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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Henri DeLaunay & Francoise Creste

3890. Henri DeLaunay & 3891. Francoise Creste

2/3/1653, Henri born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 7780. Pierre Delaunay & 7781. Francoise Pinquet.

7/20/1660, Francoise born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 7782. Jean Creste & 7783. Marguerite Gaulin.

1661, Henri and his siblings orphaned with the death of their mother.

3/23/1664, Henri confirmed in Quebec.

1666 census of Quebec; Delaunay brothers, Charles 19, Louis 16, and Henri 14, live in the home of Vincent Poyrier.

1666 census of Beauport; Francoise, age 5, living with her family.

1667, Henri and his siblings Charles, Louis, and half-sisters Anne and Therese held the 85 arpents that Henri’s father Pierre had acquired in 1649.

11/6/1679 in Beauport, Henri, age 27, a wheelright and resident of Quebec, married Francoise, age 19, a resident of Beauport. Neither was able to sign. All parents listed, Henri’s parents deceased. Henri’s stepfather Vincent Poirer was present. Others attending: Noel Pinguet, uncle of Henri; Louis Crest, brother of Francoise; Vincent Vachon.

1681 census of Quebec; Henri 28, Francoise 21, daughter Marie 1.

2/12/1685 in Quebec, Henri present at the wedding of Marie Madeleine Vallee & Philippe Letourneau.

11/29/1702, Francoise, age 42, died in Hotel Dieu de Quebec.

11/25/1715, Henri, age 62, died in Hotel Dieu de Quebec.

Children of Henri and Francoise: [7 children appear to have died young.]

i. Marie Francoise de Launay (1945), born 10/29/1680 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Marguerite DeLaunay, born 3/26/1684 in Quebec, Canada.
2/8/1700 in Beauport, Marguerite married Pierre Belanger, s/o Nicolas Belanger & Marie Rainville.
3/4/1703, Marguerite, age 19, died in Beauport.

iii. Catherine DeLaunay, born 1/16/1686 in Quebec, Canada.
1/30/1704 in Quebec, Catherine married Jean Baptiste Hubert, s/o Rene.

iv. Barbe DeLaunay, born 11/20/1692 in Quebec, Canada.
9/19/1722 in Quebec, Barbe married Jean Baptiste Monmellian, s/o Jean.
6/3/1756, Barbe, age 64, died in Quebec.

v. Marie Madeleine DeLaunay, born 4/20/1694 in Quebec, Canada.
1/19/1712 in Quebec, Madeleine married Louis Enouille, s/o Guillaume.
10/16/1773, Madeleine, age 79, died in Quebec.

vi. Marie Angelique DeLaunay, born 8/8/1698 in Quebec, Canada.
2/5/1725 in Daulac, Beauport, Angelique married Antoine Parent, s/o Charles, s/o 3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau.

vii. Jean Baptiste DeLaunay, born 1708 in Quebec, Canada.
1/21/1732 in Quebec, Jean married Angelique, d/o Louis Normand & Anne Bruneau.

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