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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Antoine Landry & Marie Blanche LeBlanc

900. Antoine Landry & 901. Marie Blanche LeBlanc

12/4/1683, Antoine born in Beaubassin, Acadie; s/o 1800. Antoine Landry & 1801. Marie Thibodeau.

6/25/1684, Antoine baptized in Beaubassin, Acadia.

1686 census of Port Royal, Antoine, age 2, listed with his parents.

~1687, Marie born in Grand Pre, Acadia; d/o 1802. Antoine LeBlanc & 1803. Marie Bourgeois.

1693 census of Minus, Antoine, age 9, listed with his family.

1702 in Riviere St Jean, New Brunswick, Antoine married Blanche.

1714 census of River of Habitants, Acadia, Antoine Landry and wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter.

1751 census of Vechok les Plantes, Antoine Landry, his wife and 5 children.

10/27/1755, the family was a part of 2898 persons deported by the English. They were taken to Philadelphia, Maryland, Boston, Virginia and other American locations. The Landry’s were taken to Boston.

Aft. 1755, Antoine and Marie died in Boston, MA.

(S) Stephen A White, Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Acadiennes 1636-1714. (S) PRDH #20548.

Children of Antoine and Marie:

i. Francois Landry, born ~1705 in Acadie.
1736 in Port Royal, Francois married Catherine Comier.

ii. Paul Landry, born 11/7/1707 in Grand Pre, Acadie, N.E.
10/20/1732 in Grand Pre, Paul married Marie Josephe Hebert.
1/24/1774, Paul died.

iii. Francoise Landry, born 11/10/1709 in Grand Pre, Acadie, N.E.
11/24/1727 in St Charles des Mines, Francoise married Charles Theriault.

iv. Pierre Landry, born 12/10/1711 in Grand Pre, Acadie, N.E.
1736 in Grand Pre, Pierre married Marie Josephe LeBlanc.

v. Alexis Landry, born bef. 1716 in Pisiguit, Adadie.
11/27/1737, Alexis married Marguerite Aucoin in Acadie. (S) PRDH.
1/25/1808, Alexis, age 92, died in Kamouraska, Canada.

vi. Joseph Landry, born 5/5/1720 in Riviere aux Canards, Adadie.
1747, Joseph married Francoise Theriault.

vii. Charles Landry, born 5/10/1722 in Grand Pre, Acadie, N.E.
10/19/1743, Charles married Anne LeBlanc.
11/3/1764, Charles died in Mirebalias, Santo Domingo.

viii. Jean Baptiste Landry, born 3/8/1724 in Beaubassin, Acadie, N.E.
7/20/1748 in St Charles des Mines, Jean married Elisabeth Aucoin.
10/14/1787, Jean died in Martinville, LA.

ix. Michel Landry, born 4/29/1726 in Grand Pre, Acadie, N.E.
1746, Michel married Madeleine LeBlanc.
6/27/1765, Michel died in Mirebalias, Santo Domingo.

x. Armand Landry (450), born 6/12/1728 in Acadie.

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