre, Captaine de Milice, present at the wedding of son Jean.

11/18/1749, Louise died in Beauport, buried the next day.

10/30/1776, Pierre died in Beauport, buried the next day.

(S) PRDH Couple #13079.

Children of Pierre and Louise:

i. Jean Baptiste Mailloux (448), born 11/15/1719 in Beauport, Canada.

ii. Pierre Mailloux, born 5/16/1721 in Beauport, Canada.
2/4/1743 in Quebec, Pierre married Marie Suzanne Grenet.

iii. Jean Baptiste Louis Mailloux, born 8/22/1723 in Beauport, Canada.
9/9/1738, Louis died in Beauport.

iv. Joseph Mailloux, born 1/28/1725 in Beauport, Canada.
4/15/1765 in Ste Anne de Detroit, Joseph married Therese LeDuc Souligny.
12/8/1778, Joseph died in Ste Anne de Detroit.

v. Francois Mailloux, born 1/28/1725 in Beauport, Canada.
2/22/1751 in Beauport, Francois married Marie Jeanne Anne Garnier.

[The next 3 children died infants.]

vi. Germain Mailloux, born 4/17/1732 in Beauport, Canada.
1/30/1758 in Deschambault, Quebec, Germain married Marie Francoise Gariepy.

vii. Marie Louise Mailloux, born 8/22/1735 in Beauport, Canada.
1/30/1758 in Beauport, Louise married Noel Giroux.
4/21/1778 in Beauport, Louise died.

iii. Ignace Antoine Mailloux, born 11/28/1739 in Beauport, Canada.
1/30/1764 in Deschambault, Ignace married Marie Felicite Gariepy.
6/7/1768, Ignace married Marie Therese Philibot in St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA.
By 1773, Ignace was a blacksmith in Natchitoches, LA.
American Rev. War, Ignace served as a Corporal.
12/9/1809, Ignace died without sacrements at Opelousas, LA.

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