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G17: 92346

92346. Duke Thomas Howard & 92347. Elizabeth Tilney & 475358. Sir Humphrey Bourchier

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1443, Thomas born in Stoke Neyland, Suffolk, England, s/o 184692. John Howard & 184693. Catherine de Moleyns.

~1445, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 184694. Sir Frederick Tilney & 184695. Elizabeth Cheney.

2/21/1447, John Say given wardship and marriage of his step-dughter Elizabeth.

~1450, Humphrey born in England, s/o 950716. Lord John Bourchier & 950717. Marjorie Berners.

4/11/1451, “Indenture, marriage settlement. 1) John Bourgchier, kt. 2) John Say esqs. Laurence Cheyne esqs. Humfrey, s. of (1) to espouse Eliz., d. of Frederyk Tylney, esq., "that is to God passed", she being ward of J.S., before next All Saints. … If Humfrey die before Eliz. 14 yrs., she is to marry next son, or in default to be returned unmarried with any property. …” (S) UKNA.

10/1470, Thomas, Treasurer of the household of Edward IV, fled to Colchester when Henry VI was briefly restored to the throne. (S) The Wars of the Roses, Weir, 1995, P376.

4/14/1471, Humphrey Bourchier, a Yorkist, slain at Barnet Field, buried at Wesminster Abbey. Thomas Howard was “sore hurt” fighting on the Yorkist side for Edward IV. (S) The Wars of the Roses, Weir, 1995, P398.

1471, Thomas went to France in support of Charles, Duke of Burgundy. [Thomas returned to England in 1472.]

2/28/1472, Elizabeth wrote a will: “I Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Frederick Tilney, …”.

4/1472, Thomas Esquire of the Body of Edward IV.

4/30/1472, Thomas married Elizabeth.

5/8/1472, Elizabeth wrote another will: “Dame Elizabeth Howard, daughter and heir of Frederick Tilney, and now wife of Thomas Howard, son and heir of John, Lord Howard, …”. [There is a 3rd will of 1506 attributed to her, but this was actually the will of Elizabeth Talbot, widow of Duke of Norfolk.]

6/1475, Thomas led 6 men-at-arms and 200 archers to join the king's army in France.

1476, Thomas made Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.

1/18/1478, Thomas knighted and created by King Edward IV at the marriage of the king’s son, the Duke of York to Lady Anne Mowbray.

4/9/1483, King Edward IV died; succeded by his 12 year old son Edward V.

7/6/1483, Richard III became King of England, deposing Edward V. Thomas carried the Sword of State at the coronation.

By 9/1483, Edward V and his younger brother were “put to silence in the Tower of London.” (S) Entry by Robert Ricart, Recorder of Bristol.

1483, Thomas created Earl of Surrey, invested as a Knight of the Garter, and appointed Lord Steward of the Household.

8/22/1485, Thomas fought [with his father] on the losing side at Bosworth against Henry VII. [His father was killed, he was take prisoner, attained, and taken to the Tower in London.]

10/30/1485, King Henry VII crowned King of England.

6/1487, Thomas refused a chance to escape from the Tower, which was noted by King Henry VII.

1/1488, Thomas released from the Tower when he agreed to command against the Scots. He was restored as Earl of Surrey.

5/1488, Thomas was sent to put down a taxation rebellion in Yorkshire. [They had slain Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland – Thomas had the leader executed.]

1490, Thomas’ Knight of the Garter status restored.

1492, Thomas suppressed a rebellion at Acworth in Wales.

4/4/1497, Elizabeth died.

1497, Thomas invaded Scotland after James IV had laid siege to Norham castle. Thomas challenged the Scot king to battle, but eventually had to retreat due to weather.

6/25/1501, Thomas confirmed as Lord Treasurer and made a member of the Privy Council.

1501, Thomas sent to arrange the marriage terms of Henry VII’s daughter Margaret to James IV of Scotland.

Thomas married 2nd Agnes Tilney, cousin of Elizabeth, gd/o Hugh Tilney of Boston, brother of Elizabeth’s father Frederick.

1503, Thomas escorted Princess Margaret to Edinburgh, Scotland.

10/1508, Thomas sent to Antwerp to negotiate the marriage of Henry VII’s daughter Mary with the Prince of Castile.

3/1509, Thomas on a commission to conclude a treaty with France.

4/1509, Thomas an executor of King Henry VII’s will.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII crowned King of England.

7/1510, Thomas appointed as Earl Marshall.

11/1511, Thomas on a commission of peace to treat with Ferdinand of Aragon.

9/1512, Thomas, at odds with [future Cardinal] Thomas Wosley, left the Court of Henry VIII.

9/9/1513, Henry VIII went to France about his claim to the French throne. While he was gone King James of Scotland invaded with 30,000 men. At the battle of Flodden Field, English longbow versus Scottish spear, Thomas, as Lieutenant General of the North, repulsed the attack with 20,000, killing over 10,000 Scots and the king. [The last great battle won by the longbow.]

2/1/1514, Thomas, 70 years old, reacquired his father’s title of Duke of Norfolk, and restored as Earl Marshall.

11/16/1515, Thomas one of the escorts of Thomas Wosley as he was inducted as a Cardinal at Westminster.

2/1516, Elizabeth was godmother to Princess Mary [future Queen “Bloody Mary”.]

5/1517, Thomas suppressed a riot in London known as “Evil May Day”.

1520-21, Thomas served as Guardian of the Realm while King Henry returned to France.

5/1521, while acting as Lord High Steward, Thomas was compelled to put his friend Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham to death on charges of treason.

5/1522, Thomas sent as an ambassador to Holy Roman Emperor, Carlos V.

4/1523, Thomas attended parliament [but he had resigned as Treasurer.]

5/21/1524, Thomas died at Castle Framlingham, Norfolk.

6/26/1524, Thomas buried at Thetford Priory, Norfolk.

(S) Fifty Ancestors of Henry Lincoln Clapp, 1902, P73. (S) UKNA, East Susses Record Office, DAN. (S) The History of Long Melford, Parker, 1873, P68. (S) Visitation of Norfolk.

Children of Humphrey and Elizabeth:

i. Anne Bouchier (237679), born 1460 in England.

ii. Sir John Bouchier, born ~? in England.
John married Katherine Howard, sister of Thomas, his step-father.
6/1520, John attended the famous “Field of Cloth of Gold” in France.
John Bouchier knight, lorde Berner, first “Translated lute of Frenche into oure maternall Englysshe tongue” the interesting Chronicl of Syr John Froyssart. (S) A Dictionary of Printers and Printing, Timperely, 1839, P298.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Thomas Howard, born 1473 in England.
2/4/1495, Thomas married Lady Anne, 3rd daughter of King Edward IV.
2/1/1514, Thomas created 2nd Earl of Surrey.
1512-13, Anne died of consumption.
1513, Thomas married Elizabeth, d/o Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham & Elinor Percy.
5/21/1524, Thomas became 3rd Duke of Norfolk on his father’s death.
8/25/1554, Thomas died at Kenninghall, Norfolk.

ii. Elizabeth Howard, born ? in England.
Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Boleyn.
Anne Boleyn.
Anne 2nd wife of King Henry VIII.
Anne mother of Queen Elizabeth I.

iii. Muriel Howard (46173), born 1486 in England.

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