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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pierre Simard & Suzanne Durand

3648. Pierre Simard & 3649. Suzanne Durand

1602, Pierre born in Punmoyen, Angouleme, France; s/o §Marsault Simard & §Ozanne Ouellet.

Suzanne born in Angouleme, France; d/o §Louis Durand & §Francoise Levrauld.

Pierre became a stone mason. [The family farm went to his older brother Marsault.]

5/25/1631 in Angouleme, Charante, France, Pierre married Catherine, d/o Jacques Boudier & Marguerite Cany.

Catherine died.

12/2/1635 in Angouleme, Charante, France, Pierre married Suzanne.

By 1654, Pierre had traveled alone to New France where he worked.

1/30/1655, Pierre and his neighbors [3652] Robert Pare and Mathurin Meusnier received a concession of land from Jean Lauzon, Governor of New France.

Pierre returned to France.

5/28/1657, Pierre, back in Angouleme, France for the marriage contract of his nephew Jacques Simard.

1657, Pierre and son Noel return to New France. They traveled on the ship “Le Taureau.” Suzanne and their daughter remained in France.

6/21/1657, Pierre and son Noel arrived in Quebec.

Pierre found work as a mason on the Beaupre coast with seigneur Etienne de Lessard. While working for Lessard, Pierre obtained a concession in the seigneury of Beaupre. Pierre’s son Noel helped his father clear the land.

11/13/1661, at son Noel’s wedding contract signing, Pierre pledged half of a concession with house, shed, livestock, and furniture.

10/27/1666 in France, Suzanne wrote her will believing she was a widow, leaving her wordly possessions to Marie Aburye. [Likely her married daughter.]

2/20/1667 at Robert Pare’s house in Beaupre, Pierre attended the wedding contract signing for Robert’s daughter Louise.

1667 census of Beaupre: Pierre, age 64, listed with his son Noel’s family.

1667, Pierre and son Noel arranged to take possession of Pierre Gibouin’s land, who wanted to return to France. [But they lacked the necessary funds.]

10/16/1667, Pierre and son Noel took possession of Gibouin’s lands with financial support from Monsignor Laval, Bishop of Quebec.

Bef. 1679, Pierre remained at Beaupre with 2 grandsons when his son Noel moved to Baie St Paul.

1681, Pierre a resident of Beaupre.

11/3/1683 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Pierre attended the wedding of his granddaughter Marie Madeleine Simard.

Children of Pierre and Suzanne:

i. Noel Simard (1824), baptized 1637 in Angouleme, Poitou, France.

ii. Suzanne Simard, born ? in Angouleme, Poitou, France.

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