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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jean Francois Belanger & Genevieve Thibault

906. Jean Francois Belanger & 907. Genevieve Thibault

1675, Jean born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 1812. Jean Francois Belanger & 1813. Marie Cloutier.

1681 census of Bertier en Bas; Jean, age 6, lives with his parents and siblings.

3/28/1682, Genevieve born in Cap St Ignace, Canada; d/o 1814. Francois Thibault & 1815. Elisabeth Agnes Lefebvre.

3/29/1682, Genevieve baptized, godparents were Jean Baptiste Couillard and Genevieve de Chavigny [Seigneuress of Vincelotte.]

11/16/1699 in Cap St Ignace, Francois, a resident of Bonsecours, married Genevieve, a resident of Cap St Ignace. All parents named. Jean’s father deceased. Attending: Louis Belanger – uncle of Jean, Charles Fortin - uncle of Jean, Eustache Fortin, Charles Belanger, Jean Thibault, Jacques Thibault – brothers of Genevieve.

2/14/1726, Genevieve died in L’Islet.

Jean married 2nd Marie Madeleine Guillet in L’Islet.

2/15/1728, Jean died in L’Islet.

Children of Jean and Genevieve:

i. Louis Belanger, born 8/25/1700 in L’islet, Quebec, Canada.
9/9/1700, Louis died in L’Islet.

ii. Jean Baptiste Belanger, born 8/3/1704 in L’islet, Quebec, Canada.
6/2/1731, Jean died in L’Islet.

iii. Jean Francois Belanger, born 7/14/1706 in L’islet, Quebec, Canada.
9/30/1732 in Ste Foy, Francois married Marie Josephe Belleau dit Larose.

iv. Francois Louis Belanger, 1708 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
5/3/1734 in L’Islet, Louis married Angelique Vaillancourt.
10/1/1753 in L’Islet, Louis married Genevieve Nadeau.
1/8/1756 in L’Islet, Louis died.

v. Marie Genevieve Belanger (453), born 5/27/1710 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.

vi. Joseph Belanger, born 5/5/1712 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
6/18/1737 in L’Islet, Joseph married Marie Gamache.
7/11/1740 in St Roch des Aulnaies, Joseph married Marie Anne Brisson.

vii. Ignace Belanger, born 6/14/1714 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
5/11/1738 in L’Islet, Ignace married Anne Demolier.
6/23/1749 in St Francois I.O., Ignace married Marie Helene Pepin.

ix. Augustin Belanger, born 5/24/1716 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
1/22/1742 in Cap St Ignace, Augustin married Marie Rosalie Cloutier.
4/26/1758, Augustin died in St Roch des Aulnaies.

viii. Marie Belanger, born 6/1/1718 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
10/14/1744 in Quebec, Marie married Augustin Demolier.

ix. Jacques Belanger, born 7/25/1720 in L’Islet sur Mer, Montmagny, Canada.
1/31/1746 in L’islet, Jacques married Anne Cecile Bluteau.
9/6/1756 in L’islet, Jacques married Marie Louise Ruel.

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