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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jean Baptiste Roussin & Marie Genevieve Pose

910. Jean Baptiste Roussin & 911. Marie Genevieve Pose

4/19/1690, Jean born in L’Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada; s/o 1820. Nicolas Roussin & 1821. Marie Madeleine Tremblay.

3/16/1697, Genevieve “Pauze” born in St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada; d/o 1822. Jacques Pauze & 1823. Marie Jobidon. (S) Birth place given in marriage record.

2/10/1716 in Chateau Richer, Jean, age 26 and a resident of Lange Gardien, married Genevieve, age 19 and a resident of Chateau Richer. All parents identified, but not present. Attending: Jacques Roussin, Julien Jobidon, Louis Jobidon.

10/3/1735 in St Thomas, Jean was present for the marriage of his daughter Genevieve.

2/19/1740 in Montmagny, Jean and Genevieve present for the baptism of their daughter Marie Angelique. Jean Roussin, her brother, was her godfather.

Bef. 11/10/1760, Jean died. (S) Wedding of son Joseph.

(S) PRDH Couple #30367.

Children of Jean and Genevieve:

i. Genevieve Roussin (455), born 12/28/1716 in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.

ii. Jean Baptiste Roussin, born 3/18/1719 in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.

4/17/1752 in Ile St Jean, Quebec, Jean married Françoise Boudrot, d/o Jean & Louise Sonnier.
11/10/1760, Jean present at his brother Joseph’s wedding.
Jean married Geneviève Côté.
Jean married Françoise Boudreau.
5/3/1784, Jean died in Montmagny.

iii. Pierre Roussin, born 4/27/1723, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.

iv. Francois Roussin, born 9/2/1725, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
7/27/1730, Francois buried in Montmagny.

v. Louis Roussin, born 10/4/1727, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
8/12/1730, Louis died in Montmagny.

vi. Simon Roussin, born 10/28/1729, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
8/17/1730, Simon died in Montmagny.

vii. Barthélemy Roussin, born 8/22/1731 Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.

viii. Michel Charles Roussin, born 9/29/1733 Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
2/12/1742, Charles died in Montmagny.

ix. (féminin), born 6/14/1736 Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.

x. Joseph Roussin, born 1737 Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
11/10/1760 in Montmagny, Joseph married Marie Claire Joncas, d/o Pierre & Marie Marthe Fournier.

xi. Marie Angélique Roussin, born 2/19/1740 Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
11/16/1761 in Montmagny, Angelique married Augustin Dominique, s/o Jean & Angélique Trudel.

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