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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rene Landry & Marie Madeleine Melancon

902. Rene Landry & 903. Marie Madeleine Melancon

1688, Rene born in Port Royal, Acadie; s/o 1804. Claude Landry & 1805. Catherine Thibodeau.

1693 census of Minas, Rene, age 5, listed with his parents.

1697, Madeleine born in Port Royal, Acadie; d/o 1806. Pierre Melancon & 1807. Marie Rosalie Blanchard.

1707 census of Minas, Rene lives with his parents.

1707 census of Minas, Madeleine lives with her parents.

11/8/1712 in St Charles des Mines [Grand Pre], Rene married Madeleine.

1714 Census, River of Habitants, Acadie: Rene, wife, children: 1 male.

Rene lived at La Riviere des Habitiants.

9/10/1755, Rene, living in Antoine, owned 5 bullocks, 6 cows, 10 calfs, 20 sheep, 12 hogs, and 2 horses. He was confined at Grand Pre by Col. John Winslow.

The family, with many others, was deported to America by the English.

3/1758, Madeleine died in Boxford, MA.

Children of Rene and Madeleine: [5 boys, 4 girls]

i. Honore Landry, born 1714 in Port Royal, Acadie.
11/26/1742 St Charles des Mines, Honore married Helene LeBlanc.
5/15/1747 St Charles des Mines, Honore married Madeleine Gautrot.

ii. Anselme Landry, born 1717 in Port Royal, Acadie.
Anselme married Marie Madeleine LeBlanc.

iii. Jean Baptiste Landry, born 1720 in Port Royal, Acadie.

iv. Marie Madeleine Landry (451), born 6/20/1727 in Acadia.

v. Joseph Landry, born 1735 in Port Royal, Acadie.

vi. Prosper Landry, born 1736 in Port Royal, Acadie.
Propser married Elizabeth Pitre.
1763, Prosper relocated to Pleurtuit, France.
Prosper relocated to Louisiana.

vii. Michel Landry, born 1739 in Port Royal, Acadie.

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