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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pierre Marcoux & Marthe Rainville

3586. Pierre Marcoux & 3587. Marthe Rainville

1631, Pierre born in Saint-Julien de Croy, Avallon, Comte de Tonnerre, France; s/o §Claude Marcoux & §Marie Juneau.

3/1/1647, Marthe born in St Thomas De Touques, Calvados, Normandie, France; d/o 7174. Paul Rainville & 7175. Roline Poete.

Pierre traveled to New France.

10/16/1655, Pierre a resident of Beauport, living north of the village of Fargy, near land later granted to Pierre Mailloux.

11/4/1658, Pierre officially granted his land.

10/18/1659, Pierre was living in Quebec.

1/13/1660, Pierre renounced his right to the commons of Robert Giffard because he had enough cleared land for his own cattle.

12/27/1660, Pierre witnessed a land acquisition in Beauport of Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins.

11/27/1661 in Quebec, Pierre contracted to marry Marthe. Both Pierre and Marthe could sign their names. Marthe brought a dowry of 300 pounds and furniture, clothes, and other commodities.

1/8/1662 in the Chapel of Beauport, Pierre married Marthe. Pierre’s origin given, Marthe a resident of Quebec. No family members present.

8/24/1664, Pierre confirmed in Quebec.

11/16/1664 in Beauport, Pierre attend the wedding contract of 1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Marie Therese LeBlanc.

1667 census of Beauport; Pierre 36, Marthe 22, Pierre 4, Louise 1; owned 2 cattle.

9/15/1670, Joseph Giffard granted Pierre another lot between Nicolas Belanger and Leonard Leblanc.

~1671, Pierre built “Maison Marcoux” [which was still standing in Beauport in 1980.]

1/16/1673, Pierre one of the petitioners of Fargy demanding that Jean Gallop fence in his animals.

1681 census of Beauport; Pierre 50, Marthe 37, Louise 15, Jean 12, Marie 10, Noel 7, Marthe 5, Madeleine 2, Joachim 21 – domestic; owned 6 cattle and a rifle.

1/12/1682, for the wedding of daughter Louise, Pierre and Marthe promise for a period of exactly three years to look after the newlyweds as if they were their own children, providing room and board and clothes. Pierre and Marthe also promise to pay them 300 pounds at the end of the three years. In return, Joachim Gagné and Louise promise to work for the profit of her parents.

11/30/1683, Pierre co-signs for the purchase of a lot of land for son-in-law Joachim Gagné in front of the village of St-Michel, between the lands of Jean Lespinay and Jacques Ménard. Pierre promises to pay the cost of 150 pounds.

11/7/1690 at Beauport, Pierre attended the wedding of his widowed daughter Therese Louise.

11/3/1693, Pierre attended the wedding of Pierre Crete & his daughter Marthe Marcoux.

2/15/1699, Pierre pays off his 300 pound obligation to his daughter Louise [from her wedding contract], widow of Joachim Gagné.

6/11/1699, Pierre, Macon Seigneurie de Beauport, died in Beauport; buried the next day. The inventory of goods at his death provided a total of 1,655 pounds, of which half went to Marthe, and half to his other heirs. Attending: Pierre Vachon des Fourchettes, son Jean Marcoux.

12/19/1721, Marthe, age 74, died in Beauport. A total of 887 pounds is divided between her heirs.

(S) Société d'histoire et d'archéologie du Tonnerrois, 2000.

Children of Pierre and Marthe:

i. Pierre Marcoux, born 2/2/1664 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Therese Marcoux, born 10/19/1665 in Quebec, Canada. [Died an infant.]

iii. Therese Louise Marcoux (1793), born 1/23/1667 in Beauport, Canada.

iv. Jean Baptiste Marcoux, born 5/30/1669 in Quebec, Canada.
4/19/1694 in Charlesbourg, Jean married Marie Madeleine, d/o Jacques Magnan & Ambroise Doigt.
5/17/1746, Jean, age 77, died in Beauport.

v. Marie Marcoux, born 8/16/1671 in Beauport, Canada.
11/9/1693 in Beauport, Marie married Jean Francois Paquet, s/o Maurice.
12/9/1739, Marie, age 68, died in Charlesbourg.

vi. Noel Marcoux, born 1674 in Beauport, Canada.
11/17/1698 in Quebec, Noel married Marguerite, d/o Jean Chapleau & Jeanne Gagnon.
2/2/1701 in Beauport, Noel married Marguerite, d/o Martin Cote & Suzanne Page.
8/4/1710 in Beauport, Noel married Jeanne Therese, d/o Jean Baugis & Jeanne Therese Parent.
1/9/1747, Noel, age 73, died in Beauport.

vii. Marthe Marcoux, born 1676 in Beauport, Canada.
11/3/1693 in Beauport, Marthe married Pierre Crete, s/o 7782. Jean Crete & 7783. Marguerite Gaulin.
1/19/1703, Marthe, age 27, died in Beauport.

viii. Marie Madeleine Marcoux, born 11/1/1679 in Beauport, Canada.
1/3/1721 in Beauport, Madeleine married Louis Guerin Berry.
10/7/1752, Madeleine died in Quebec.

ix. Genevieve Marcoux, born 1/6/1682 in Beauport, Canada.
9/12/1707 in Beauport, Genevieve married Louis Charles Vallee, s/o 1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Marie Therese LeBlanc.
6/8/1756, Genevieve, age 74, died in Beauport.

x. Pierre Marcoux, born 6/8/1684 in Beauport, Canada.
10/31/1759, Pierre died in Beauport.

xi. Andre Marcoux, born 9/22/1686 in Beauport, Canada.
1/18/1712 in Beauport, Andre married Madeleine, d/o Andre Parent & Marguerite Cote.
1/28/1715 in Quebec, Andre married Marie Madeleine, d/o 1862. Joseph Normand & 1863. Marie Choret.
3/2/1721 in Quebec, Andre married Angelique, d/o Jacques Amelot & Angelique Godin.
1/25/1757, Andre, age 71, died in Beauport.

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