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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins & Anne Delaunay

3584. Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins & 3585. Anne Delaunay

1631, Pierre born in Brie-sous-Matha, France; s/o 7168. Jacques Maillou & 7169. Jeanne Suzanne Arnaud.

7/25/1635, Anne baptized at the Protestant Church of La Rochelle, France; d/o 7170. Louis Delaunay & 7171. Margaret Cazalede.

11/10/1635 at St Peter’s Church, Pierre baptized with the name “Jean”.

3/13/1657, hired by Fabien Marot, Captain of the ship Virgin, Pierre left La Rochelle for New France with a salary promised for 3 years of 72 pounds a year.

5/27/1657, Pierre arrived at Quebec.

12/27/1660, Pierre bought an arpent frontal of land in Beauport from Michel Belanger for 40 livres tournois, which he agreed to pay when the ship returned in 1661.

9/21/1661, Pierre arranged a marriage contract with Anne at the house of Jean de Luzon. Pierre offered a dowery of 200 livres.

10/23/1661 in Quebec, New France, Pierre married Anne in the Catholic church. Witnesses: Michel Baugis, Paul de Rainville, both residents of Beauport.

8/18/1664, Pierre sold his 10 arpent farm, 6 arpents under cultivation in Beauport for 300 pounds. The farm had a barn and a cabin. The buyer was Antoine Gaillou, and edgetool maker.

8/25/1664, Pierre gave a receipt to an Antoine Gaillou for an initial payment, showing 153 livers, 5 sols still owed.

11/16/1665, Pierre, Anne, and 14 others were at the Cathedral of Quebec to receive the Sacrement from Bishop Laval.

6/1/1666, Pierre received a concession, planted in standing trees, from the religious hospital at Pointe de Levis, Lauzon on the coast.

3/28/1667, Pierre bought a concession at la Petitie-Auvergnefrom Mathurin Cardin for 50 livres tournois.

1667 census of Charlesbourg [Notre-Dame-des-Anges]; Pierre 35, Anne 28, Joseph 5, Noel 2; 3 arpents, 1 under cultivation. They lived near Isaac Bedard.

10/12/1667, Pierre sold the concession bought in March for a profit of 10 livres tournois to J. Mathurin Renault.

1/23/1669, Pierre and Anne borrowed 50 livres tournois from the Jesuits.

3/2/1671, Pierre sold 40 arpents, including 7 cleared “by pickaxe”, a cabin and shed 20 feet long and ready to roof, to Godon Jean Helie for 400 livres tournois. [The land had been acquired from the Jesuits.]

5/31/1671, Pierre arranged to acquire a concession from the Hospitallers on Isle de Orleans. Five nuns were present to ratify the terms of the donation of 3 arpents frontage, on the north side, in Argentenay; with standing trees and hunting rights. Pierre was to build a house, clear 2 arpents the first year, pay rent of 20 sols per arpent frontage, and 12 deniers for the cens.

11/24/1671, the nuns ceded another arpent and half frontage to Pierre under the same conditions. [The 3 arpents were actually in Lirec, parish of Ste Famille.]

7/3/1673, Bishop Laval, through Father Dudouyt, gave Pierre a new deed on his property.

1/22/1676, Pierre sold the Isle de Orleans property for 150 livres and moved to Quebec. He is identified as a shoemaker.

12/20/1677, Pierre bought frontage on Rue du Sault au Matelot in Quebec from Antoine Cade & Charlotte de la Combe. Pierre promised to pay 240 livres tournois, or an annual rent of 12 livres.

1/20/1681 in Quebec, Pierre attended the wedding of 1932. David Joseph Lacroix & 1933. Marie Barthelemie Mailloux – his neice.

1681 census of Quebec; Pierre 50, a “sabotier”, Anne 40, Joseph 19, Noel 16, Jean 13, Anne 10, Pierre 6; lived in the Lower Town of Quebec.

6/16/1681, Marie Laurence, widow lambert, offered Pierre 4 arpents frontage by 40 deep on the Lauzon coast, keeping the fishing rights, for 20 sols per arpent frontage.

8/8/1683, Pierre acquired a concession of 6 arpents frontage by 40, with fishing and hunting rights, from the guardian of the minor children of Jean de Lauzon, in present Saint-Romuald.

10/20/1687, Pierre abandoned his new concession. [The rents and cens were higher than normal.]

6/20/1688, Pierre abandoned his concession of 1681.

8/22/1691, Pierre decided to sell half his property to his son-in-law Jean Dubois for 800 livres tournois. Pierre indicated in the contract that he hoped to return to France [he never did.]

4/2/1699, Pierre and Anne made donations to their sons Jean and Pierre.

6/11/1699, a Thursday, in Quebec, Pierre buried.

12/12/1700, a Sunday, Anne buried in Quebec.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXIX.

Family notes:
• The “dit Desmoulins” may come from the fact that there were multiple windmills, “moulins” in the area near his town of Brie.

Children of Pierre and Anne:

i. Joseph Mailloux, baptized 4/29/1663 in Quebec, New France.
9/10/1685, Joseph married Suzanne, d/o Jacques Richard & Louise Desprez. [7 children.]
Joseph was a mason, then stone cutter, then architect.
8/7/1690, Joseph married 2nd Louise Achon.
12/26/1602, Joseph buried [during the epidemic].

ii. Noel Mailloux (1792), born 3/25/1666 in Quebec, New France.

iii. Jean Baptiste Mailloux, born 9/20/1668 in Quebec, New France.
1695, Jean took part in the construction of the church of Charlesbourg.
1695, Jean married Louise Philippeau.
7/7/1703, Jean married Margaret, d/o Vital Caron & Margaret Gagnon. [13 children.]
In Quebec, Jean bought a two-story house for 10,000 livres.
1719, Jean given the honorary title by civil authorities of Royal Architect.
1730, Jean married Marie Catherine Amiot dit Villeneuve.
9/10/1753, Jean buried in Quebec.
[Jean’s biography is in the Dictionnaire Biographique du Canada.]

iv. Anne Mailloux, born 11/29/1670 in Quebec, New France.
11/22/1688 at Quebec, Anne married Jean Dubois. [10 children.]
1/10/1711, Anne married widower Noel Lavasseur dit Lavigne, a cabinet maker.

v. Marie Mailloux, born 6/7/1673 in Quebec, New France. [Died a child.]

vi. Pierre Mailloux, baptized 1/12/1676 in Ste Famille, Quebec, New France.
6/6/1701, Pierre married Anne, d/o Thomas Lefebvre & 1835. Genevieve Pelletier. [1 daughter]
Pierre was an edgetool maker and blacksmith.
11/24/1704, Pierre married 2nd Marie Charlotte, d/o Pierre Moreau & Marie Madeleine Lemire. [8 children.]
Pierre married 3rd Angelique Trepanier. [9 children.]
5/30/1750, Pierre buried in Quebec.

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