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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Francois Simard dit Lombrette & Ursule Pare

912. Francois Simard dit Lombrette & 913. Ursule Pare

9/22/1678, Francois born and baptized in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada; s/o 1824. Noel Simard & 1825. Madeleine Racine. Francois’ godfather was Eitenne Racine, his godmother Marie Boucher, wife of Francois Racine, his uncle.

By 1680, Francois had moved with his family to the Baie St Paul region.

1689, Ursule born in Canada; d/o 1826. Noel Pare & 1827. Marguerite Caron.

6/23/1712 in St Joachim, Francois, age 34 and resident of Petite Riviere Pres de La Baie St-Paul, Paroisse de St-Francois-Xavier, agreed to marry Ursule, age 23. Francois’ parents and Ursule’s mother were present, as was Francois’ brother Jean. The contract was signed before notary Chambalon.

1715, Joseph and his younger brothers Paul and Jean received all the family inheritance on the death of their father.

12/7/1732, Francois died in Baie St Paul.

1/16/1743, Ursule, widow of Francois Symard, attended the baptism of her grandson Louis, s/o son Joseph.

6/5/1759, Ursule, age 70, buried in Baie St Paul.

(S) PRDH Couple #95130.

Children of Francois and Ursule:

i. Marie Madeleine Simard, born 6/3/1713 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
1/25/1734 in Les Eboulements, Madeleine married Pierre Tremblay, s/o Michel & Genevieve Bouchard.
8/19/1756, Madeleine died in Detroit.

ii. Francois Simard, born 12/15/1714 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
1/10/1735 in Petite Riviere, St Francois, Francois married Marie Josephe Tremblay, d/o Louis & Marie Letartre.
4/8/1792 in Baie St Paul, Francois died.

iii. Joseph Simard dit Lombrette (456), born 7/9/1717 in Baie St Paul, Canada.

iv. Ursule Simard, born 11/22/1719 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
5/11/1734 in Baie St Paul, Ursule married Louis Tremblay, s/o Michel & Genevieve Bouchard.
3/11/1801, Ursule died in Petitie Riviere, St Francois.

v. Dorothee Simard, born 9/22/1721 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
11/9/1747 in Baie St Paul, Dorothee married Leonard Joseph Borel.
2/26/1760, Ursule died in Baie St Paul.

vi. Agathe Simard, born 1/9/1724 in Baie St Paul, Canada.

vii. Marguerite Simard, born 5/22/1726 in Baie St Paul, Canada.

viii. Genevieve Simard, born 3/2/1728 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
2/14/1746 in Baie St Paul, Genevieve married Antoine Gauthier.
1/26/1817, Genevieve died in Baie St Paul.

ix. Felicite Simard, born 34/18/1731 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
6/23/1750 in La Malbaie, Feliticte married Joseph Dufour, widower of Marie Anne Tremblay, d/o Pierre and Marie Madeleine Roussin.

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