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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michel Vallee & Genevieve Baugis

898. Michel Vallee & 899. Genevieve Baugis

Bef. 1676, Michel born in Beauport, Canada; s/o 1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Therese LeBlanc.

11/30/1692, Genevieve born in Beauport, Canada; d/o 1798. Jean Baugis & 1799. Therese Parent.

10/9/1700, Sons Michel and Charles allowed their mother Therese Leblanc to gift her property to their brother Pierre, who would then support her the rest of her life.

7/21/1704 in Beauport, Michel attended the wedding of his brother Pierre.

8/22/1707 in Beauport, Michel present for the wedding of his sister Charlotte.

2/3/1712 in Beauport, Michel married Genevieve. Genevieve’s father Jean was present at the wedding. Others present were Charles Vallee, Jacques Avice, and Jean Mailloux – an “architecte” and resident of Quebec.

8/22/1746 at Beauport, Michel present at the wedding of daughter Marie Louise. Others present were sons Michel, Charles, Louis, and Joseph.

9/30/1752, Michel died in Beauport, buried the next day.

3/9/1779, Geneveive died in Beauport, buried the next day.

(S) PRDH Couple #77411.

Children of Michel and Genevieve:

i. Genevieve Vallee, born 5/18/1713 in Beauport, Canada.
8/7/1740 in Beauport, Genevieve married Antoine Marcoux.
4/23/1761, Genevieve died in Quebec.

ii. Michel Vallee, born 7/11/1714 in Beauport, Canada.
7/17/1752 in St Laurent I.O, Michel married Marie Coulombe.
7/4/1769 in Chateau Richer, Michel married Renee Dorothee Bacon.
8/11/1773, Michel died in Beauport.

iii. Charles Vallee, born 5/17/1721 in Beauport, Canada.
10/27/1749 in Beauport, Charles married Marie Louise Marcoux.
3/27/1774, Charles died in Pointe Claire.

iv. Louis Vallee, born 11/11/1722 in Beauport, Canada.
11/16/1761 in Beauport, Louis married Marie Charlotte Mailloux.

v. Michelle Vallee, born 8/18/1724 in Beauport, Canada.
4/23/1761, Michelle died in Quebec.

vi. Marie Louise Vallee (449), born 7/8/1727 in Beauport, Acadia.

vii. Marie Madeleine Vallee, born 4/20/1729 in Beauport, Canada.
4/26/1750 in Beauport, Madeleine married Michel Mailloux.

viii. Joseph Vallee, born 7/14/1731 in Beauport, Canada.
2/26/1759 in Pointe de Levy [Lauzon], Joseph married Marie Suzanne Couture.
4/23/1761, Joseph died in Quebec.

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