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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicolas Gamache & Elisabeth Ursule Cloutier

904. Nicolas Gamache & 905. Elisabeth Ursule Cloutier

4/17/1639, Nicolas born in Breval, near St Illiers la Ville, Yvelines, France; s/o 1808. Nicolas Gamache & 1809. Jacqueline Cadotte.

By 1652, Nicolas, his father, and his half-brother Jacques Gamache immigrated to New France with their sister Genevieve Gamache dit Lamarre.

1652, Nicolas’ sister Genevieve married.

Nicolas went to work for his brother-in-law. (S) 1670 grant.

1656, Nicolas’ brother Jacques bought land.

7/28/1660, Elisabeth born in Quebec, New France, d/o 1810. Charles Cloutier & 1811. Louise Morin.

9/12/1664 in Chateau Richer, Nicolas was godfather of Nicolas Leloutre.

1665-72, Nicolas Gamache and Louis Gagne served Daniel de Remy, Sieur de Courcelles, Governor of New France. [See 1672 concession.]

4/17/1667, Nicolas the godfather to his nephew Julien Fortin.

2/1669 in Chateau Richer, Elisabeth Ursule Coutier confirmed.

1/13/1670, Julien Fortin, married to his sister Genevieve, granted Nicolas land at Cap de Tourmente, “for reward for his troubles and services and work which the said Gamache has rendered in the house of the said Sr de Bellefontaine.” The land was 2 arpents, 2 perches frontage at Chateau Richer. Nicolas signed the document. The same day, Nicolas exchanged this land for 3 arpents frontage and 400 livres at Saint Joachim with David Letourneau.

11/3/1672, Nicolas and Louis Gagne were parties in the Concession of the Gamache seigniory by Jean Talon. “We certify to all concerned that after this, Nicolas Gamache, who has served us faithfully in the Army over many years, will be permitted to retire on his land, here or somewhere else that he finds well-suited. We further decree that he has given us much satisfaction with his zeal and commitment.” They were granted 42 arpents on the St Lawrence. [The future parish of Cap-Saint-Ignace.]

1/16/1674, Nicolas sold his farm to Mathurin Gagnon.

7/10/1675, Nicolas received an 7 arpents frontage by 40 deep, planted with trees, bordering to the west of the original grant, from Genevieve de Chavigny, widow of Charles Amyot.

11/8/1676, at the home of Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont, Nicolas Gamache contracted to marry Elisabeth Ursule Cloutier [granddaughter of Zacharie and Xainte.] Elisabeth received a dowery of 300 livres from her parents. Nicolas promised 500 livres.

11/9/1676, a Monday, in the parish of La Visitation de Notre Dame du Ch√Ęteau Richer, Nicolas, age 37, married Elisabeth, age 16 and a resident of Chateau Richer. Nicolas’ origin is given. Elisabeth’s parents named.

10/31/1679, Nicolas ceded a piece of land to his nephew Eustache Fortin.

1681 census: Nicolas 45, Ursule 20, sons Louis and Nicolas, and living with them Ursule’s sister Charlotte, age 11, and a young servant Jean; 1 gun, 2 rifles, 5 cattle, 10 arpents under cultivation.

3/2/1683, Nicolas, Sieur Gamache, donated land for a new church at Cap St Ignace. [There was only 4 families in the Gamache and Bellavance seigneurie.]

Summer, 1683, the 1st church was completed. It was 40 by 25 feet, and all residents had worked on it construction under the guidance of Father Thomas Morel.

1/22/1684 in Cap St Ignace, Nicolas the godfather of Nicolas, s/o 1936. Nicolas Bouchard & 1937. Anne LeRoy.

1/11/1689, The Gamache seigniory arrangement with Louis Gagne ended [Nicolas kept his eastern part which was inherited by his son Louis.] Nicolas claimed the 7 arpents acquired from Genevieve de Chavigny as part of his fief, so he would not have to pay the cens and rents.

5/25/1693 in Cap St Ignace, Nicolas attended the wedding of 1870. Eustache Fortin dit Bellefontaine & 1871. Louise Cloutier – his neice.

7/8/1693, Nicolas lost his claim to including the 7 arpents of Chavigny in his fief.

10/24/1699, Elisabeth buried in St Ignace du Cap [Cap St Ignace]; having died a sudden death the previous day. Attending the burial were her son Nicolas, Eustache Fortin and Claude Guimont. (S) Quebec Vital and Church Records, Drouin Collection.

10/30/1699, Nicolas buried in Cap St Ignace. [Both were buried at the church they started in 1683.]

Family notes:
• 10/29/1728 both Nicolas and Elisabeth’s bodies were moved to the new Cape St Ignatius church.
• In 1955 the Gamache manor was designated a historic monument in Canada.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXIX.

Children of Nicolas and Elisabeth:

i. Louis Gamache, born 3/20/1678 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
4/26/1702, Louis married Angelique Miville.
2/25/1744, Louis gave land for a new church and rectory [know as Gamache manor.]
2/10/1745, Louis, Seigneur Gamache, buried under his seigneurial bench in Cap St Ignace, New France.

ii. Nicolas Gamache, born 5/21/1680 in Cap de Vincelotte, New France.
1/20/1705 in Notre Dame de Bonsecours de l’Islet, Nicolas married Marie Guyon Buisson Dion.
10/1/1734, Nicolas died in L’Islet sur Mer, Canada.

iii. Jean Baptiste Gamache, born 6/6/1682 in Seigneury de Vincelotte, New France.
1/18/1712 in Cap St Ignace, Jean married Agathe Richard [who died in childbirth.]
10/30/1750, Jean died in Cap St Ignace, Canada. [No children.]

iv. Ignace Gamache, born 8/20/1683 in Cap St Ignace, New France. [Died an infant.]

v. Augustin Gamache, born 1/26/1686 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
11/23/1711 in Notre Dame de Bonsecours de l’Islet, Augustin married Marguerite Guyon Buisson Dion.
8/28/1713, Augustin married 2nd Louise Caron.
Bef. 7/7/1719, Augustin died.

vi. Elisabeth Isabelle Gamache, born bef. 1688 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
1/7/1709 in Cap St Ignace, Isabelle married Pierre Richard.
2/2/1750, Isabelle buried in Cap St Ignace.

vii. Anne Gamache, born 10/25/1690 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
1/16/1713, Anne married Jean Baptiste Richard.
10/15/1748, Anne died in Cap St Ignace.

viii. Genevieve Gamache, born 10/5/1692 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
7/28/1711, Genevieve married Joseph Hudon Beaulieu.
9/5/1713, Genevieve married 2nd Jean Batiste Gagnon Belle Isles.
3/20/1736, Genevieve buried in Riviere Ouelle, Canada.

ix. Marie Gamache, born 10/27/1694 in Cap St Ignace, New France.
2/3/1722 in Cap St Ignace, Marie married Louis Guyon Buisson Dion.
12/1/1759, Marie died in Cap St Ignace.

x. Pierre Gamache (452), born 1/13/1698 in Cap St Ignace, New France.

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