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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pierre Silvestre & Marie Anne Labadie

908. Pierre Silvestre & 909. Marie Anne Labadie

6/2/1675, Pierre born in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada; s/o 1816. Nicolas Sylvestre & 1817. Barbe Neveu.

1/12/1682, Anne born in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada; d/o 1818. Francois Labadie & 1819. Jeanne Hebert.

11/8/1700 in Neuville, Pierre, age 26 and a resident of Neuville, married Anne age 19. All parents named. Both fathers present. Attending: Thomas Lemarie - Marie’s step-brother, Antoine Lemarie.

5/23/1709, Jean Baptiste Toupin-Dussault condeded land to Pierre.

7/9/1742 in Neuville, Pierre witnessed an agreement between Joseph Grenier and Estienne Bordeleau.

12/25/1744, Pierre died in Neuville.

5/7/1751, Anne died in Ste Foy.

Children of Pierre and Anne:

i. Pierre Sylvestre, born 8/8/1701 in Neuville, Canada.
2/27/1703, Pierre died.

ii. Pierre Sylvestre, born 1/23/1704 in Neuville, Canada. [Twin]
2/26/1732 in Pointe aux Trembles, Neuville, Pierre married Marie Angelique Bordeleau.

iii. Francois de Sales Sylvestre, born 1/23/1704 in Neuville, Canada. [Twin]
11/14/1731 in Quebec, Francois married Madeleine Martin.
5/6/1776, Francois died in Quebec.

iv. Marie Anne Sylvestre, born 4/1/1706 in Neuville, Canada.

v. Eustache Sylvestre dit Champagne (454), born 8/1/1708 in Neuville, Portneuf, Canada.

vi. Marie Catherine Sylvestre, born 12/27/1709 in Neuville, Canada.

vii. Jean Baptiste Sylvestre, born 10/3/1711 in Neuville, Canada.

viii. Louis Joseph Sylvestre, born 2/2/1713 in Neuville, Canada.

ix. Antoine Sylvestre, born 4/9/1715 in Neuville, Canada.

x. Antoine Sylvestre, born 6/15/1716 in Neuville, Canada.

xi. Marie Josephe Sylvestre, born 9/30/1717 in Neuville, Canada.
12/1/1742 in Neuville, Marie married Noel Lamothe.

xii. Joseph Thierry Sylvestre, born 5/19/1720 in Neuville, Canada.

xiii. Augustin Sylvestre, born 8/29/1721 in Neuville, Canada.

xiv. Marie Therese Sylvestre, born 10/6/1723 in Neuville, Canada.

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